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Patended BlenderBall wire whisk delivers smooth shakes every time!

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TakeStrydez's Rating

This is my go to bottle now. Love how i can carry extra supplements to the gym with me at the bottom of the cup

kevinwinnin's Rating

The ProStak is definitely worth the few extra bucks in comparison to the Classic Blender Bottle. It holds my supplements in different jars and prevents any clumps to form from moisture in the bottle. This works great if you take your supplements on the go/in the gym.

adelaup's Rating

I chose the smaller of the two bottles for a reason. Works great, and the supplement holder attachment is big time convenient. Definitely recommend!

CamWeeks's Rating

This blender bottle is great except that it doesn't hold enough water for me. The small containers are great for supplements though.

lekberg's Rating

Pro Stack Blender Bottle This is an innovative bottle that blends well. It has a stackable container for vitamins, a drink powder or a snack.

hafeezbhutta's Rating

My most favourite companion at gym. Prostak is an excellent utility shaker cup. It can even blend bananas on the go with ease. Despite being a wonderful product it do have a small fault at the bottom of cup where expansions attach. Expansion jars attach firmly with each other but to the bottom of bottle its twist and lock system is not up to the mark

RickyP89's Rating

RickyP89 did not leave a written review for this product.

aravind11's Rating

Love the shaker and the containers, blends my protein shakes really well. Easy to clean as well!

monika1pl's Rating

monika1pl did not leave a written review for this product.

Mz412's Rating

I bought two of those right after reading your reviews in this website. I had high expectations and I wasn't disappointed at all. On the contrary, the product is just awesome and very easy to use. The shake itself has plenty of space and the blender ball mixes well any kind of ingredient. I'm definitely going to use this until it becomes useless, so I'm going to buy more of those.

c21shaun's Rating

Awesome products. Makes life ten times easier when going to the gym I dont have to carry as much. Great job by Blender Bottle

Audree2's Rating

Absolutely love this product! I can easily manage my pills in the small compartment and I like how they all stack together for easy travel. The bottle is also very easy to clean and the quality is good.

fmp3891's Rating

fmp3891 did not leave a written review for this product.

thecates2014's Rating

Havent found a better bottle. Very durable and easy to wash. wife trew one at me and missed, while full and hit concrete wall and fell 6ft it didnt even pop open. It kinda mixed it for me. No one was harmed in the operation of this bottle.

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sco's Rating

Does not leak enough said.

jim357's Rating

In terms of convenience, this shaker is spot on! I don't really hit the gym but this bottle is great for taking to work so I can take a dose of aminos or a protein shake during my break(s). Already knew how drinks would mix since I have a SportMixer bottle by this brand, and used the ball in other bottles as well. Guess I'm spoiled though with the Tritan plastic the other bottle is made of- it's a bit hard to get certain scents out of the plastic of this bottle when washing by hand, especially the protein. This applies to both the cup itself and the jars, but so far it's only the smell of the product itself and not stench... Overall good bottle, just wish it was made of Tritan AND still retained the jar system.

dromerno's Rating

dromerno did not leave a written review for this product.

blackdragon12's Rating

Excellent Shaker! A bit pricy, as I have seen alternative shakers at local retail stores for half the price, however, I don't know if they work as well. I have been using this every single day to mix my protein shakes, carry my protein power, and carry my creatine pills to the gym with me. 100% worth the investment!

Collis1999's Rating

A really good bottle that mixes everything (from water to oats to banana) amazingly! The storage feature is great and it's well built. Very good!

RoshanB's Rating

Greatest bottle ever, will never buy another brand again, just a few different colours of these! The extra compartments make it all worth it, and the steel blender ball does its job.

1-20 of 54 Reviews