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KHL4life's Rating

The Only reason I am giving this product 4 is that 1. It is whey protein. 2. It has great proteins in it. 3. Good price (at Walmart) What I did not like...... 1. Tasted like *** 2. Mixed ****y 3. Vanilla flavour is not Vanilla (at least doesn't taste like) 4. Has creatine in it..something I didn't want. 5. SMELLS NASTY :( My opinion... Go to a supplement store buy something that isn't crap.. or if your a young guy like me (16) go to Costco buy the muscle pharm cookies and cream 5lbs is 46.99 at the closest one to me. (visiting family not from here)

jesseengen's Rating

I really did not like the taste, it was over sweet.

kunal21g's Rating

One of the good and economical whey protein available in the market. Protein percentage is around 77-78% an that is quite good. Suggest to take it if you are tight on a budget it is value for money.

Meloblues's Rating

Great product ! cheap and it taste good as well.

nozgorod's Rating

A great quality whey I really like it, great flavour too. Mix very well with a shaker in water, well enough in skim milk, but I had to use the mixer the few time I felt like mixing it in 3.25% milk (kinda feel like a drinking dessert).

xxdanny8xx's Rating

pretty decent protein... only used it for 2 years.. but didn't like the added crap. I STILL use & like the Kaizen's All Natural Whey (hence the Non- GMO's).. just plain, simple protein. nothing added. still would recommend.

PhilippeLavoie's Rating

Mixing: super Good! 5 sec shake and ready to go! Foaming: nope! Chunks: very very few Taste: Mmmmmm!! not on the sweet side! I like it creamy! Quality ingredient: very high for a regular Whey (concentrate, iso and hydro) great mix! Even with my waxy maize (unflavored, very thick) and Creapure (very granular), the taste is very good! so far one of my best protein choice! On the taste it is better isoflex because its more creamy so more enjoyable! Its a 9 1/2 because of the very little chunks some time but that doesn't bother me at all! its just for the info! For some people its a big hands down but like I say its very minimal! For the price its the best quality you can get! Phil

viksfan's Rating

One of the purest proteins on the market and at a reasonable price. I have had better tasting brands but the fillers are what make the others taste better. This product mixes very well and I would recommend the vanilla, I have tried them all.

elitetanker88's Rating

This is a great product. Buying from allmax, I know that what I'm buying and consuming regularly is as advertised. I'm just really impressed with the quality of this product. Especially since you can actually see the L-Leucine within the chocolate powder, which is a great sign you're getting a good dose of BCAA's. Also to my surprise, they put in creatine monohydrate, which is a really nice addition. The taste, its really good to me because its not really rich, more like a chocolate milk flavor. Its 81% pure protein and for the price, ill for sure be buying some more.

AlexHostile's Rating

This is a good protein, good protein ratio, good taste and its cheap. I recomended in chocolate flavor, taste better than ON's chocolate gold whey.

charlievanriper's Rating

My favorite

vbguru's Rating

Great taste and helps with the recovery. AMAZING PRICE!!

andyray's Rating

This is the worst protein I've ever taken. Taste absolutely disgusting and gave me the worst stomach pain, it felt like I was being stabbed in the stomach and made me sick. It's cheap for good reason, it sucks. I threw it away it was so bad, money wasted. STAY AWAY FROM THIS PRODUCT AT ALL COSTS.

crazymanda's Rating

Tastes great and no sugar. All the nutrients you need. Small chocolate chips in it. Great blended with bananas and peanut butter milk and ice mm.

KRUNT101's Rating

I have been a big fan of Allwhey for some time now. Mostly enjoying their strawberry, but i just finished my 5lber and picked up some vanilla, well to say the least it was **** good!! 10/10

sman165's Rating

The product does not taste that amazing but it is a really good blend of proteins and aminos. I would buy this product again..

Panc's Rating

I bought a jar of protein AllWhey brand ALLMAX Nutrition, this protein is very good, very tasty, I feel like taking it different from what happened with the other proteins I ever made. Really note 10.

OllieR's Rating

A Great Protein powder. I can't usually notice a difference between proteins but did with this one, it was great. Great tasting vanilla and easy to digest with its added enzymes. A very underrated brand and protein powder

suavo23's Rating

I really recommend this whey to everybody it has a great amount protein and bcaas for great recovery as well.. Chocolate is ok looking toward to trying new flavors

1-20 of 81 Reviews