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Supports Increased Lean Muscle and Decreased Body Fat*

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aandreassa's Rating

Great product, combined with TEST 7 from image sports I could fell more energy and seems that my muscle definition has changed since them. Last night I woke up in the middle of the night felling that my body was going to explode with so energy. Let's see what this stuff will do in one cycle, until now I recommend.

Azikiwei's Rating

Very Constructive Supplement Indeed! Helps me sleep like a rock and gives me mad gains. Never thought you can wake up refreshed and shredded at the same time but it works for me...Im literally on my 7th bottle of this stuff. YEAH! Thats P-o-w-e-r-f-u-l!

jrstairs's Rating

Another great product by BPI!!! STacked it with Anabolic Elite, and A-HD and saw great results!!!!

mriege's Rating

I lost a couple of pounds while taking this, but saw none of the reported increases in either strength or well being. I was also taking RoxyLean which may account for the weight drop. However it is difficult to make any progress at 59.

vcapetil's Rating

Great product!!! Since taking this I feel more energized in the morning and when I work out at night I feel more endurance and increase in strength. I definately feel a better sense of well being....but buy 2 bottles because you start feeling the effects on to the second week.

rob255's Rating

I gained some muscle mass with this product using everything within the 28 day period, although i believe it was mostly due to my good diet and still being a rookie lifter.. I don't think this product helped me much if at all, Only rated a 6 because for the most part bpi has great products.

thualfiqar87's Rating

very powerful product and for sure am going to use another one

Corey792's Rating

I thought I would give this product a try and have achieved good results while using it. I have gained a bit of lean muscle (3 kgs) in little time but that's also with decent supplements and diet plan so its hard to determine how much this product helped, but I found with GRP-HD I gain less fat while putting on muscle, I recommend this product for people who are looking to gain lean muscle and with as little as as possible

Prodrain's Rating

This will help shred fat and put you past any hump you might find your self against... All BPI products are the real deal...

jared462's Rating

been using it for a week and a half stacked with test 7 and I have noticed quite a bit of gains, 5 pounds to be exact

kal081981's Rating

I am having a hard time noticing if this work. I have about a weeks supply left and still deciding if I should continue. I feel thicker at times and recovering good.

arnoldc6's Rating

Took this and image sport's TropinexAQ (same thing as this, also owned by bpi) for 3 months, see no results at all. The ingredients are just berry-based. Better of taking semen pills.

Garmelias1's Rating

Garmelias1 did not leave a written review for this product.

chinyong's Rating

this monster is crazy... i am growing like never before.. it's like a mid life crisis is this natural?

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jz999's Rating

Unfortunately I was suckered in to buying this along with BPI Blox (which tastes great, but has no noticeable effect on gains), since BPI promoted this product among others as a package deal. After looking over the available options for the bundle, I decided that GRP HD might be a nice addition to my supplementation. I should have known right off the bat it was a joke by looking at the ingredient list and the vague promises of the bottle. Even so, I began taking one capsule every morning on an empty stomach as s****ested. After 2 or 3 days i began developing problems falling asleep or staying asleep at night. I saw no strength or size increase until I got off the product. Now I sleep like a baby

jkbldb's Rating

Been using this for a few weeks! I have notice some small gains but still have a few more to go. So far so good! Boost in energy also!

StephenMcmillen's Rating

i got the GRP-HD and RoxyLean stack. best stack ive had so far they worked crazy good with each other. the roxy lean was an intense fat burner worked excellent!! i never was a morning person and taking the stack in the morning i all of a sudden had the impulse to work out and not only just workout, workout like never before. i didnt even need a pre workout. the roxy lean had everything i needed for energy and the grp had the gains. this stack should have a warning on the label tho....of how much a beast you'll turn into!!!

gaconsalvi's Rating

Have been using BPI Products for the past 8 months. Love the Roxylean, was major help in my cutting. The A50 and Solid was very good in helping my muscle definition and of course the Blox is perfect along with Build HD. However I must honestly say I really did not see much difference with the GRP Product. I followed the directions to the letter and perhaps my expectations were higher than they should have been, based on the performance I experienced with all of your other products. But thank you for helping me reach many of my goals with what I've been using. Sincerely GC

cnolan17's Rating

I took this during my bulk and it worked very well. i stacked with 1mr and build hd and got amazing results this product is awesome a little pricey tho. but worth it. thanks bpi

fflores559's Rating

My first time trying this and it's Amazing. You get the pump in mins

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