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Helps Improve Maximal Strength, Muscular Endurance, Hydration, and Better Recovery*

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Bruins10's Rating

First time I ever take a creatine capsule and I think I might have changed for good. I am getting lifts that I didn't even think was possible at my size and the only thing ive really changed was my powder for PowerXD. Blue Star wasn't lieing when they said that it will increase my strength. What makes this even better is that the capsules are very convenient. Keep the little bottle with me until i hit the gym or I can put the pills in a small pill container, instead of having to lug around a shaker or the powder tub. Keep it up Blue Star, and everyone should give this a try

vapedup247's Rating

Great product, capsules make my job a lot easy and it also helps my lifts. I have a sensitive stomach and these are pretty gentle.

selibuyuk14's Rating

I have never written a review for a product before but wow this stuff is amazing! I'm 20 years old, I have taken many creatine supplements but none of them ever worked for me. I came across status T-booster that blue star makes, I reached out to them and they actually said do not take it because I am too young for a test booster and referred me this product. I'm only on my 4th day and I already feel a great pump all day long, and it definitely gives me extra push at the gym. Definitely take this product! I combined this product with Jym pro, Jym omega and vita Jym, just in 4 days I already see a results

jasonha's Rating

I am a huge fan on the blue star line, this product is no exception. My numbers went up using power xd and I'm no super human gym monster. It makes me excited to get back in the gym each day, love it

alvin1's Rating

Please note that before using this creating product I was using another creatine blend product, for at least 5 weeks, so my muscle should already been saturated with creatine. Lest check the Power XD claim: + Experience dramatic strength and power increase: Yes it seem that it increase my strength a bit for example the dips exercise is an example where I was able to crank up more reps. Now that I am off from Power XD for about 10 days my reps number on dips have gone down. It is no surprise to me; I got the same increase in strength when I used PPK , which use the same creatine blend. + Fuller more volumized muscle indeed my muscle where a bit fuller during my run, this is now gone event do I am still back on my old creatine blend+ Gain up to 8 to 10 pounds in just nine weeks: First I use it for 4 weeks and I was trying to trim down, so I cannot talk about this claim. + Supercharge your ATP: Like I say before I got more power, strength and endurance which again was the same when I was on PPK. Other thing: I took for the last 2 weeks 4 caps preworkout and it seem to have increase my pump.¸, and before intercourse It seem to have increase my size In brief, I think this is a really good product when you want a boost and you are stuck into a plateau, this is a no brainer compare to straight or event blend of creatin. Is it going to turn you into a hulk no, but if you have the money this is a step better than regular creatine. This is absolutely a product I see myself buying in the future.

datruth55's Rating

I see a definite increase in vascularity but I get no pump from this product.

builtbody09's Rating

Power Xd is by the the best form of creatine on the market for people who want no loading phase or have to deal with any side effects like cramping or feel bloated. This product is very fast acting you will get muscle gains and very good strenght gains.

danieleron's Rating

This is one of the Products that introduced me to Blue Star over a year ago. And I was VERY satisfied with this. Back track time. Before using Blue Star's Power XD I had used a Monohydrate and an HCL and needless to say the HCL was better and I experienced a nice amount of growth. But I discontinued it's use as I wasn't making enough money to keep up with it. Than I discovered Blue Star and decided "Why not? I Have some extra money saved up." so I bought this, PPK, and Iso-Smooth (reviews soon.) I loved it. On Power XD, PPK, and Iso-Smooth (With a good diet and plenty of cardio) My 1RM on Flat Bench went from 185 - 245 in about 4 months. I absolutely love this product and I recommend it to everyone. Effectiveness: 10/10 Overall: 10/10

caseyd22's Rating

This stuff is friggen AWESOME's the first pill form of creatine i ever took...and abslotlue love it....i stack it with Amplify XD

vacf26's Rating

I'm a gym apprentice and start taking Power XD coupled with Status this week. Noticed a big difference since my first 2 weeks; I really got more pump, felt a lot of energy and definitely an increase of strength. Now I'm not sure how to couple PXD with PPK and Status...

papi93's Rating

In my 20's, I could drink creatine with fruit juice and not get an upset stomach. Once I hit my 30's, taking creatine monohydrate really upset my stomach and made feel like I was going to puke. That is why I decided to give Power XD a run. It did not upset my stomach at all and I prefer my creatine in a capsule form. During my high volume resistance workouts, I have noticed that my strength as consisently gone up and I have had better recovery than I had expected. My upper torso, arms and calves have gotten fuller and my upper legs have become more muscular. Another successful run with Blue Star Nutraceuticals. Working on a bottle of Status next!

Curl Master's Rating

The thing I noticed about PowerXD is that I did not have stomach discomfort like with taking bulk creatine monohydrate. Also no bloating. Had a leaner look compared to bulk creatine so could tell it was more efficiently being absorded by my body. Noticed good strength increases as well even though my body has experienced the demands repeated high volume training programs. set a personal best on hack squats for when doing lactic acid training program. Greatest benefit is convenience just take two pills in morning and before training

Bleachway's Rating

I received a bottle through the Blue Star Promo on the forums and would like to thank Gym God & the Blue Star Team. Hands down one of the best Creatine products I have tried out. It's so great having it in capsules as it's very easy to just pop in to your body. I've been taking two capsules a day and didn't notice any type of side effects. I have not experience any type of Bloating that I have experienced with other Creatine products. By the time I hit the second or third week, I've seen a huge improvement in my strength and endurance. I'm able to lift much more heavier and with more reps. I will definitely be buying this again as it's such a convenient way of taking it and it works so great!

35memo's Rating

Shout out to Gym God and everyone at Blue Star Nutraceuticals for hooking me up with a bottle of Power XD. First thing I noticed with this is the super convenient way to take it. 2 pills upon waking and 2 pills before hitting the gym. Couldn't be easier. No bloating at all for me. Strength gains were on point as most, if not all, my lifts went up while taking PXD. I would highly recommend this to all my friends.

wburt88's Rating

Received this product on a giveaway from Blue Star. Really great product that allows for a convenient full dosage of creatine per day. Felt great taking it and never upset my stomach whether it was taken with or without food. Highly recommend this if you can fit it into your budget.

apops's Rating

apops did not leave a written review for this product.

eduardomiller's Rating

Second creatine product I've tried. This is great. It gives me energy and pumps. Doesn't upset my stomach too much. I take it as directed. Would buy again

ajej4780's Rating

I love the convenience of a capsule creatine. It makes my life so much easier. I'm really bad about spilling powders so this works so well for me. Blue Star makes some great products and this one is up there at the top. While taking the creatine I didint experience any bloating or other bad side effects that I sometimes get with others. I went through the bottle fairly quick because I take two doses a day. The capsules were very easy to swallow and the packaging looks great. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone and will likely use it again in the near future.

TimeToMakeGains's Rating

Best Creatine product I have taken!!!! This doesn't give me any stomach problems like the past creatine products i have taken witch was a major issue for me. Once i started taken Power xd after taking 2 doses a day for 3 weeks I have had no stomach problems at all and have also got not much water retention. Strength started increasing so much went from from doing 145lb incline bench for 5 reps to doing 185lb for 8 reps, not only that but i also felt increase endurance/stamina during my workouts aswell. Will be for sure getting some more after im done with my current bottle.

kenwack5155's Rating

I have tried other products at double this price, but Power XD works great for me.. I have ordered it 3 times now.

1-20 of 42 Reviews