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aabuilding's Rating

Eu tenho uma camisa e um shaker desses, adquiri após uma bela promoção da bodybuilding.com. a Camisa veio em um tamanho enorme porem isso me motivou a treinar mais e ficar do tamanho dela... a shaker é um dos melhor nq ja usei o misturador ciclone desempenha sua função muinto bem... eu quero outra.

cicpinho's Rating

Great product with excellent cost benefit!

haulkc's Rating

Wish shirt came in larger size

Prodrain's Rating

Eye catching shirt and of course need to rep the best products out there

jgohsman's Rating

What's not to love about a t shirt and shaker bottle? I bought a pre workout from bodybuilding.com for less than I would have spent @ a physical store and these were included for no additional charge. I like free stuff!

elsonajr's Rating

This is a great product!!!

lj929rr's Rating

The mixer bootle size and tornado insert is great the mouth cap is a problem doesn't lock or snap in so it leaks unless you hold it and shake..as for the tee shirt its just that a free tee

mattkilgour's Rating

Shaker bottle is great. Good size for all of your supplements and still enough water to get it mixed properly. The design ensures no lumps which is the whole idea! As for the t-shirt though... it makes a nice polishing cloth. Really low quality :(

gilescobar's Rating

Mixer works great, like it better then the metal balls doesn't make that annoying noise when shaking.

gccalvillo's Rating

really nice for a free gift

mowd's Rating

Shirt is great for gym it is cool and the stick man is popular. The shake is tough and the cyclone type mixer works well.

RobertoCrothers's Rating

Shirt is a great shirt, love the logo. Only down side is the 1MR ad on the back. shakers is okay at best, logo rubs off, cheap felling plastic. But it does mixes well.

middleeastmeat's Rating

got this tshirt 2 years ago as an offer with Mr.1 it has been washed at 90 celsius degrees every week since then and is still in perfect condition. the matchstick man always gets thumbs up at the gym

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Jess_S's Rating

The T-Shirt is great The Shaker bottle doesn't even close under full force. Contacted BPI customer service and they won't even respond. Seriously how hard is it to have a shaker cup made that closes? Come on BPI ..WTF?!

Xuester's Rating

If you wanna buy this product for the shirt that's cool. But if you buy it for the shaker then DON'T! After using the shaker bottle for a few days, I accidentally dropped it from my gym back and it split open like an egg! This is a weak bottle made with poor and cheap material. Don't buy it if you need a shaker bottle.

1-15 of 15 Reviews