6 Pack Fitness Expedition Backpack 6 Pack Bag Reviews

Offers Comprehensive Meal Management Capabilities While Storing Gear For The Gym And Technology For The Office!

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I've had this bag for approximately a year now, and it has been my primary bookbag for school. I have also travelled a fair amount and used this bag when I do. Quality- 10 Like I said, I've had this bag for about a year now and its held up through the dozens of flights, being dragged around school and thrown in the trunk of my car over and over again. There has been no serious damage, except for a slight rip (maybe 1mm) on one of the straps. However, the rip has been there for months and the bag is fine. Practicality- 8 For travelling with your food for the day, this bag is perfect. 3/4 containers easily fit if you remove the accordion holder. However, the bag was designed for 6 Pack tupperware, so your regular Glad tupperware don't fit as well. The bag also holds a laptop (15" Macbook Pro) and a couple notebooks no problem. However, if you need to carry 2-3 textbooks with food, and a laptop, you'll have to really squeeze everything in there. Aesthetics- 8 The bag looks great, however, it is fairly large. You'll no doubt also get comments on the fact that your backpack has a six-pack on the front Price- 6 Solid quality bag that I love, but SERIOUSLY over-priced. A regular large backpack with a $15 cooler tucked inside would also suffice. Overall- 8 I love this bag and use it daily. The cooler keeps the food cold all day and is incredibly convenient. However, it is way overpriced. This was bought as a gift for me, otherwise I never would have splurged on this bag. Other comments. -DO NOT use the 6Pack ice-packs. They will break and go all over your food.... Not fun. -If they go on sale, or you have a big discount code I would definitely recommend this bag. Although somedays I wish it was a tad larger, it gets the job done.

So excited to have received this today, I've been wanting it for a while now!

People may gawk at the size of this backpack. You may get stuck in a revolving door because it's the day after leg day. It doesn't matter. All that matters is you've invested in yourself and you're on your way to having the elusive six pack.

1-3 of 3 Reviews