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Promotes Muscle Protein Synthesis and Improved Recovery*

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SuzukiIryna's Rating

I am a pill girl, it's very convenient to take pills with you where ever you go. But I am rating this product only 8 because of the size of the pills. For me they are too big - too hard to swallow.

Djcunanan's Rating

Great bcaa product. Im schedule is usually busy so its really convenient to supplement bcaa in pill form. I really recommend these bcaa pills from Blue star, because It was really hard to find bcaa pills with this good of a serving size. I do notice it helping with my recovery rate. I just take four pills in the morning when i wake up before i go to the gym. Then i take four more pills as soon as im about to leave the gym. Big ups to bluestar once again for making such a great product.

jimmcnab's Rating

Blue Star delivers the goods with BCAAs that speed to help muscles recover thanks to their patented XD deliver system. Unlike other BCAA pills I've used, Blue Star only requires 4 pills to get the job done. This is now my go to BCAA supplement. Another important consideration is that Blue Star provides clinically validated doses of BCAA that come from human test subjects. The fact that Blue Star goes through all the steps to have validated doses, research data and quality control in the form of 3rd party validation/testing puts them head and shoulders above most supplement companies.

alpersaa's Rating

alpersaa did not leave a written review for this product.

Daemonium's Rating

Daemonium did not leave a written review for this product.

claursen's Rating

Great product. Use these all the time to help repair muscles after, during, and before workouts. All use them to help keep my body alkalinized and going strong. One of the best products I have ever used and still use.

RoadPigJohn's Rating

When I started lifting weights, every magazine I put in my hands had an article about the importance of BCAA's in performance. So many brands been producing BCAA's during the years but the end result from one to the other were like the difference between air and water. BCAA XD is in the category of the products that you can feel the difference after the first days on it. I got outstanding results increasing my stamina for performance at the gym and at my job. Another benefit very noticeable is recuperation, no soreness and a great feeling to perform every day like it is your last. I would recommend BCAA XD to every athlete of any kind of sport (Cyclist and runners must defiantly benefit using it) men, women or everything in between, looking

sherman2450's Rating

Great bcaa! I take pre and about 20min intra workout! I cant wait for a powder to come out! As for now with the pills its a great deal and i always know i get what i need! Great quality! I would recomend to anyone! If you dont beleive me check my twiter or IG @shermanfitness and u will see how often i #bluestarhype with my pics!

hotchickjulie's Rating

hotchickjulie did not leave a written review for this product.

TankHouse5's Rating

Can you say DOMS? Well i know i can, and i also felt them during my diet.. depleted with carbs you def. feel the pain more after your workouts i truly believe.. this def. is an easy to use, effective product that will be and is going to be in my supplement regime from now till i find something thats better, but i highly doubt that. One reason i loved this was cuz its capsules.. so easy to take and carry along with you to work, the gym, or on road trips!

andone1986's Rating

andone1986 did not leave a written review for this product.

Max753's Rating

Great stuff, easy to get all the BCAAs in. Good option for those who are getting sick of driking stuff !!

1-12 of 12 Reviews