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Squeakers33's Rating

I have been taking this product for 2 months now, and I have enjoyed it. Unlike most fat burners this has no caffeine to it so it doesn't keep you up at night

godleedump's Rating

Nice product

michsalcedo01's Rating

I only took it for a month and my fat % went from 21.5% to 20.9%. Its not a big difference but I wasn't dieting or anything. So I really think it works because it came down anyways. And about the sleeping it really helps alot. I took a pill and an hour later I was totally relaxed and ready for bed. The only uncomfortble thing is that I burped and that taste kept coming.. I don't know why but it wasn't that annoying.

CSIOrange's Rating

Works great! I paired this with a normal "when you wake up" fat burner. NITE-BURN didn't keep me up, actually helped me get to sleep, and I actually did see a loss of about 10 lbs over the course of the 2 months I took it.

oween's Rating

oween did not leave a written review for this product.

OleScottyC's Rating

I used this product in addition to Evolution Transform for a little more than 3 weeeks now. I gained a couple pounds but lost roughly 1% body fat. Not sure which had the better effect, but as this product claims, I did see better sleep! Will continue use .

Jenn0100's Rating

The pill definitely helped you sleep, but I feel like my stomach got bigger and looked bloated. I feel that it did not really help with my metabolism at all. It did a great job of helping you sleep though. I wouldn't recommend this product.

TiffanyBoyer's Rating

I didn't notice this having any worth-while effects on me other then the fact that I woke up a little less hungry. Other then curbing appetite, I'd say that's probably about all it does.

JARARMY's Rating

I don't know just yet. Just started using it but I'll let ya know. Thanks!

qcdesignz's Rating

First night review, i see many "paid" reviews amping it up so here is an honest guy. By reading other reviews this should have knocked me out. Took at 10:30 and is now 1:00am and am alert, awake and on my phone. So does it knock you out? No. Sleep rating: 6/10 Why 6? I feel it, head is light..a but drowsy. Will post a review every other day for 15 reviews total and PICTURES. Diet is strict, on a shredding diet for a film and need to lose all gut fat in 30 days. Will give honest feedback on this product, but the whole sleep hype is looking false to me. Want sleep? Take real sleeping pills. ----- Update: 4 days in update. Sleep still hasnt improved BUT I do enjoy these pills. I wake up less hungry, although I am taking a casein protein before bed as well but that usually hasnt helped when I wake up. So I boosted my rating to a 8/10. We will see the 30 day mark!!!

eldobosz's Rating

eldobosz did not leave a written review for this product.

ccostell's Rating

Still the same weight after 2 1/2 weeks and haven't loss any inches

coachessay's Rating

coachessay did not leave a written review for this product.

Anthonym78's Rating

Great product!! Not only it helps you sleep, it sheds off the fat while you're sleeping!!

kingvibro's Rating

There is no question this product works, I am very satisfied.

navynelson's Rating

So I rate PBI Night burn because I literally have no idea what this supplement is doing for me. I understand the concepts of the ingredients, but since they are stimulant free I am just uncertain if they are doing anything. I a, losing weight, However, I am lifting everyday and doing my 40 minutes of cardio 7 days a week. So, will i keep taking these pills.... yes. I will because I really enjoy all of the other products BPI has to offer. I am assuming they are helping me in my muscle recovery. My biggest suggestion to BPI is to increase the amount of ingredients that help you sleep. I have literally not had a good nights sleep in two weeks because My muscles hurt so much and i just toss and turn. They say there are ingredients to promote sleep, however I would just suggest making it NYQUIL strength! This product would be worth double the amount of money if it was able to tire me and help me sleep.

Sturgis07's Rating

The appetite management seems to work pretty well. The thermogenic is mild, but still uncomfortable when trying to sleep, since I prefer not to sweat when I'm sleeping. The melatonin is a nice touch. So probably won't do this again unless I start to "bored" eat a lot before bed.

PeterKatzmayr's Rating

This product is awesome because you helps me suppress my appetite at night. Normally I get really hungry in the PM and just want to eat dirty, but ever since I have been taking this, that is no longer a problem.

NestorDaniels's Rating

I really like this product because it can be stacked with other fat burners since it is not a stim based product. In fact it actually helps me get an even better night sleep because of the melatonin. I recommend this product to anyone who is sensitive to stimulants.

pnhaiem's Rating

I have been taking this for over a week now and see some leaning. I have also been taking the BCAA's from this brand as well so it could be that product. Doesn't help me sleep much like ZMA's by cellucor but it does for sure make your metabolism run throughout the night.

1-20 of 95 Reviews