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Supports Appetite Control, Weight Loss, and Muscle Definition*

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Efi8693's Rating

Efi8693 did not leave a written review for this product.

RachelRushing's Rating

BPI is really my favorite for burning fats, thermagenics etc. I have used many of their products and really do like this whole brand. It is geared towards sports. I am excited because they have some new products out soon. This fat burner is great for those who have problems with jitters, it is a powered formula, so you can drink half in the morning and half in the afternoon to keep you from getting jitters.

DenaeB123's Rating

I have just taken this product and boy was I surprised. I wasn't expecting it to make me so **** jittery! This is my first review so sorry about the non-existent picture. I thought I would be fine since I am used to coffee but nope! This product would be a great pre-workout though. The taste was fine. It did make me poop almost right away but thats what caffeine does! I do have an anxiety order but its not making me anxious like some others have said just very very jittery. crazy feeling. I recorded my weight today before I took it so we shall see if it helps!

ahop1123's Rating

Before anyone begins to question the validity of my account, I will let you know I have created this account to track the progress of this and let everyone know how it works for me. Like many of you I LOVED Oxy Elite. It helped me lose a lot of weight over the summer, but being away at college help me put it back on. When I took the product, it had a good taste to it. You felt the energy within 20-30 minutes. Yes, it left an unsettling feeling in my stomach at first simply because my body wasn’t used to it. During my workout, I was flying through my lifts. I mentally and physically felt as if I could do 3-5 more reps per set per lift. During cardio, I felt an increased in my energy helping me run faster and longer. While this was only my first day using it, I rated it a 7. I will continue to review this product on a weekly basis so please stay tuned for more reviews from me.

HollywoodMost's Rating

This is my first day trying this I did feel the energy burst right away. However, I did get a headache. I will continue to take it and see... By the way I'm 400 pounds plus does any feel I sould not take this

Marcin007's Rating

Marcin007 did not leave a written review for this product.

Brookllyn13's Rating

Brookllyn13 did not leave a written review for this product.

Ekali13's Rating

good taste ,works well ,droped about 5-10 pounds, great energy mixes well good amount of stims and great nature cut product

RealFitnessgirl's Rating

I just read all the reviews about this product and I seriously question whether these people are real or not. I've been working out my whole life and I've taken different pre-workouts and fat burners. So I decided to tried out stim-elite...no no no as soon as I took it made me sick, stomach sick!!! There's no question that immediately you feel with more energy, but i had to leave the gym because the whole time I had a stomach ache and felt like throwing up. I spent the whole night feeling sick. I have no doubts that this product gives you energy because of the ingredients in it and make you lose weight, but I do believe that "THIS PRODUCT CAN'T BE GOOD FOR YOUR HEALTH". I wouldn't recommend this product to anyone.

JaayQ's Rating

I get this product tomorrow... Will be using it while snowboarding for the first week, and will update after that and see if this product helped in any way. I will update you guys also after I finish the servings and pretty much see where we go from there. Deuces! 28/08/13 So I am back from holiday! Well I started on stim elite on our first day of holidays! This got me going quickly! It helped me become alert and a bit excited. Probably due to the days I am going to be snowboarding. Every morning I used Stim Elite and it provided a kick start for me. It usually wore out by the time I was hungry and ready for lunch! That was probably 5 hours after I had taken a scoop. Due to the High intake of fast food I wasn't losing any fat drastically off me. But I did weigh in after a week of snowboarding and had lost 3kgs. That was probably because I was snowboarding for 8 hrs a day though. After about a week I felt as though my body was getting use to the scoop a day as I wasnt feeling the stimulant effect it should be giving me. I even used it when I need to drive at 3am in the morning to keep my eyes open and to no avail. I think this product isn't worth the money invested, maybe for an intro into stimulants/thermo/pre's if you have never had any before. So at first I wouldve rated the product at 7 but after a week it was just blah (4). Bring back oxyelite!!!

Makyura's Rating

As always, nice job on the fruit punch flavor BPI. Great pre-workout/morning supplement! I generally always have high energy levels within a few minutes of taking this. I also like to take about a scoop for a pre-workout and I love the energy it provides. The best benefit I enjoy about this is that its great for both bulking OR slimming down. You can enjoy your bulk with minimal fat gains. Its certainly worth a try!

phatness5's Rating

This stuff is crazy good! I felt a slight discomfort in my stomach for about 10 minutes after taking it, but that went away quickly. I lost about 2kg's of fat in a month whilst taking it, taking into account that my diet wasn't as strict as it should be, and I also put on muscle mass, I probably lost more. Flavour is spot on too.

mexrico's Rating

I really dont know how this product can get a 9 out of 10. It must be the "no picture" members who are really not members and are actually employees of the company pushing their product line. I do follow a consistent clean diet, even "off season". I decided to try this product as I thought it would fine from the description and product ingredients...IT DID NOT WORK WORTH ****! If you want something that tastes great, buy this product...gave it a 10 because the taste was awesome. If you want somthing that is going to help you get unwanted weight off your body...first, eat clean, then do cardio, then buy another product other than this...DONT WASTE YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY!

maciasobed's Rating

This product just felt like a really expensive sports drink. It didn't give me visible results as others have. Although, this product served me as a pre workout type supplement. The taste was way too sweet.

SaltyDog76's Rating

Terrific product. Clean, long lasting energy. Have only taken for one week so I will check back with weight loss results in 3 weeks.

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cj1978's Rating

I am very pleased with this product. This rating is based on how it works because let's face it sometimes it doesn't matter how things taste, look, or smell. If it works people are going to use it. With that being said this did taste very good to me and mixed well.

justkeeptrying's Rating

So I tried this initially because I'd wanted to get leaner. In the first two weeks I noticed no change in my weight what so ever. I tweaked my diet & lower my calories to 1600 . I also made it a point to lift 5 times a week and do at least 30 minutes of cardio 6 days a week. I kept taking it but there was no change. At all. so int he long term results category, this was not effective. As far as short term, this would be a great pre workout-- you can literally feel the caffeine coursing through your veins but the energy you get is clean energy. It doesn't make you feel jittery, just more focused & dialed into your workout. I just wish I could have been more dialed in as far as long term results are concerned. not the best fat burner, but a good pre workout.

kgthewildcard's Rating

This really wasn't helpful for me. I wanted to try something other than pills. My appetite increased when I took every dose. I did feel the energy, but compared to OEP (Oxy Elite Pro) this lacked the suppression. All bodies are not the same tho. Taste was GREAT tho.

chugymonster12's Rating

Once again BPI has made a great product... Fast acting and a good boost of energy. Im down 10 pounds since taking this product. The only reason I didn't give STIM-ELITE a 10 is because after I take the product, it really messes up my stomach. With in 15 minutes I am releasing the Kraken upon my toilet.

kuenzelton's Rating

This is hands down my favorite fat burner. I love that it comes in a drink form instead of a pill. A lot of fat burner pills leave you with a feeling that there's a hole burning in your stomach, but none of that with stim elite! It has a great taste, provides good energy and has definitely helped me decrease my body fat percentage.

1-20 of 106 Reviews