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holdthemike's Rating

I've tried several flavors of their Best Protein as well as Whey HD, and I'm usually very happy with BPI's products overall, but the Strawberry Cake Whey HD protein is the worst-mixing protein I've ever had. The taste isn't bad, but the powder clumps just do not go away, no matter how much water I use or how hard I shake my blender bottle. It's just really nasty getting all these powder chunks in your teeth, and I have to choke the stuff down. I've noticed people saying similar things in their reviews of the Best Protein, and I've never had a problem with that product before, so it makes me wonder if they changed something.. Either way it looks like they're out of Strawberry Cake now. Can't say if the other flavors have the same problem, but this batch was very disappointing. Hoping my next purchase isn't as lacking.

Apr 20, 2017 |