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Bicepopus's Rating

I have just been looking into this product after having an issue while trying to purchase actual Allmax Quickmass. All this 'Quickmass Loaded' is is regular Allmax Quickmass that's been repackaged with more sugar, salt, and iron. Don't believe me, do the math yourself. Everything Allmax Quickmass has, is exactly proportionate in Quickmass Loaded. The difference? 4 lbs extra sugar salt and iron. P.S. You can't even find any information on Quickmass Loaded on their website because they don't sell it. Your literally buying watered down Quickmass, with a tonne more sugar. It would be cheaper to buy a 50$ 6lb tub and add the 4lbs of sugar yourself....

kllourenco's Rating

I gained 4 pounds after finishing the 10 Lbs product. I took 4 scoops a day. However, I stopped taking it and lost the weight again after a couple of weeks. I'm switching over to ON Serious Mass because its more affordable.

eguti0131's Rating

Flavor is not great but it's ok I guess. I wanted to finish it already because of it. I have high expectations towards Allmax products but this one did not meet. I gained about 3lbs so therefor I noticed a bigger size. I can't really say if muscle or fat though. I was taking 1 serving a day, 2scoops after workout and 2scoops before bed so I tried 1 whole serving after and one before bed but it felt horrible. Never again. It's not a bad gainer but will I buy it again? No! I've tried better ones (pro complex gainer) I'll stick with that one from now on when I need to up my calorie intake.

MakeArtPictures's Rating

Definitely recommended for anyone looking to gain a few pounds of muscle. It helped me retain my body weight even when I was out of the gym for a week. And the flavor is really good. Probably the best vanilla tasting mass gainer I've ever had. I'm now on Cookies & Cream and even this one tastes great! Highly recommended.

StoneColdMC's Rating

It has a really good profile, and I like how the exact amounts of each ingredient are fully disclosed. I only tried a serving packet, but it tastes really good in milk, like cookies and cream icecream with a little less sweetness.

kkkillabzs's Rating

Without a doubt the highest quality mass gainer on the market; definitely underrated! It's not necessary to take as directed, personally I preferred 2 scoops twice a day, morning and post workout, taken as easy to stomach calories in addition to proper diet. If you just want to gain weight inexpensively, this product might not be for you as it is not cheap. If you are in need of calories to gain lean body mass and/or aid in recovery, and are concerned about product quality, QuickMass Loaded is for you

Sergey2604's Rating

Sergey2604 did not leave a written review for this product.

JohnJeg's Rating

While the chocolate was great tasting and it definitely put weight on me, the weight was mostly in my stomach area. If you're a hard gainer, you're better off overhauling your diet, getting rid of unnecessary carbs and replacing them with protein-rich meals and snacks and a whey and casein shake. In conjuction with your weight training, you'll gain good weight (muscle) rather than get pudgy. Once I stopped this gainer and got serious about nutrition, I saw great results.

oudude94's Rating

This gainer is one of the best gainers that I have ever tried. First, lets talk about the label: they are clear and specific about what is in their powder. There is no proprietary blend that has mysterious amounts and concentrations. They provide a case study (and actually took the time to specify which University performed the study so you can actually look it up) about their blend. To me, that speaks volumes. <br><br> Now, related to the performance of the mass gainer: I was able to blast through my plateau that I have been hung up on for the last month and a half. I can get a lot of calories in a single shake; and if taken twice daily, provides a pretty nice chunk of my daily energy needs. If you are a hard gainer, this is the powder that you need! I'm on my second of likely many tubs to come.

avatar173's Rating

The taste of the cookies & cream is bland and slightly chemical-y. Usually weight gainers have great flavor due to the high sugar content, but this one just lacked in flavor and texture.

ryan864's Rating

The only gainer ill ever use! I have soo many empty tubs of this product in my garage. Tastes amazing when mixed with milk. No problems with bloating compared to other gainers (i take 2 scoops with breakfast and 2 after workout). I have seen continuous gains while on this product,, so why change what works for you?!?! I love this gainer and will continue to use it!

M0Ex's Rating

The best gainer I've tried in a long time. I can't use any other gainer after going to this. The cookies and cream tastes amazing. I usually use 2 scoops as my serving (technically a half serving) 3-4 times a day. One in the morning, one or two post workout, and one before bed. I experienced great gains in weight. By using only two scoops the shake was thin and the taste was smooth. I highly recommend this to anyone that is especially worried about taste and wanting a powder that doesn't cause excess bloating or cramps. Try this out, you will not be disappointing.

achartoff's Rating

Put it in on top of the water or milk not on the bottom of the cup then it won't stick. It mixes really easily. I only take 1 scoop twice a day. Supplementing 30 grams of protein is enough the rest comes from food. Unless you weigh 200 pounds taking an entire serving (4 scoops) is entirely too much protein in one day. Your body will not use all of it and will just get rid of it

blacktafou's Rating

good flavor, gained 15 lbs using 2 scoops a day and i am near finishing my second container.

MrFcknAndrew's Rating

First off, the only thing I taste is sugar, it's a little too sweet and it sticks to the side of my blender because if this. 27g is a lot more Sugar is a lot more than the 3 g I get from ON pro complex gainer. Besides that, the protein profile is decent. Would have liked to see a bit more whey isolate compared to whey concentrate. The 1010 calories is nice because I always burning car lories at work and a lot of times I don't find a lot of time to eat good whole foods. I only use 3 scoops because 4 is silly. I blend with 1/2 cup of raw oats, a tbl spoon f extra virgin olive oil, a heaping spoon of peanutbutter, and a banana to add extra calories, complex carbs. And protein. It's hard to say if I'm keeping my weight just yet, bit I feel like I'm holding it a bit better, and once I go through the whole tub I'd probably bump the rating up. Let me know if you found this helpful. Thanks edit: iv been putting on and holding weight very quick since iv been using this, so I bumped my rating up from a 7 to a 9.

kathleen74's Rating

I do not like the carb blend. I used as a meal replacement for breakfast on dieting days. Cookies and cream flavor is no where near the flavor it claims.

SFBodybuilder's Rating

I think I've gotten a bit addicted to this stuff which I'm not so sure is a good thing, because of the high amount of sodium. I'm a hard gainer, and this product has seriously helped me keep my current weight, and gain some as well. It mixes very well in my free shaker, rarely clumps as long as your put the right amount of water, and shake the crap out of it. I never used milk because even though I used water, it ended up tasting and looking just as if it was mixed with milk. I would give this a solid 10/10, I just don't like such a high sodium amount. The taste overall was great.

benbudz's Rating

I used this stuff like 6 months ago and gained 5lbs and then I heard ON pro complex gainer was good so then I tried that but didnt gain **** so then I went back to this and gained another 5 lbs. This stuff tastes good and youll see results.

adambarrack's Rating

This is head and shoulders one of the best mass gainers I have used. The dosage and timing schedule I employed were as follows: two scoops in the morning with meal 1 and one scoop at night with meal 7. I put on 10 lbs in a little under four months with hardly any fat increase. The shakes are THICK, but they taste great as far as protein is concerned. The only issue I found was that it tended to not mix very well and some would always stick to some part of the shaker and not mix at all, so I upped the dosage a little to compensate. I will definitely be using this product again when my bulking season comes back around. 9.5/10

NukeOoVeRQc's Rating

Taste good, mixed perfecly, and best with water. Helps me reaching enough calories per day, but low amout of protein compared to some other brands:/

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