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Perfect For Mixing Smooth, Lump-Free Drinks At Home, At The Ofiice, Or On The Go!

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Good quality man. by BlenderBottle, but the size in actual is serving up to 400ml Only. overall it is very good and useful.

i have two of these and works great.

Just an FYI to those who might purchase this product, its NOT 20oz. I can't really complain as I've gotten this product free with "x" amount of purchase off of This bottle is literally 12 oz labeled and if filled to the rim it denotes to 13 oz. I too was perplexed as when I called bodybuilding and inquired I got the wrong bottle they stated no. The gentleman was helpful and tried explaining how the bottle works but at the end of the day you put this bottle next to a regular 20 or 30 oz bottle, its small in comparison. Let alone you can measure it. Long story short, I have no complaints, I was funded money to my account due to the miscommunication from, the bottle works as intended, doesn't leak - throw your powder in and whatever liquid; seal that sucker tight and shake - and pretty much decent design. I rate this product a 9/10 because of "misconception" of stating its 20 oz.

durable and works great.

I got this BlenderBottle for free because of the gift and this Blender Bottler is pretty good, it mixes my supplements!

This blender bottle is great. Zero complaints.

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So easy to clean i forgot i have a blender

i have this item and it doesn't seal properly whenever i shake the bottle my protein or pre-workout always leaks out and makes a mess all over.

Does the job of blending all your powders and drinks from protein shakes to green veggies shakes. No frills no gimmicks just a blender bottle that works.

Doesn't leak... mixes well... lovely design... amazing... 10

Works perfectly and is an easy wash. Great bonus item or purchase. No complaints.

Good materials, like the shaking ball and cup size, but the it leaks when being shaken (

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These blender bottles are perfect! I prefer these to other companies just because of the durability.These are very well made and I need to buy a few more!

What is there to say? It's a Blender Bottle... It mixes stuff like Blender Bottles do. Nothing wrong with the product, works great, mixes all of my powdery drink mixes like a pro!

Very easy to use. Doesn't leak when shaking to mix and really like the wire mixer inside the cup. No lumps left and makes a smooth shake.

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Have gotten 2 of these cups and they work great..

1-20 of 81 Reviews