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As others have said, it leaks. Mine leaked after a couple of months of use from the lid.

me surpreendeu a garrafa, alem de muito bonita, um bom tamanho e uma forma diferente dos recipientes que faz desta garrafa algo totalmente diferente das concorrentes,

This is my favorite shaker besides the blender bottle. I love the lid. Only one of mine came broken and it was re-placed! I don't use the bottom attachment on it, but rather just with me. It's large and holds enough water for my need!

Cracked and leaked within six weeks of purchase. Disappointing.

HORRIBLE!!!! Literally just got it 20 mins ago and the freaking bottom cap got jammed! Spent 15 mins trying to unscrew this thing and the **** bottom cap broke! I was so excited to use it only to find it the most disappointing thing ever. The 3 in 1 concept is good, but please make it with BETTER quality!

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Ironwarrio5r did not leave a written review for this product.

Great shaker cup! I used to have to take a water bottle for working out and a shaker cup for my protein shake after my workout. Now all I need is this bottle. I am able to use it to drink water through my workout and once I am done I have my protein powder in the bottom compartment to mix in. Definitely recommend!

These were my favorite shakers, but now after about 2 months every single one of them leak horrendously and the lids will not tighten all the way without stripping through. Oh well, at least they are cheap.

Great product for the price. i love all the compartments. This really comes in handy at work. I ended up buying a few more for my brothers. Love it :3

I love the idea of the storage in the bottom for your mix. I have been using this shaker for about 6 weeks and it leaks like crazy. Not only while shaking but even just sitting.

This bottle mixes well and the width of the bottle is easy for cleaning. The biggest knock is the threads on the all parts of the bottle. They don't line up well and it makes screwing the lid and bottom container in a real pain. I have purchased 2 bottles and both have the problem.

Awesome shaker cup! I love it and never leave home without it, great for when I get off work I have my protein ready and my vitamins.

Before redesigned these, they were my favorite shakers. I still have two of the old version that I use almost daily and they work great. This version, however, is more than disappointing. After only a few uses (I'm talking 2 or 3) this shaker starts to leak. After a few weeks the leaking becomes so severe that the shaker becomes unusable. I've owned four of this new version and had the same issue with all of them. Even at this cheap price point, I'm expecting a product that will last longer than a few weeks. Wish they would go back to the old design.

I love the bottle and how it detaches from the bottom so you don't have to carry the protien with you. The only things I can can say to improve would be the flip cover I prefer the hard plastic over the flexible. 2 would be the pill compartment on top should have a rubber seal to make it water proof other than that it's perfect I love the bottle.

One of the best shakers! We have two and with two kids and myself using 5 shakers, we all prefer these when going to the gym or school. I was amazed at how many useful features this shaker had. The powder storage cup and pill case makes this an ideal all-in-one travel shaker. The only minor downside is the mixer/agitator insert works best when mixing with water versus milk. Cleanup is easy.

It's very inexpensive and has excellent features for the price point. Having used 2 of these for the past 6 months, I have to say it isn't exceptionally durable, but it's only 5 dollars. One of the 2 shakers I have no longer seals properly and sprays the contents you are shaking through the threads. No matter how much you tighten in down, it just isn't watertight any more. The other one, which I am assuming is the newer of the two I have, still works fine so I think you should temper your expectations for how long the product will last. Again, 5 bucks is hard to beat but doesn't guarantee long lasting quality.

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