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Maintain Lean Body Mass While Burning Fat And Controlling Appetite*

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mr.symmetry's Rating

Excellent thermogenic. Just the right amount of energy without the crazy jitters or anxiety. I like that it has not just caffeine but things like raspberry ketones, ginger and green tea to help with fat burning. Start with 1-2 caps twice daily to assess tolerance before moving to 3 per serving.

tonyl96's Rating

I have been using this for two weeks along with the Axis labs CLA, universal nutrition ripped fast and some l-carnitine !! Eating 1500 cals a day, a lot of cardio and low carb high protein diet. I have cut a lot and seen reluts in the two weeks and lost 10 pounds, abs are tightening up and waist is shrinking.. see more striations and vascularity!!! I think the diet cardio and the whole stack together works perfect... this all revolves around adipo x and I know it is a big part of this transformation I am going through! I have two months worth and will update on the final product

gailh's Rating

i really liked Adipo-X and its effectiveness as a fatburner and weightloss product. the energy and appetite suppresion properties are good...nothing over the top to cause 'jitters' or nausea. i liked the liquid cap technology....this allows the product to get to work burning fat FAST! literally minutes after you take Adipo-6 you can feel it kicking in. the only thing i found missing was the thermogenic factor. Adipo-6 does contain Paprika and Capsaicin Extracts, but i would prefer them in higher concentrations. overall, id give Adipo-6 an 8.5 and would gladly recommend it to anyone looking to drop a few pounds.


this product really work its destroy all fats in my body like a hill and I have all the power that I need in my workout no crushes no headache no stomach ache its really wonderful thank you Axis lab

tuhsteh's Rating

i didn't take this very long, because it did too much. i am pretty sensitive to cayenne and yohimbe, but if i gave it a chance, i think it would work really well for me. i felt like when i was taking it, i did have more energy, and decreased appetite. It's got the research to back it up, and that's awesome. I'll give a try again some other day.

brennertrenner's Rating

brennertrenner did not leave a written review for this product.

accordngs's Rating

I have taken quite a few fat burners over the years and this is up with the best of them. No jitters or speedy feelings. Definitely feels like an increase in energy and motivation when I take it. Taking it for quite a few months and haven't had any sleep issues like some other stuff I have taken. Overall works well. With a decent diet and workout routine I have seen some good weight loss. I have recommended this to a lot of friends and have never had anyone tell me they didn't also like it.

Lean2Mass's Rating

Lean2Mass did not leave a written review for this product.

Misshelly's Rating

This fat burner did not make me jittery at all, and there definitely was no crash.

jason_bh's Rating

The best part about Adipo-X for me is the 'alertness'. It does well to curb my appetite, but I love the focus that I get from taking it. Gives me a good bit of energy to make it through the day as well. Take a dose in the afternoon when I get that slump. It wakes me up and helps me get through the rest of the day at work. I would recommend this product to others.

SubtleHustle's Rating

SubtleHustle did not leave a written review for this product.

MirrorEye's Rating

This stuff works okay, it only helped with weight loss on top of my workout routine noticeably for a few weeks then weight loss became normal again.

KoncreteKyle's Rating

KoncreteKyle did not leave a written review for this product.

IamCSmith's Rating

Absolutely love this product and highly recommend it. This works so good that i tend to cheat a little more LOL!!!!

diogoryu's Rating

diogoryu did not leave a written review for this product.

turbotoast's Rating

turbotoast did not leave a written review for this product.

mrdead's Rating

I thoroughly enjoyed my run with this... A good clean energy and focus without jitters or other negatives associated with an overabundance of stimulants... Lost the weight/bodyfat that I was anticipating, and would recommend this to anyone wishing to cut/lose pounds and bodyfat... Well done...!!!

shoefanatic23's Rating

I started off taking 3 capsules per day. At first I noticed a nice smooth energy upon waking as it replaced my morning coffee (good thing!). About a 1/3 of the way through the bottle I noticed a more thermo like effect as I would to start to sweat a bit more during cardio. Around that time the 3 capsules weren't enough, so I upped to 6 capsules per day. I did notice that same smooth energy, however I felt that I became fairly used it rather quickly. Although I would take 2 caps in the morning, 2 caps lunch time, and 2 caps mid afternoon there were times towards the mid-end where I would still drag a bit. I would recommend this product to those that are sensitive to stims, or want to try a fat burner for the first time.

snmtazz's Rating

Good stuff, lost fat. Good energy!

1-20 of 49 Reviews