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Helps Reduce Muscle Fatigue And Promote Nitric Oxide Production*

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iamtonysy's Rating

Good luck trying to get the last 2 or 3 servings out of this bottle, the scoop is too short and mouth of the bottle is not wide enough to get down to the bottom. Had to dump the bottom into a bowl. 80grams is the largest size offered and it is just way too small, especially when their L-Arginine is offered in 100grams and 400grams sizes. 1 bottle will only get you 20 servings assuming twice daily. Would also prefer the serving scoop be 3grams instead of 2grams. Claims to be unflavored, that is definitely not true. Leaves a bad taste in whatever liquid you are using. I've had Citrulline from other brands that was truly unflavored.

While the description is misleading, it is still Citrulline Malate, not clean L-Citrulline. Therefor 4 g of it, won't do much for you. As any Malate it needs to be taken at 6-8 g, which makes it last like 10-13 workouts. This doesn't exactly make it wallet friendly. However at 8 g it does work very well.

uptraining's Rating

ALLMAX Citrilline gives me fantastic pumps and my vascularity is far more pronounced. I highly recommend!!

GorilaMAN's Rating

I get the best pumps with this product. It is a highly quality product and I felt the effect from the first hit. My body responds excellent to it. I take it ever since i tried it for the first time.

Great product. I use it for muscle pumps. Does a great job and no side affects. Using up to 18g per day in 3 servings.

crockett44's Rating

I had read about nitric oxide and blood flow by others who used the AllMax Citrulline Malate.Figured I would give it a try to see how it would benefit my workouts too.I followed the directions.After a few days the first thing I noticed was the positive it had on my Johnson which is fine with me.About halfway through my workouts I get a positive boost from the AllMax,it gives me some extra gitty up when I am getting tired toward the end of my workouts.I recommend if you use this to take the scooper out of the bottle and leave it out.The bottle is extremely small and hell to get the scooper out everytime.Good product and about to order my 3rd bottle from BB.

chadkI did not leave a written review for this product.

eguti0131's Rating

I take 2 servings of this with 1 serving of beta alanine and It's just awesome. I'm able to train 3 body parts in one day without fatiguing. I did notice that the amount of servings (40) is not factual. I finished this product very quick while still considering 2 servings of this at once but not so frequent. still didn't last.

scarface5011's Rating

Super fine powder, mixes well, no taste detected when I mix it my preworkout supplements, AllMax delivers the best quality hands down! My pumps are so much harder with this.

Not sure why this is getting a bad rap, Yes it is a pain in the butt to scoop it out of the bottle with the supplied scoop but if you are serious about adding this to a pre workout or making your own that shouldn't be a big deal. I measure everything out by weight anyway because it's more accurate. If you are having a hard time scooping it get a different scoop with a longer handle or just pour it into a zip lock bag... it's not rocket science. The quality of the product is very very good, like another review stated it's not extremely tart which is nice because when I mix it with C4 Icy Blue Razz you can barely taste it and that is adding 6 grams of Citrulline Malate (any less daily is not very effecitve) The endurance is tremendous, I am focused but literally bouncing off the walls at the gym when I do HIIT. Like I don't want to stop working out, and the pumps have been PHENOMINAL, I have tried many many pre work outs from NO Xplode, Nano vapor, 1MR, Pre Jym, Jack3d and C4 and none of them have delivered a pump remotely close to this, Citrulline Malate gets delivered to the blood stream directly where it increases water and fluid delivery to the muscles, other Citrulline products that are a more complex molecule have to be synthesized by the liver in order to be metabolized and delivered to the muscles, hence the lack of pump and the delay of energy. This stuff works in about 15 to 20 min, no jitters as it's not a stimulant, just more energy (a lot of it) and more focus and wicked pumps. I tried the first bottle and then ordered 3 more because it works so well. I would recommend it highly, it is synergistic with more pre workouts so it will make what you are already taking go further, and you can't beat the bang for the buck.

beameupscotty's Rating

This citrulline is booboo... get some primaforce, it is far superior. Also, I ordered four bottles, supposed to be forty servings (scoops) in each bottle. Three bottles in and have not come across a bottle with more than twenty-five scoops. Will not be recommending or buying again.

Sorry everyone, but I have nothing good to say about this product or the company, Allmax. This did nothing for me what so ever. Along with half hearted instructions and a 'diculous spoon, their serving size is incorrect. Way short of 40 servings. Never responded to my emails. Oh yeah, they don't list a phone number. You decide.

mrhemi03 did not leave a written review for this product.

The only problem i have with this is, it's kind of a pain to scoop the product out of the bottle because its small. I've almost spilled it on numerous occassions trying to shake the contents closer to the opening.

This is an awesome product if you're looking to make your own pre-workout. I got an excellent pump.

ocsimen did not leave a written review for this product.

B1LL1ST1C's Rating

Best quality Citrulline Malate I've had to date. Not overwhelmingly tart like others, mixes easily, and the endurance boost is simply fantastic. Pumps are also out of this world! Allmax is known for it's quality and this product here is no different. If you've previously used or are looking to try Citrulline Malate (which you should) than give this a shot, you will not be disappointed!

1-17 of 17 Reviews