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gbfreeway's Rating


Chynablacc's Rating

I love this stuff, the taste is awesome like a green apple jolly rancher, it's so good. Great preworkout....gives me more drive to workout harder and push for more.

GideonVorster87's Rating

BPI is my go to product, they are scientifically certified. Each product does what it is supposed to. Of course this drives me to work even harder. I stand by this product, it stands by me & I always see & get results. When you combine this with 1 M.R it takes your training to a whole other level, it's amazing.

bgalleg3's Rating

bgalleg3 did not leave a written review for this product.

kornflake7's Rating

Great fruit taste, definitely much better than the usual fruit punch which I'm not a huge fan of. Besides the taste is the great clean energy and pump with no caffeine which is great for me on days where I am just chasing a pump and don't need a big kick in the ***. Great price point/taste/energy is a combo that's hard to beat.

sakmsb's Rating

Best taste and Great pumps.. And the pump experience increases with the continued use. Blueberry Lemon Freeze is the BEST tasting supp I've ever had... Mixes very well without leaving much granules. Citrus Dew, Apple Pear tastes very well as well. BPI does awesome job in their flavoring department.. Just hngggggg....

PeterStark's Rating

Ok this has to be the best flavored pre-workout in the market. The flavors are just out of this world! Can be a bit too sweet, but use more water and it will be fine. As far as performance is concerned, it is surprisingly strong. Very good focus, clean energy without the caffeine, and decent pumps. Very well formulated product that I can use anytime of the day, even at night.

kamanialwis's Rating

This one gives me full power, endurance for my workout. and thanks god this is coming with 0% caffeine.

tworiverboy99's Rating

First couple times I took this I was on the ceiling 40 minutes after taking. I have gotten used to it after two weeks of use. I workout early in the morning and this helps me greatly with energy and focus.

thoren17's Rating

This product is and always will be great! I only give it a 9/10 for the fact that I didn't get a complete neurological motivation from it, although I felt some. But the energy lasted the whole workout and was incredibly clean and smooth feeling. The pump aspect was great...for me the replaces the need for a separate pump/no supplement. There really is not need for both. Because even if you use hemovol (the al time strongest pump product) the pump effect starts to subside after about a week of use, go with a clean basic lasting pre workout and just ******* grow. (Taste was fire)

dillonadams's Rating

dillonadams did not leave a written review for this product.

BaxFitness's Rating

Overall PUMP HD is a 10 but as far as the pump factor I give it about a 6 or 7. This is great stim free pre workout and I love it for that. I just didn't feel like I got very much of an actual "pump" from PUMP HD. Which was a little disappointing but everyone is different so this doesn't mean you wouldn't have a great experience with it. Blueberry lemon was good, bpi never disappoints in the flavor category, but it was just a little too tangy for me. You should definitely give PUMP HD a try if your looking for a preworkout that will keep you motivated your entire workout and ample clean energy to get you going even after a long day at work.

jrod272099's Rating

I take this regularly before workouts and can feel the benefit. With a sensitivity to caffeine, Pump HD ensures that I don't feel the side effects of too much caffeine and it gives me a more sustainable burst of energy at the gym while keeping me hydrated. The Wicked Fruit Blast tastes very much like pineapple juice.

Jdot5's Rating

The powder mixed fairly easy once shaken up in water. The flavor of the Apple Pear was prominent from the first sip and it was quite tasty. I only tried the Pump in half scoop servings off the advice off the good bros from BPI. I used it on Back day, Leg day, as well as shoulder day. Even at a half dose, I was able to get a solid pump with blood engorging the muscles. I was able to have a solid workout and not run out of energy, even with out the stimulants. Full review here: http://forum.bodybuilding.com/showthread.php?t=171109351#post1436046411

omer46's Rating

Great product! Pumps were unreal and vasicularity was everywhere. It lasted a good 2 hours even after I stopped working out. Wasn't really a fan of apple pear

NoCarbsNoSugar's Rating

Had this before my Cardio session yesterday. The taste is very refreshing, the mix-ability is perfect with no residue, the effect is great. Happy with this product. My new most favorite flavor.

MPLJR1222's Rating

This is one of the best "pump" products I've ever gotten to try out. The best feature is obviously the pump it gives, and it did not disappoint. I got a great pump going for my entire hour workouts, and it never faded away. Another nice feature is that there is zero caffeine, and zero yohimbe. Being a no stimulant means it can easily be stacked with other stimulant products. I stacked it with best aminos w/ energy, and along with the great pump i had great energy throughout my workouts. There was absolutely no problems with mixing pump hd, and the watermelon cooler flavor tastes awesome! Overall, this is a versatile, reliable pump product! Update: The Apple Pear flavor is awesome! I got to try Pump-HD out with Cutler Nutrition Legend Pro, and what an awesome stack it is! I loved using the two products together. My review of this product has not changed at all, and it lived up to the same standards of the previous time that I've gotten to try Pump-HD. Still a great non-stir pre workout!

PeterJameson41's Rating

This is a great product! Exactly what I have been looking for. I am self motivated, I do not need a giant caffeine rush as an excuse to be in the gym, I actually want to be there and pump iron! This product will give you an amazing pump, the ingredients are really good and are meant to boost performance to get the blood in the muscle which is what makes you grow. Not just a bunch of stimulants to get you off the couch, this is a well made product!

Hansenkl31's Rating

I was skeptical buying a pre-workout sans caffeine, but i workout after work and won't sleep if i take a regular pre-workout. Tried it, and really like it- its not an explosive energy burst by any means, but it made a definite difference and gave me a needed kick! Also, the apple pear is freakin delicious. Will buy again.

cbostick's Rating

Love this stuff. Recommend to everybody! Gives you a good pump and make muscles feel full. Helps get through those last couples reps and sets. Could tell a huge difference when I don't take it!

1-20 of 67 Reviews