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Delivers Explosive Energy and Intensity & Skin Tearing Pump and Vascularity*

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TongPoNSK's Rating

A lot of conflicting reviews on both extremes. I'm going to go ahead and assume that many of the lesser ratings are cause for bias based on name alone, and most of those from non-verified buyers i.e. not trustworthy. Here's my review. I got the fruit punch (and I usually hate fruit punch) because my other PWO are watermelon and peach mango, and I wanted a different flavor. I actually like this fruit punch flavor, it's not overpowering and as a PWO I'm looking to down it quickly anyway not sip it. I'm also very impressed with the way the color is handled (with powdered beet) instead of yellow 5, red 2 blue lake and all those completely unnecessary chemicals for nothing more than eye-candy. That and beets are known to cause the body to produce nitric oxide which is a vascular expander which aids in "pump" and quicker delivery of your other supplemets. The blend of ingredients are all proportionate and none overbearing. Not shakey. This is classic as expected from an entirely reputable source. 8/10 for 1 scoop because I like it a little more ramped than most and becuase if you don't use this within 1 month, it will clump into a useless brick .

skylarke's Rating

Very very bad never used pre workout before until i tryed this didn't feel as if i took anything waste of money be warned 😡😡😡😡😡

npk2015's Rating

I like to try different pre workouts when it's time to re up. This product tastes ok and mixes well but I don't feel the pump as I did with muscle pharm or C4. I still get the same focus as I did with other brands but I have to use 2 scoops all the time. If someone is looking for a mild pre workout with no jitters with 2 scoops. This is your product.

ML1194's Rating

I actually got the raspberry lemonade flavor and it was alright not the greatest. Typically preworkouts take 30-60 to kick, well not this one. Within 10 minutes I could feel the rush of energy but not in a bad way, nothing uncomfortable or itchy. Helps vascularity for sure. Only complaint is that 1 scoop only last about a 45 minutes and I typically spend two hours lifting, so that's the only down side.

RobertB1997's Rating

This stuff is amazing!! I've been taking it for two weeks and have experienced gains like never before. While using this product with whey protein and a great bodybuiding program, I have lost pounds and gained impressive amounts of muscle mass. I highly recomend this product to anyone who wants big results out of their pre-workout.

TommyTrend's Rating

I dont like how the fruit punch tastes but I dont even care lol. I poor me a 1 or 2 scoop shot and slam it down and yes it pumps me up! So I bought 2 more 30 serving tubs! I like how there is no creatine in it. most all other pre's have creatine. Im trying to cut fat so of course this is best for that!

EchoRecall's Rating

I never felt much of anything. If it was stimulating it was so mild that I couldn't tell a difference. It upset my stomach and gave me diarrhea without fail. The taste was "fruit punch" but I think they just dumped a ton of sweetener in it and "Fruit punch" is a generic non-flavor they can slap on anything sweet. I used the entire product because I don't like to waste things even though this product evidently has no problem wasting everyone's time

spidervein's Rating

Overall this stuff is good. The only downside.... It gives me the craps! I thought intially that is was maybe something I ate the night previous, until it happened over and over again. This is the only thing I warn you about.... Other then that, it's a good pre workout

Csnac's Rating


cybkewl75's Rating

I didn't think that this gave me the pump that I'm used to from most pre-workouts. Probably won't use this one again. Also, I detest the taste. Reminds me of Pepto.... Sorry Arnold, but this isn't that great.

Dullah9's Rating

Flavor wise it wasn't the best tasting product but it doesn't matter because I usually slam them I use two scoops gave a good amount of energy I was able to get through a two hour workout Pump was definitely there no complaints about that Overall I enjoyed I gave it an 8 because of the bad taste other then that of your like me and your not to worried about it giving you energy and look for more of a pump you'll enjoy this

timotbat7's Rating

At first it made me feel really jumpy and wired at first. I also got really hot on this product. It was good for over all pump but not what I was looking for.

rawdeal454's Rating

i did not enjoy the taste of this at all.

bdonaldb's Rating

This pre workout does give me energy but very little. It is super sweet and has a bad consistency. There are plenty of other products that will do much better for the same price.


This pre workout tastes horrible I'm not if its just this flavor but it has a weird medicine taste. Sticking to the old jack.

ScottyHLR's Rating

Product worked (I guess). My skin wasn't tearing like it says it produces (lol) and the worst part was it gave me workout killing bloating and nausea like the cheap Walmart pre workouts from Body Fortress. Didn't mix well so granules in my saliva after drinking. For the price it's ok but it did NOT give me the energy or pump that BSN NO XPLODE does.

Officialjake927's Rating

Cheap and effective. I take about 2 dry scoops and I am ready to go, i do build a tolerance easily so i have to cycle off and on. NOT my first pick but it gets the job done!

denisko's Rating

Not bad at all. Not a huge energy but amazing pump. Too sweet for me. Need a full shaker of water.

benmihalich's Rating

Love iron pump. Can definitely tell a difference when i lift and maxout. Very good and gets you pumped! Didn't really get the pineapple flavor, it was more of mango and orange, but still really good!

misterhudson's Rating

Had I written this after the first 4-10 servings the overall rating would've been higher. As time goes on and the can is about empty I am over it and have built a tolerance rather quickly. It's still better than a couple cups of Joe but doesn't last through a hard 45-60 min workout. On the plus side though there were no real side effects like crashing, itchy skin or any of that... For the money it's a fair product and if you've never used a PRE before this is a very good option.

1-20 of 1,048 Reviews