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Wore these on my last mad deadlift. Other straps cut into me and bruised and scraped my wrist. The padding on these are phenomenal; just the right amount of cushion. I have recommended to others as well as letting them try them. They all agree as well.

These were my first pair of lifting straps. They are comfortable and work as they should. As for my use of lifting straps all together I would say that I will own a pair of Versa Grips very soon.

Straps aren't very long. Makes using them difficult.

I purchased these and 2 other sets of straps....mostly so friends could try them out and also because this was my first time ever using them and wanted to try different ones. Of the 3 sets I purchased, these are my favorite. They fit my wrist perfect. The other 2 sets of straps, the padding kept me from tightening the strap to my comfort. My lifting buddy also liked these the best and wants to buy a set for herself now. These are also extremely reasonably priced. I have only been using them for 2 weeks, so I cannot comment on durability and how they react to being washed. I highly recommend.

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Hey TeamSS. I have been using these for my phase 2.1 training program whenever the strength of my grip prevents me from overloading the muscles I am focusing on in an exercise. The padding makes them extra comfy. Plus it's always a status symbol to have B on them!

Comfortable, durable, and fashionable! I like to use lifting straps on back day because it allows me to move a bit more weight. These lifting straps are top-notch! They are incredibly strong and the padding makes them so comfortable. The logo on them is really cool too. I get a lot of people at the gym who ask me about them. If you need new straps, I suggest trying these!

Really helpful when comes to pull, I recommend👍🏻

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Size is not so short, that's enough. The older Strap I used was the Valeo brand. But Bodybuilng Strap is much better. (The point is 8 to 9, but a gave 9).

pretty low quality, thin material, thin padding, and shorter than other straps. could barely wrap around twice. tried them, and in the middle of my workout had to buy a pair of harbinger ones from the gym to use

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