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kineticmuscle's Rating

I'll admit im not using this.. but if this claimed to do what it said it was going to do, why aren't doctors and pharmacists prescribing this?? why are so many people obese if we have CHEATERS, ahhhhh i cant see it helping:S

Morcikutya's Rating

My wife and I have been using Cheaters relief, especially during lunch time during workdays and weekend to limit the impact of extra carbs. While we are working out and eating healthy whenever possible this extra help resulted in better definition. I am missing some Chromium from the mix, however, my multi has enough, so it is a smaller issue. The price is reasonable (though the higher end) considering the ingredients.

kiz32's Rating

For me this product is the real deal. When I know I'm going too cheat I follow the instructions right on the bottle. The day after I don't feel like I put on weight. I am on my second bottle and will keep buying this product.

xrvbxvmos's Rating

Cheaters relief works great when stacked with Atro-Phex. Atro-phex increases metabolism and leaves you with a feeling like your starving. Cheaters fixes that feeling and controls your hunger cravings.

krazyjar68's Rating

krazyjar68 did not leave a written review for this product.

yvettek1's Rating

i love it,cuts down on my carb intake and fat. take it everytime i have meals.

matzuflex's Rating

Cheaters Relief supplement is unique in the sense that it’s not really a fat burner, nor does it suppress the user’s appetite. This diet product is more of a carbohydrate and fat restrictor, which allows users to eat more of what they love, but without gaining additional weight. Because of how the product works, Cheaters Relief may not be what many dieters are after. You must take into consideration that this supplement will not really assist with weight loss, but rather more with weight gain prevention. Highly recommended for the right users tho!

DunkenDonoughts's Rating

Block carbs you eat.... if it worked, its great, but this is another product that works in the dark (if at all). No noticable change.

devonbuckley's Rating

devonbuckley did not leave a written review for this product.

broomsteeve's Rating

I felt that cheaters helps if you have a low metabalism and low energy. It is good to take in the morning with a cup of black coffee and a fruit/protein shake or some low fat yogurt, and granola. I reconmmend it to anyone trying to cut down on body fat and gain more energy

Veelove25's Rating

Stacked with HP Hoodia. Didn't do anything for me. Much rather stick to my diet than rely on these pills to help me out when I need a sugar/fat/carb fix.

backandbiceps's Rating

this did nothing for me i bought two bottles of it used one and gave the other one away cus honestly this product isnt worth your money dont buy it

Gnmorpheus's Rating

I just recently ordered this product I have used it twice. It did increase the amount of bathroom breaks so I guess it worked or is working.

Beerandon's Rating

I couldn't think of a more fitting test run than consuming incredible amounts of absolute garbage food to test this supplement's effectiveness. Keeping in mind that all bodies are different, and my results may not be everyone's results, I consumed the following items in a 30 minute sitting: (taking 4 capsules before and 4 capsules after as instructed by the chart on bottle) 1 Box Strawberry poptarts- totaling eight pastries 1 box Wild grape poptarts- totaling eight pastries 1 can quick bake biscuits (think pillsbury) 12 Oz. Chicken Breast, FF Mozz cheese on top 1 whole 12" Home made pizza w/ fat Free Mozzerella, Turkey pepperoni. 1 Med. mixed green salad 1 loaf Crusty French Bread, Pillsbury 8 French Toast slices, using egg beaters and cinn. raisin bread w/ sugar free syrup I can eat alot :) Totaling far over 5000 calories, 150+ protein, 900g carbs, but somewhat low in fat (Relatively speaking) Test was performed on off day, no training- cardio or resistance. Next day I made sure a bathroom was close by because I went......alot. No water bloat or "loose feeling" ness upon waking. I'll take frequent bathroom visits over fat gain any day. In the long run, I don't know how this would be, but the first test was most definitely a success, and I fluctuate weight rather easily under normal cheat meal circumstances. Don't use it as an excuse to have a subpar diet, but it can help for those wonderful meals that you need the edge over. Hope this helps!

arose13's Rating

(15 big servings per a bottle) Great potential to be used up very quickly if you abuse it. But it's not like you're losing weight anyway you have to abuse this product, no offense. It really is as the name says, to make to occasional cheat meal less a "damaging".

bsheroke's Rating

I cheat way too much. The only thing keeping me from my goal is my diet. I have a tough time controlling it. So I got this product to help me out. I’m not sure how hard it works but it absolutely does, you’ll notice when you expel your cheat meal from your body. But the best part about it, for me, was the mind effect. Because of this, I would allow myself to cheat under more control, instead of going on a binge. I am able to keep my diet in better check.

tombomb1119's Rating

I would have given this product an 8 due to the sides but I gave it a 9 because I don't believe the rating is accurate. I cheat when i hang out with my friends every friday or saturay, or sometimes both. I would always gain a good 2-4 lbs the day after these cheat(even after morning dump) for a couple days from water and would look bloated. I have used this the last 2 fridays and after my huge morning dumps the next day, I weigh the exact same as the day before. downsides are very bad ***** and huge craps but thats it it works

mnixon's Rating

I try to eat healthy, so I've only used this a couple times. I haven't had any of the problems some other reviewers have mentioned, but I'm sure I'm not eating the same foods or have the same digestive tract, so it will probably be unique for everyone. I don't think this is a must-have product, but then again I only started using this within the month, and probably only 4 times overall.

Goatlars's Rating

I tried this for awhile and I gotta' say I really don't think it did anything other than cause me to use the bathroom for #2 a lot. So make sure you are close to a bathroom if you start taking this. Your results could be much better than mine, or they could be much worse...

ahunt_1976's Rating

ahunt_1976 did not leave a written review for this product.

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