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Supports Appetite Control, Fat Loss, and Non-Stop Energy Reserves*

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AlwayzSally's Rating

I started working at a donut shop 9 months ago & gained 40lbs during that time. I only workout usually once a week but need something to help stop the snacking while at work& to keep me from bringing donuts home. I've been taking these pills for a few days and I notice that I do get hungry less ( placebo effect?) and able to make fruit&veggie smoothies to replace for a meal (2x a day) which was something I didn't have decipline to do before the pill. I have more energy and am actually motivated to get up and workout now. I was worried about the reviews about reddness of skin since I have really sensitive skin but I always take at breakfast or with a smoothie and havent received any of those side effects. The only thing "negative" I could say is that I can no longer drink coffee tea or soda bc I get super jittery not even half way through a cup. I also have always had a hard time falling asleep since I was young & even tho I take in the morning I still have a pretty hard time winding down at night. I was also warned about mood change while on Roxylean but I don't really notice irritability , I actually feel more energized and happy. My goal is to finish the bottle and be able to review how much weight I lost in the 2 months of taking the supplements. 🤞🤞💪

TheLorax14's Rating

Time for my amateur supplement review. Sit back folks, this one is going to be educational and entertaining. By the way, I am NOT a scientist nor a Doctor. Before taking Roxylean I did what all you other fatties did, I googled the hell outta it. I read some positive reviews and some crying complaints. Example of the whining; "I took the Roxylean, did zero exercise, kept eating like a pig and gained weight." I bet all of you are completely shocked...right? (Rolls eyes mockingly) Look folks, there is no miracle "bam yo fat butt is gone" magical pill. Never will be. However, products such as Roxylean can help get those pounds off. But you need to change your eating habits, get off the couch and out of mommies basement and do some **** exercise. Period! My experience with Roxylean has been good. I have lost noticeable weight and my fat butt can fit into some of my older clothes. While on Roxylean I did notice some of the symptoms describe by others. Redness in the face and skin warming. But it was expected. I think the whiners had never really experienced a truly elevated heart rate so they had annicked and cried about it. The hives? Well I never got them. So the whiners must be allergic to weight loss and fitness. Remeber, I'm not a doctor so I don't know anything.

tbzhomie's Rating

issa no for me dawg. I followed the instructions and took before breakfast and started freaking tf out when my skin started turning red in my elbows, face and arms and my elbows were burning. I thought I was having an allergic reaction and started losing my ****. But once I read the side effects apparently it's common for the ingredient naicin to cause redness and skin burning sensation which it has and to compare to my old thermos, has none of that type of B vitamin. I've taken potent thermos in the past but never one to this effect. Thankful that it was not more serious than it was but I'll stick to my less potent thermos. Doesn't not work for me.

rhonica's Rating

This made me feel horrible. It hurt my stomach - I had to hurry up and eat peanut butter. Then I had no motivation to work out. I felt like I was in an awful mood. I drank bottles of water within 2 hrs, so I wasnt dehydrated. It DID supress my appetite like no other. However, Super Hd has spoiled me. It gives me energy, suppresses appetite and kicks my motivation with An UBER positive mood. Will not buy again.

xsabrejayx's Rating

This is one of the few fat burners where I feel the effects almost immediately. After an hour, I can feel my body warming up and my fave turns beet red, almost feels like a sunburn. I assume it's the caffeine levels, and due to my caffeine sensitivity, it's an immediate feeling. But I noticed results fairly quickly, mind you, you need a good workout with it to burn the fat. I lost 2 pounds in 3 days on it, and I see a leaner physique.

delta202's Rating

This product is great! I have been taking this product for about a week now and I can tell I am more alert and getting leaner. I am excited to see how this product will do in the next few weeks. One thing you do need to keep in mind is to follow your normal diet plan so you can see the results properly.

SaraKate120's Rating

I'm a huge fan of BPI and regularly use a lot of their products. I have always liked thermogenics and the effect they have on energy levels and gym productivity so I started RoxyLean to help me shed the remainder of my pregnancy fat and after about 5 weeks on it I felt like my body adapted to it (like most products). I wasn't getting the warm, tingling flush after taking it like it normally caused so I made the mistake of taking 2 one morning... DO NOT TAKE 2. After about 10 minutes I swear my ******* skin was melting off and I was going a million miles an hour at 0430 in the morning. Stick to one, I promise it works.

PeterGomez77's Rating

These really helped me cut like 13 unwanted lbs. Also enjoyed the mental focus and energy that i got from this throughout my day.

MickyHenderson's Rating

I really like the focus that I get from this one. I feel like I can really dial into my workouts and focus when I take this.

FidelMason's Rating

My main thing with fat burners is the crash, I like to use them but sometimes the crash makes it not even worth it at all. I gave this one a try and it has not failed me. A great product indeed.

JeffersonLewin's Rating

I picked this up about a week ago and this has been a great week! my energy levels are up and I feel great. I can deff feel the products working already looking leaner, cant wait to see how much fat I can cut with the help of this stuff!

BiancaF1's Rating

This really works! I felt it from the first day i started taking it. There was a change in my appetite and I felt energetic through out the day. It was a clean energy, no jitters just alert and attentive. The fat burning properties were definitely effective. There was a big difference in my mid section.

jessdiaz1's Rating

jessdiaz1 did not leave a written review for this product.

johngaletto's Rating

I use Bpi's creatine and i love it. I got this fat burner for my wife and she's been taking for about two weeks and is making great progress, says she feels 10x better through out the day and i can tell shes getting some confidence back. Good job Bpi! p.s. (happy wife=happy life)

ETorres01's Rating

I used this fat burner before and i loved it. Then GNC didnt carry it anymore. So happy i found it on here. Ordering now!

Jgraves321's Rating

best fat burner out there. super clean focus and energy was a huge plus. I noticed a big difference in my appetite as well.

ChefKevo's Rating

Been taking this for 3 weeks now. I get a slight warmth to the body within about 10 mins. Definitely feel the increase in intensity at the gym. Be sure to drink plenty of water with this product as you can sweat a lot while using it, in combination with strenuous activity. Overall no side effects to note. Well made product, does what it was intended to do.

lexriv's Rating

I've been taking 1 capsule a day for 5 days now and already look and feel a lot leaner. It takes a couple of days to get used to the intensity of the energy/caffeine. I thought my body worked well with supplements but don't underestimate the intensity of this. I also made the mistake of drinkin 2 cups of coffee the first day.. DO NOT DRINK COFFEE, (it says on the label no extra caffeine) Overall I highly recommend this product and the nite burn.

1-19 of 19 Reviews