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Oversize Neoprene Neck Pad For Complete Comfort!

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pheiffer91's Rating

The strap broke after the first use...

Ramez2015's Rating

Amazing but the sponge pad is weak .

Frankiearvin32's Rating

Its nice to have I would buy this for sure all over again love the way that helps you keep your form and the pump it gives you in the shoulders and the biceps....

Achilles4's Rating

Love this bicep bomber! Had mine for around 5 years and it's still in perfect condition!

HaydenHht's Rating

This bicepbomber is a torture device for isolation. I recently used it the first day and did a grueling workout. Usually, when I did this workout previously without it, I would start to sway my arms and use my back to get the barbell up. NOT WITHTHIS! My arms are still sore as hell 3 days after my workout. A good analogy I like to use Is that it's like always carrying a preacher curl seat around with you. This is an awesome product. Happy with it and don't regret buying it.

valvos's Rating

This bad boy will hit your biceps harder than you think, and with low weight as well. Easy to use and carry in a gym bag is def a plus for me. I shaved off 2 points because the padding on the strap for behind the neck was thin and didn't provide much protection/comfort. Easily replaced, but then again, for such a simple and pricey product, I shouldn't have to!

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TEAITO's Rating

TEAITO did not leave a written review for this product.

Brittenour's Rating

Great tool for working those biceps! I use it for days that I really want to hammer my arms. I recently hit my one rep max P.R. (135lbs on cambered bar) and feel that it is due to the Bicep Bomber; I am always keeping perfect posture and do not regret buy it. the "harness" is a little wide for some of my smaller training partners but for me, at 215lbs and 74 inches tall, it is a perfect fit. For those who have had the strap break on them... I watched a guy break a strap at the gym the other day with his. He was going for a 1 rep max and totally bent his back out of posture, with the harness too low i might add, and of course that puts all the weight on the strap and not the steel harness. Keep good posture, keep that steel harness tucked up more towards your armpits, and the strap will not take as much of the load... it is physics people, PHYSICS!!! ARRGGhhh, now it is time to go get some!

loza442001's Rating

The item has already torn and I have only used it maybe 10-15 times with moderate weight. The neck pad is torn and fryed already as well, not very satisfied with this item.

rohylian1's Rating

rohylian1 did not leave a written review for this product.'s Rating
10/10 did not leave a written review for this product.

Michaelwilson24's Rating

This is a great product. It's build makes it comfortable and effective. Great job body solid!

Tejas53's Rating

Pros: Solid, Steel, arm pads, does its job, makes you feel a difference compared to regular curls. Cons:Needs a better neck pad

ahmad75's Rating

ahmad75 did not leave a written review for this product.

fabryzz's Rating

I really like my bicep bomber I incorporate it frequently into my bicep routine .. It obv does an excellent job isolating the bicep muscles.. Although every once and a while I believe you should do the same exercises but without help, cheating a little bit on form I feel this will do a good job of fully developing the muscle. Also I would like to add that people frequently come up to me during my workout to ask me where I bought this piece of equipment and so I've sold a few of these! now owes me commission imo lol

fulgorek's Rating

awesome pumps!

Monsignor's Rating

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parichaya1990's Rating

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