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SWelch's Rating

A.I. gave me a sample of 4; Tried one; saving the rest - my wife keeps me up late with projects. This could be a real life saver as coffee doesn't work that well, only WHILE I drink it. NO JITTERS! And it works! How awesome is that?

JKayneM's Rating

I've actually only tried a trail version. So for my first time I took 4 pills. I should of probably taken just 2. I had an amazing workout after taking these. really pushed me. Its been four hours and I'm still feeling energized. I only rate this product an 8 though because i do have some jitters. Again for my first time I shouldn't of taken all 4. I would consider buying a full bottle and making a better more accurate review.

shmitchell's Rating

I love taking this for cardio days......good clean energy....didnt have a crash.

bailey1106's Rating

Wow. I got a free sample of this the other day. Today woke up feeling sick, hardly got any sleep, drowsiness, you name it. Decided Im gonna workout anyway. Mix a sample packet with some water 30 minutes before my shoulder workout. Amazing. No jitters, very clean energy, Stopped feeling sick. My shoulder press, and upright row went up 10 pounds. This is now my preworkout supplement, nothing else even touches the kind of clean energy this gives you. Simply amazing.

Fleximus's Rating

AI Motivate works really well for me. Use 2 caps in the AM; one pulled apart and dumped into a cup of OJ after eating a cup of fruit, another cap incl/casing w/a cup of water 30-45mins later. Thus far, I've been really happy w/the product. Still on my first bottle, which I alternate w/different AM pick-me-ups. Taking on week-days 5/dys wk. Gives me really clean recall, mental clarity/acuity and verbal command for about five hours. Giving the prod a 9/10 for now, because it works as directed and does what it says it does: gives you long-lasting, crash-free, un-wired energy. Will update when done w/first bottle.

shinu1986's Rating

Impressed with such glittering reviews, I bought a bottle. Compared to other DMAA stuff, Motivate seemed somewhat weak. It took almost 4 pills to feel the effect. In the energy department, I couldn't use it as pre-workout supp because it just didn't generate the imploding rage, so to speak to "motivate" me. Just too flat and safe. That's the only description I could give for this supp.

K81A's Rating

Wow is all I can say. Highly recommend this product. After my first use, as a pre-workout, felt like I could lift all day. No jittery feeling at all, strength and energy through the roof, and no crash. A++

dthomp16's Rating

Had a sample and took two at 8 and two at noon. I was asleep by 2 in the afternoon. Wasn't too impressed with this prodcut. However, there were no negative side effects or bad after taste.

rjcranium's Rating

I do long workouts -- 2 hour+ -- and 2 capsules of Motivate get me all the way to the end. I like this product because it gives me focus and energy. I usually take them 1/2 hour before I start my workout and by the time I am done stretching and doing some light dumbbell work to loosen up, they have kicked in and I'm ready to start lifting. Good focus and energy (non-jittery) are my experiences with Motivate.

extremebreed's Rating

extremebreed did not leave a written review for this product.

velocityrob's Rating

Motivate is an economical and very effective stim. I use 2 caps for a 'pick me up' and 3 or 4 before gym workouts. Duration of effect is about 2 hours with a nice, tapered step-down. Not much else to say here: It gets you going and felling good.

michaelopinion's Rating

This product really helped when i had exams everyday of the week. i would pop 4 in and would literally be motivated within 15 minutes! what was great about the product was that it didn't give me a fat crash. i'd pop the pill around 8 to start studying and didn't have a decending crash until i WANTED to sleep. yeah thats right, alert but not jittery. real nice alternative from energy drinks. AI you surprise me over and over again.

ironlife26's Rating

Kept me awake, and ready to go for the workout. not a super energy rush or anything. had a good workout when i took it. no complains about this products and i took 2 pill to begin with. no crash either

manofmany's Rating

This is an excellent pick-me-up type stimulant. Great for on the go and really has a solid list of ingredients. The best part is that it's very flexible in terms of dosage (especially caffeine). Great price and great product.

PaleVein's Rating

Absolutely excellent product! Took it on a non-workout day 30 minutes prior to an exam, and just FLOORED through it. Big fan, great job AI

SouthernRebel's Rating

WOW!! One of the best pick-me-up's ever, Anabolic Innovation did a great job of explaining their product "Awake but not wired" The past ten years I've taken everything from caffeine pills to ephedra, even a couple different ADD meds to help with studying. But MOTIVATE blows all those out of the water.

wirymike's Rating

This product gets the job done! I was in need of a pick me up due to work. I was up for 24 hours straight and had to be up 8 more because of work. I was uncontrollably falling asleep and i popped 2 motivate at noon and was able to make it through till 8. Got home and slept till 7am the next day. (this isn't something i wanted but what had to be done, as in being up so long)

zjay027's Rating

Received my free samples of Motivate from A.I., which to me is one of the best companies out there. I was a little disappointed the first time I took Motivate (started with 2 caps) because I didn't really feel that wave of energy hit me. However, I felt energized all throughout the workout, not like busting with energy and jumping off the walls like with Jack3d but I just really didn't feel tired. Also didn't feel any of a crash later. Very solid product from a good company.

MetFan's Rating

Motivate is great energy booster that gives you prolonged effect without the crash. Personally set PR's all week using the samples I got. A staple supp for me. AI is on the rise and I look forward to more future supps from this great team. Currently testing HGHPro and soon to Review Glycobol.

wagner98's Rating

I was feeling tired and sluggish before work yesterday, I took 2 capsules, and I had plenty of productive energy to help ,e push my way through the supper rush at the restaurant i cook at there was no crash and I was able to sleep just fine

1-20 of 21 Reviews