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Precision Energy Delivery To Support Strength & Endurance!

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jmaklifter's Rating

this stuff is awesome ,amazing energy but taste is good and bad taste pretty good but the after taste kinda sh*** but does taste good kinda weird **** u after taste lol strength is awesome also i say give it a try found my new energy booster

timv505's Rating

I have already gone through a full tub of Lit-Up and all I can say about this product is that it works! Me and my friend both have intense focus and pumps while on this product. Within 15-30 minutes of taking it I always want to hit the gym and break personal records. I always use the recommended dosage of 1 full scoop and would definitely take it for higher intensity workouts. This product tastes almost better than real peach tea... Amazing product!

Mathew.peters's Rating

Terrible. Terrible taste. Zero pump. Didn't kick in till I tried to go to sleep and stayed up till 8am three nights in a row. I lifted early, I lifted late, I added more cardio etc. etc. I've taken numerous pre-workouts and this one is honestly the second worse I have ever had. Stick with C4, n.o. Explode, basically anything else. AVOID THIS PRE-WORKOUT!

mdisper's Rating

mdisper did not leave a written review for this product.

Aleksandru's Rating

I received the Peach Tea flavor and I just want to say, AppNut needs to keep doing what they're doing with the flavors because they're amazing. The effects from LIT UP are unique as well, it's not something that makes you bounce off walls but instead, it makes you lift with purpose to reach the next level. I like the profile it contains which is all-natural stimulants WITHOUT 1,3,Dimeth and creatine so there's no crash or water retention. If anyone's looking for a new Pre-Workout that's in the same price range as the big names, they should definitely consider this on the list.

samwinrob22's Rating

Unique taste and decent energy but no pump....

usmc1's Rating

Best Pre-workout supplement by a mile!!!!!!!!!!! I have used numerous pre-workout suuplements over the last 25 years, and this one truly is the very best, and stacked with Power Shock or Hemavol, and it's even better, especially for strength and endurance.

glen40's Rating

This is my favorite pre work supplement. It gives me great focus and energy without the jittery. My strength has increase and my workouts are great now. I take about 15 to 30 minutes before heading to the gym. It taste great and i highly recommend trying it.

AlphandOmega3's Rating

Great great product. Good pumps on this alone, stacked with creatine it's amazing. Besides the pumps noticed increased aggressiveness, energy, and focus. Helped me get that extra boost to do my routines for several weeks straight. Other pre workout products don't even come close to this in my opinion.

flavio-tanaka's Rating

this product actually increases libido.

leighpierce's Rating

Lit Up is another real good preworkout to get you "Lit Up" and ready for the gym. As far as preWOs go, this isn't much different than 1MR, Jack3d, etc. What stands out about this one is the Peach Tea flavor. If you've had the same results no matter what preWO you've use, then try this one out. The flavor is amazing! Nothing else tastes like this.

Mainevant's Rating

Superb taste! Smell great! No nasty after taste/ Great focus, energy and kick for lift more heavier :) Contains DAA so its a big plus. Overall great stuff

disturbed420420's Rating

good energy and pumps not the finest ive had but a solid product for the price for sure. They include D- aspartic acid too would like to see more research on it but it looks promising

SWelch's Rating

I mixed it with 16oz water like the packet said - weak tea taste, some peach taste. Aftertaste lasted four hours. Overall, made me jittery. AppNut makes good stuff, but this one wasn't for me.

Raigs's Rating

Mix ability-7- There was a quite of bit of powder to mix with into 8 oz ended up being like 22 oz of water but it finally mixed in. Taste-10- Not much to say but it tasted like peach tea which is awesome Endurance-8- I had tons of energy from it. Kicked in within 20 minutes. Felt pretty good through the whole workout. Not to much tingles and pretty good focus. I did not crash on it at all. thats a huge plus

Dst110's Rating

Great pre-workout with sick pumps and sick energy The taste was decent at first but the more I drank it the harder and harder it got to consume. Delivered one of the best pumps for me so that definately gives it a plus, also the profile on it is great, with added DAA why wouldnt you wanna grab this Would definately recommend

Zarathustra21's Rating

This is a good product, it gives a small boost of energy and a slight head rush. the DAA is a really nice ingredient to it that i really like. it taste great

JosieA's Rating

My favorite pre-workout supplement!! Need I say more. I like the cherry citrus flavor but I love peach Tea even more. This product gives me just the right amount of energy without the jitters. It really helps with concentration.

cwrigh5's Rating

Great Tasting Product! Awesome Peach Flavor! But Overall just an ok stim product. It will give you that increased energy, but dont except magic with it.

1-20 of 96 Reviews