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Great for when ever I crave sweets. I can't train for a show without a stash of the chews on hand.

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These are ok, I was mainly looking to try something different. They are a bit chalky and impossible for me to eat post workout(total dry mouth syndrome) but they are good for a treat or to curb sugar cravings. They're fun but I probably won't be purchasing again due to the flavors unless they introduce something new like tropical flavors :)

These taste amazing and while trying to stay on a diet have help me curb my sugar cravings

I call this my I CANT BELIEVE THIS IS NOT CHEATING CANDY CHEWIES. They taste soo good and after a hard workout they help me recover quite fast. I dont use the whole serving like the package says because I drink BCAA and Protein powder after working out and take this when I get home to complement. I just had to eat a few while writting this hehehe.

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Finally picked up a tub. and very happy I did. These taste just like Smarties candy and each scoop ends up being a nice snack size. Just try not to eat them all in one day!

really easy to take! and tastes good. a little chalky but kind of like sweet tarts. Cant say i got jacked on these but i was using them in a pretty narly stack

Absolutely disgusting. You couldn't pay me to eat these things!!!! And to top it off they smell like dirty feet

Taste: 8.5/10 Well Betancourt certainly got the taste part of this product right! It definitely tastes like candy and is something that people can eat and not feel guilty about... I actually expected there to be a chemically aftertaste like some other chewies i've had before. I must say that I enjoyed the sample pack alot. PriceValue: 6.5/10 Now if you were to compare these with candy it is alot more expensive obviously. However this does have the Glutamine in it and that's what makes it unique. However since I'm not convinced on the effectiveness of Glutamine though it personally is a waste of money. Glutamine does have some health benefits but it's not really efficient in the way it is marketed. Overall/Final Thoughts: 7.5/10 If this product was BCAA chewies and it tasted like this I'd rate it much higher because the taste really surprised me. But since the ingredient is Glutamine I can't honestly give it a higher score.

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I only received a sample of these but they were absolutely delicious and tasted way too good to believe they were "healthy" but the formula says otherwise.

Taste10/10 - Now this was a real treat it was very addicting too! If you're a fan of sweet tarts you'll definitely enjoy this one. Nice sweet flavor and has a very delicious smell too it. Honestly if you've ever eaten a sweet tart then you know exactly how this tastes.

i just tried this product during break time at work last night . very tasty , nice way to get some glutamine into your diet . not too sweet . but it did satisfy my sugar craving . these are great for anytime. you can take them anywhere .

Just like eating Candy. It will definitely help curb any cravings you might be having during a cut. Can't go wrong getting your glutamine tasting this good.

best glutamine product ive ever taken....extremely tasty..i can eat them while working out (put em in my pocket)...late at night as a night...whenever...and get my sugar craving in while helping me give these 12 stars if I could....they are amazing!!

I'm new to the world of supplements so this is one of my first to be added to my day. I have a bit of a sweet these are great! Tastes just like candy! As far as how it works...well time will tell. The only thing that I would like to see different is the size of container that you can purchase. When taking this 2-3 times a day you go through it rather quickly.

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In my opinion the perfect product quality and taste like candy! Highly recommend for quality product!

Love these little candy like tablets, they taste awesome. I feel great taking them everyday.I recommend this product cause it tastes awesome and great results.I've gained some lean muscle on these bad boys.

trop bon un délice vive les bonbons...

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