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Patented BlenderBall Technology for a Smooth Consistency

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ivanhamlin's Rating

The BlenderBottle is hit and miss, in terms of usage, I have had this product since March 27th, 2015 and have used it every day for the past few months. It is perfect for blends you make at home. I blend at home and after the blend sits for a while the concoction gets thick and settles. However, with the BlenderBottle the first review I have read about this fitness product by my friend who runs a fitness blog, I just shake shake shake it up and I have a nice palatable beverage again. Even my girlfriend who has a NutriBullet uses the BlenderBottle because drinking out of the NutriBullet canister leads to the same problem.

lsaravali's Rating

Mixes great everytime

ksharp12's Rating

A must have for any gym-goer, protein-drink-maker, active person. Use my blender bottle for everything, including just ice water. The blender piece works amazingly well. Never had an issue with not being able to blend something. I throw it in the dishwasher and cleans well. Just bought a stainless steel one and harder plastic one with a ***** top from the Blender Bottle website. Excited to try those!

ChocoCherryLove's Rating

I hate giving bad ratings but I'm not happy with these bottles. They do not mix up my protein powder or casein enough. I keep shaking liking crazy and I still find chunks in my drinks. I don't like that at all. :( And I just ordered 3 of these. I do like the fun colors though.

SeriousAthlete's Rating

If you don't have half a dozen of these, do you even lift?

twweepie's Rating

Was a bit skeptical at first, as I was in the stoneage of just putting my protein powder in a regular squeeze bottle and shaking the hell out of it. Now I don't know why I did that for so long! This shaker bottle with the little whisk thing makes my mixes so smooth, whereas I used to have random chunks that were not the most tasty going down.

xnogiveitoya's Rating

xnogiveitoya did not leave a written review for this product.

ngrimberg11's Rating

The top snaps on tight, so I never have to worry about it leaking when I toss the full bottle in my car or gym bag. I know a lot of people prefer the 20oz or 28oz bottles, but I'm a big fan of the 32oz since it never limits me when I want to prepare larger shakes with more ingredients. Not that it's a big deal, but it would be nice if there were more colour options with the 32oz bottles.

lovri1jw's Rating

Must get a shaker with the finger holder. Way more useful than you think! I only use the shakers with this cap now.

Majorcowlick's Rating

Excellent for mixing any type of supplements. The clear body makes it easy to see the measurement markings. I like the loop on the lid, I like to put a strap from my backpack through it so it's secure and I know it won't fall while out and about. Very easy to wash and clean, even by hand wash.

Flizz61's Rating

This is by far the best shaker that I have ever used! I would highly recommend this product!

mikein89's Rating

Great blender bottle I use it for my protein shakes and ice water. The shaker works great if I am just mixing whey and (milk or water). If I make a smoothie I will remove the shaker as it doesn't have much impact since the blender does a good enough job mixing everything. When I want a large bottle of water it also comes in handle. The product (bottle, shaker, and lid) are all very easy to clean by hand or in a dish washer. I am very happy with this product.

Freightmare's Rating

Definitely brand new and authentic. Came in the color I ordered. The best shaker on the market. 10/10

mthomas612's Rating

Great product! Well constructed! Threads make it easy to ***** the lid on. Other bottles I've used haven't been as great.

JoshGraz's Rating

Cool product! Works pretty much flawlessly when mixing my protein/ pre. I used to use my Nalgene for mixing; and it did a decent job, but the mouth is too small for some of my scoops and I end up spill a little. The blenderbottle is nice because the mouth is big enough for any size scoop and it blends it perfectly.

Jaquelyn Kay's Rating

I have 8 (I know a lot--LOL) But I love them and they have all lasted forever!

stefanson1982's Rating

Love this BlenderBottle, works great

melaniemellymel's Rating

Anyone who workouts knows how useful shaker cups and blender bottles are... almost have as many of these at home as I do mugs and cups :D

Dannymendezz's Rating

Dannymendezz did not leave a written review for this product.

IamFakeJesus's Rating

Great deal of buy 2 get 1 free. Like the smaller 20oz. Mixes my supplements great everytime. Easy to clean.

1-20 of 496 Reviews