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rodrirau18's Rating

Flavor is decent not the best. Personally for me the ones that flavor wise taste disgusting or decent are the best pre workout, since it just takes 15-30 minutes to kick in and feel the jittery sensation and like other pre workouts the feeling of going to do number one a lot. If you are not the kind of person that like the jitterz then this product isn't for you. But for me this product did it's work, I recommend it to others that at pre workout junkies. 10/10 in my books.

lexflex11's Rating

This stuff is strong! dont start with full dose go with half trust me, does it work? yes, only way it wont work is if you're in a surplus and you're diet is ****, simple! yes i recommend it it gives you good energy.

avizek44's Rating

I use mostly BSN products and will continue to, this just wasn't a good one for me. The taste was awful and just seemed to get worse throughout the tub. I use fruit punch for AminoX and NO Xplode but this wasn't even close. As far as the results; after the first couple times using it I really didn't feel any extra energy or kick at all. Took it just as directed, even tried to mix it with the AminoX and taking it with Hyper Shred and nothing was happening. Maybe just my body, who knows. But for now I've switched back to C-4 for pre-workout. Only one that I've ever felt a real lasting effect.

Verbiage's Rating

This was the first pre workout supplement I ever bought, and I wasn't sure what to expect. I can say that it is a great starter and all around formula, and it elicits a pretty good energy boost. For me, I found that it varied by the day, but for the most part I was able to gain the sensations that many sources that include caffeine and beta alanine provide. I only use this for HIIT, as I use N.O.-Xplode for the weights (doing two a days, I actually take the N.O. in the AM and the Hyper FX in the afternoons before my cardio) and I can say that the effects have not diminished. I also do not drink coffee or consume any other sources of caffeine other than my pre-workouts, so I am sure that also has something to do with it. The fruit punch reminded me of soda, with a slight carbonation, however I was not as pleased with the grape, which had a slightly chemical taste (but still good enough to serve its purpose). I will be switching to the N.O.-Xplode XE Edge once my current tub is finished. Great price, as well.

Jyoung538's Rating

Jyoung538 did not leave a written review for this product.

dkumar2014's Rating

It was my first day today when i took it. As per the directions, I took it before 45 minutes. When I went to gym it didn't show any improvement. After 15 mins my body started tingling a lot. And i was sweating a lot than my regular days. Then i started to feel ENERGY in my body. I started doing heavy weight exercise. And i felt great. I was not feeling tired at all. Well, it was my first day so not much to say. I will give you and update after a week how it goes. Yeah and one more thing. Fruit punch sucks!! Yuck!! This is more challenging than workout..

joestocco's Rating

Tastes great, mixes easy, and gives me a noticeable amount of energy. Depending on your metabolism, I'd say taking it a little bit closer to your workout vs. the 30-45 minutes is sometimes a good idea.

Hjorturgud's Rating

The Fruit Punch flavour tastes great but as a pre-workout it's sub par. I mainly use it along with Amino X to drink during a workout.

adnanjr's Rating

This product is best I feel really energy in workout best for me also I loss body fat and get cuts

Salherrera05's Rating

One of my favorite pre workouts of all time! Will always get you going when you need a boost!

Hicave86's Rating

I like to take this just during the day at school/work it helps me really get in the zone and focus. I take it at the gym of course too but just saying its that good.

adil99's Rating

Well for the taste is great and yammy , this product is the best pre workout i had used it gives more pump and focusing in the training especially on Legday :D

kdebellis's Rating

I love pre-workouts and I have tried many. The Blue Raz flavor tastes a lot like chemical soda, it's pretty disgusting. It's a bit carbonated and I think that is a terrible idea! I don't want all of that in my stomach at the gym. Aside from the taste, this pre workout doesn't give me a huge jolt, which is mostly what I am looking for. I would not buy it again. I prefer something that is more potent.

SetsSB's Rating

This pre-workout didn't do anything for me but take us less room than other supplement containers. The flavoring was alright, out of 10 I gave it a 3 because the fruit punch got old really fast and i just had to chug it after the first week.

Tionce's Rating

Tionce did not leave a written review for this product.

27111975's Rating

Sorry to say but this product didn't help me with my ENERGY level at all, NO FOCUS..... I will just finish it because i spend my money, but i wouldn't recommend this product and it is very sweet. ,

chevellejames's Rating

Taste is just fine with this. Perfect for someone who doesnt like an intense pre workout. For me was alittle weak and didnt really help get me going


This stuff has some serious pump to it as well as an incredible thermogenic effect. Start sweating before I even walk into the gym. Nice product!

Lance.MMIC101's Rating

I've only had a 30 day supply of this one time, but it's a supplement that I long for. Flavor isn't the best, which is the only reason for the 9, but if you're trying to lean out while lifting, this will do the trick; you also get the tingle and longevity.

flem1494's Rating

My wife and I enjoy this product.

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