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TjSimpson87's Rating

One of my favorite products I've ever used! It really does what it says! Especially, stacked with A-hd! After a week on my attitude, energy, strength, size, as muscle tone started changing! My muscles were pumped when I wasn't even training! My veins were popping out and I even had new veins I've never seen before! Perfect for your cut! The price can't be beat! Also, most supplements you take multiple pills multiple times a day! With SOLID it's one pill a day! Only side effect is you wake up thirsty. I recommend this product to anyone cutting, bulking, powerlifting, or just starting lifting! Great product!

josh6231981's Rating

I took Solid for two months. It kind of had a delayed effect. After three days of being off the product I noticed I was looking quite a bit more defined than before I started taking the product. I didn't do any extra cardio or change my diet. I would probably recommend Solid.

powersport99's Rating

This product worked excellent for me. Amazing results with in 2 weeks.

ClarkRHH's Rating

Seems to help with fat loss. Other than that I can't tell much of a benefit.

Holzhause's Rating

Great product! I used this a couple of years ago and stacked it with A-HD. I noticed the hardness in my muscles lasted longer, and was more apparent. The problem, however, is the need to stay on the cycle, or the benefit goes away with time.

tomshendrix's Rating

I keep this stack supplied. It has given me a great base.

bneil1979's Rating

To start with, I'm not a hard core lifter like some others on this site. I do hit the gym 3-4 days a week, and try to eat as clean as possible. I guess I go for more of a "swimmers cut" versus putting on to much size. That being said, Solid appealed to me because of it's claim of giving a "dry" look. As someone who recently entered their mid 30's, I've become all to aware of the fact that certain areas of my body do not like shedding fat as easily as they use to. Solid worked great to take what i can only explain as that bloated look away. I did the cycle as recommended by BPI, and stated it with AH-D. I've taken other test boosters in the past, and to be honest, I didn't notice much with AH-D. However, the combo of both AH-D and Solid worked great. Every morning, I feel that tight, dry feeling all over and just love it! I am almost done with the 8 week cycle and would definitely recommend this to friends. I gave this an 8 only because of price per serving (but you do get what you pay for) and the fact that I've notice the intensity of the "dry and tight" feeling starting to diminish slightly. It's still there, but I can only assume my body has gotten used to it. If used as directed, stacked accordingly, and incorporated into exercise and diet plan...this product is great!

Brookllyn13's Rating

Brookllyn13 did not leave a written review for this product.

rsswaryah's Rating

I used 1 bottle just by itself.. This is the best product i have ever used for hardening. i am east Indian and we tend to bloat with everything. Low carbs or no carbs still bloating happens.. I used this and tried multiple diets on 4 days basis and it worked on everything. It did the job made up look more dry and hard. my quads and arms specially became more rounded and rock hard.. I would absolutely recommend this product to anyone who wants to look dry or hard..

eleckttruss's Rating

amazing product stacked this with A-HD SOLID gonna make more vascular and feel.harder but the price its to HIGH

vanhercksteven's Rating

I have bought this supplement but have not started with it jet. I thought to read some reviews for some advice on taking/stacking it. But i noticed that Oct 16, 2012 popped up on reviews for about 4 pages. Thats more then half of the 202 reviews on this product, that is written/posted on that day... What makes it extra suspicious is that every review on that day is about how awsomme the product is... I wished i saw that before i bought this.... A month of trying it have gone by, and i must say it does do something but not even close to what they try to sell you... you cant really point your finger and say 'thats it'! :-). so not bad but probably wont buy again...

tanujisme's Rating

This review comes from someone who has more than 11 years training experience under his belt , Pros 1 diuretic 2 astonishing increase in strength. 3 value for money. Just love how much I can lift on this product. Cons 1 lack of research on the ingredients make it dangerous as side effects are unknown . But I have used almost everything under the sun , and this product gives u immense strength gains , muscle gains follow them . All in all a great product . And yes I have used it standalone , did not stack it .

FsAxis92's Rating

Ridiculously overpriced.

josburn's Rating

josburn did not leave a written review for this product.

vcapetil's Rating

amazing product stacked this with A-HD and felt the results within the second day. this is my second week and I am more defined more vascular leaner and my muscles feel.harder also experienced an increase in strength these two are probably the best supplements I've ever tried.

emanny99's Rating

big help in the past few weeks im 3 weeks out from contest and I never felt or looked this good before

Balv5206's Rating

I am starting my 4th cycle of it. I absolutely love this product and I'm afraid to venture out and try anything different because I don't want to waste my money when I know I have already found something that works. My muscles feel so much fuller and my strength gains have been phenomenal.This product makes me feel amazing and when I am not on it I almost feel like my workouts are wasted, like during my off cycle. My arms, chests, and biceps have never felt this hard or full. The only thing I'm not sure about is which product gives me which results since I stack Solid with A-HD. So until I try them individually I'm just going to assume my results are a stack combo. I wrote this same review for A-HD I felt I had to use the some for both.

markocekic's Rating

If you ask me just don't waste your money on this one! I read great reviews and said to myself let's give it a try. First 6 days I felt nothing. 7th day I felt something but since I was preparing for the show I was not sure was it from solid of something else like fat burner. Finished 1 bottle and was not sure so decided to go with another one just in case before I say I gave money for nothing. Finished 2nd pack and trust me I felt nothing. No hardening effect no pump no veins no nothing. Trust me this is just wasting of your money and time. Buy some good creatine and start 20g loading a day and I guarantee you will feel hard and pumped in couple days. Solid is just placebo pill. Will never buy it again! I was just a victim of good reviews nothing else.

mylife837's Rating

mylife837 did not leave a written review for this product.

dmvdsjeff's Rating

I take this product once a day every morning my muscles feel more full and just stronger. On days I forget I can feel the difference when I workout in the pump I get as well.

1-20 of 214 Reviews