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mrodz's Rating

Tastes great. Gives you a buttload of Leucine per serving-do the math. Great value. The carbs are perfect for someone like me who works out first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Formula is due for an update.

nwtrnr's Rating

I am taking the lemon flavored CF (carb free) now, this stuff is excellent. It has helped me keep my lean muscle mass and I have gained mass and my workouts are better with much less fatigue after use. I suggest using a shaker with this as it does not mix well with just a spoon but it mixes very well with a shaker or blender.

kalenclayton's Rating

I actually had the Blue Raspberrry flavored Body Mortar, but that isn't an option, so here it is. The stuff tasted pretty good. Mixing was ok. It took a bit of vigorous shaking, but in the end it worked great. I provided me with the extra carbs I needed to get through some tough workouts! I recommend Body Mortar.

TOMaHULK's Rating

I took the Blue Raspberry, but since that's not an option, I'll write a review for it under this flavor. Mixed well, taste good (minue the after taste like most BCAA intras have). Would take again.

mgerbi's Rating

I use this product everyday for about 3 months now and I have seen some nice growth. I use the carb version, but plan on using the carb free one later when I buy my next one. The carb free one tastes weird, but if you are looking to only gain the regular one is the one to get. Drink one during your workout or towards the end and then drink another one when you get home. This is not an energy drink.

estevens507's Rating

pretty good stuff, kinda funny tasting though...oh well

SML693's Rating

Got a sample of this but it really didn't do anything. No endurance boost, no extra reps, still wore down as easily. Followed the directions to a tee too. I would give this a 1 but the taste was good and I'll give it the benefit of the doubt because these "intra only" products don't seem to do much for me.

31233's Rating

A great during workout drink mix. Yeah, it has carbs in it, but research shows that when you're working hard enough you CAN use those carbs to your advantage. It's got amino's in it to. Try it if you've started an intense lifting routine and need something to get you thorough it. It's not a pre workout.

cmono's Rating

I liked this a lot. There were some black specs in the tub I bought at the arnold, but it is exactly what I needed. Tasted great and has a good BCAA profile.

westphal's Rating

I got a free sample of this. I took it about 30 minutes before working out and it actually made me tired. After each set I felt exhausted which never happens to me. Also I did not like the taste at all, I won't be getting this again.

YoDjEnt's Rating

Very very sweet tasting. Tried a sample pack. tastes like when you put an extra cup of sugar in Kool-Aid. mixes good though.

beerock1987's Rating

taste is awful and cant say that it helped much with recovery would not get again

rochabp's Rating

WOW the taste is amazing this is the best tasting SUPP I HAVE EVER TRIED. its awesome its so delicious. omg its just awesome taste but to many carbs to be taken befroe a workout but great after a workout IMO.

wirymike's Rating

Taste = amazing function = exactly what i need 15g of sugar is fine with me, fits into my diet just fine and prefer real sugar than crappy artificial sweeteners.

Vitamin_G's Rating

The idea of this product is good. I like the 4:1:1 ratio on the BCAAs. However, I did not notice how much sugar is in here when I bought it. Much more than I am comfortable with. Taste is pretty good, but with 15 grams of sugar it should taste awesome.

1-15 of 15 Reviews