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Great Tasting, Gluten Free, High Protein Formula*

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AnewMe25's Rating

Mixes horribly and tastes bad. It's was truly a waste of money. I expected more from MP and Arnold.

khanrza's Rating

khanrza did not leave a written review for this product.

gpetsas's Rating

This protein was an excellent mass gainer. When I was taking it I put on a solid 10lbs of lean muscle and had fantastic results. This was my most successful product when I put on weight. The taste was not the best and it was not the easiest to mix I'll admit but the results were more than worth it!

bohenrique's Rating

If you have tried combat powder and is hoping for something similar in this product, forget it! Tastes as bad as possible and mixes pretty bad. For sure a product that should NOT carry arnold's name on it

Wesleywarren's Rating

Using this protein for the first time was very successful, I have tried other powders but this is by far the best as in taste. For smaller people trying to gain lean mussel this it your product!

TommyTrend's Rating

I have been taking Iron whey for 5 weeks! I take 3 scoops a day. One first thing in the am, one before my workout and one after. I am also taking the iron pack , iron cuts and iron pump. Im cutting and dropping pounds for 9 weeks while building muscle. Ive lost 7 pounds in 5 weeks and my workout intensity has tripled! Im feel tighter, stronger and last longer lol no pun!

kaidou's Rating

While it lasted, Arnold Schwarzenegger Series was my favorite supplement brand. The supplements tasted great, mixed well, and were effective. Iron Whey is one of the few that I got to try almost all of the flavors (except for peanut butter) and they all tasted fantastic. My hope is, since Arnold left MusclePharm, that he can find a new company soon to help him achieve his goal of promoting worldwide fitness, and maybe bring supplements like these back on the market.

Csnac's Rating


NaveenSR's Rating

I used 5lbs for the last 3 months...I gain 15lbs of lean mass...this is a great product

hectorcurly69's Rating

The taste on the cookies n cream and peanut butter are fairly decent. The cookies n cream however does have a more artificial taste. I was extremely disappointed that the ingredients list leads me to believe that I am not getting the actual 22 grams of protein. They added a bunch of aminos in the ingredient list. Really disappointed. Will not purchase this again.

brutusgains's Rating

This is elite stuff. Arnold doesn't just put his name to any old shizz. MusclePharm outdid themselves with this epic blend. The taste isn't all either. You love peanut butter? Maybe a bit misleading as it doesn't taste quite like PB but dude, you drink it and you'll love it. This is the best protein I've experimented with. And I've tried a lotta brands. This is the thing. Twice daily, smash the gym. It's a reward in a shaker, brah!

sendherhome22's Rating

Not the best tasting protein shake. To me the peanut butter cup tastes too sweet and has a weak flavor

KlinnMay's Rating

This protein tastes delicious! It is smooth and mixes well!'It always gives my muscles maximum recovery after a hard wiork out! I would recommend any of Arnold's products !

jclarke531's Rating

I love the peanut butter cup! The best part of this powder is the fact that it seems to never clump no matter how you add the liquids either before or after, at least not with my shaker bottles with the metal ball. I am also able to still cut fat with this shake even though the calorie count seems to be a bit high, but the sugars are low which could be the benefit. I highly recommend this protein as a perfect all-around protein.

mocool26's Rating

This is, hands down, one of my favorite protein shakes ever. It is amazing in every single aspect and taste is amazing even with just water.

UmbrellaSpecOps's Rating

Started using this product after using three others and I love it. Tastes great and has some great quality protein. I mix mine with Almond milk. Although, it does taste very well with just water alone. I recommend this product if you are looking for a high quality protein powder.

Staphylin's Rating

DO. NOT. BUY. THIS. Shame on you Musclepharm ! Like said just under me, don't buy this protein it uses the "nitrogen spiking technique" to fool the tests and so the label says it contains a lot of protein but no your body can't use it : Glycine and Taurine are high in nitrogen so they add them in very high proportions that are cheap amino acids USELESS TO BUILD MUSCLE and when they test the protein they only watch for how much nitrogen it contains that is an indicator fot the protein counts to they can say "40 g protein per scoop" and you maybe only have 22 grams. Shame on you Musclepharm !

tony477g's Rating

This is the best protein I've ever had! I've tried Optimum Nutrition chocolate, muscle pharms cookies and cream and their chocolate, and this is hands down the best I've ever had. Absolutely great taste, mixes great. I usually add a scoop of PB2 as well and it tastes like a reeses cup! EDIT: Editing my original review for the fact of no transparency in ingredients. How much Leucine are you getting? How about glutamine? Do they count that as protein? Maybe if they didn't hide behind a proprietary blend they would have a good product. The mass gainer was sued for protein spiking so why would this be any different? Remember in some tests BCAA and glycine count as "protein"

mrcm1's Rating

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jwpete21's Rating

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