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May Help Promote Muscle Growth, Bone Density, and Strength*

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jakesherbst's Rating

i have read some reviews on it where people complained its not all the hype , but i have also used a lot of testo - boosters , and this one has been far the best i have used , gives u that focus u need , and u can feel the power surge on the 1st day , and gives me exact what i need , that shredded , harder more dry looking physique , definitely will buy this product again , and stacked with 1MR and blox , its unbeatable

vcapetil's Rating

amazing product....amazing hands down the best product I've ever tried...this is the first test booster I've ever tried...and amazing. I felt the results in the second day...this is my second week and I'm more defined my muscles are harder and have increased my strengh. I'm getting cut...stacked this with solid...definately recommend it.

bnstyles's Rating

This product does not help in any way at all. I followed the instruction and added it with solid. I toke until it was finished. At the time I was doing super set workouts to circuit training. There was no difference to what I am normally use to. I toke time to review all the ingredients and they have nothing to do with helping in production of testosterone nor hardening of the muscles. These are bunk products. Bunch of herbs that has nothing to do with gain or strength. So I returned the second set, unopened and was refunded 2 weeks later. So do your homework, google the ingredients if your not sure. because two weeks for a refund is a long time

DanRoma's Rating

This was the first t booster I ever tried, wasn't expecting much but I saw it for a good price so I decided to try it. I didn't see great results from this, wouldn't buy it again. Save your money

kalans's Rating

Not sure if it works, but the powder tastes like butt :)

Frank56471's Rating

Easy to Take No Digestion Problems Good Momentum during Work-out Response pay-off is Really Good Pluses of Increased Sex Drive Apparent

DubDiesel's Rating

Disappointed...I'm a fan of a few BPI products but not this one. I noticed an increase in sex drive but nothing as far as strength gains or any over-all good feelings. I was more impressed with the capsule version of A-HD in combination with the SOLID.

jonohio's Rating

just order me some from eBay and the reviews was real helpful all of them great reviews i had to get me some of it and yes the watermelon flavor cant wait to start using it and get my body in shape thanks everyone for the reviews and help

armylos24's Rating

one of the best if not the best test boosters ive ever used

GymPower10's Rating

this stuff is just simply amazing i have never had a dietary supplement taste this good and actually see it work in no time.....i definitely recommend this!!!!

jamesliberato's Rating

good stuff makes your feel good all the time. sucks u dry and makes u look very lean. plus u heal faster with all the testosterone boost it gives u

andrewandily's Rating

I received a free 10 serving sample and loved the results for those 10 days, so I bought a container. Taste great, pump is vein popping, stamina is efficient and focus is sharp. hands down the best creatine pre workout supp for myself.

kormeier's Rating

A-HD is probably the best test-booster I have ever taken! This is an extremely vascular product that gives me a great pump as well. Taking this stacked with Solid is a pure fat shredding machine! My lifts are always better while on this! It also dissolves and mixes extremely easy and the taste is amazing!

loveit33's Rating

Good taste and worked well for me.

robbysdal's Rating

Tried this product after it was recommended by a friend. First of all it taste great!! However I didn't see any noticeable effects outside of feeling like an "alpha" so to speak. I believe this is simply from the Yohimbe....

ninadazo's Rating

Great product. Got it for my BF along with blox, he really packed on some muscles and leaned out. Even gained energy and was stronger. Good product. Recmd to all. Made a big dif.

SD1959's Rating

Excellent product. Steady changes in body comp. Addede a bit of strength even as I was getting leaner! Wasn't ftigued as usual during the latter part of my workouts. Kind of a "feel good" energy, like I just got some really good news. Totally recommend.

ajohnson000's Rating

Taste is absolutely delicious. Makes for a great test booster if your cycling off another product. Keeps energy high and with the added oestrogen blocker you can't go wrong.

chrismcgowan's Rating

Reall felt the effects from this stuff.....Great product BPI!

1-20 of 127 Reviews