6 Pack Fitness Innovator Mini 6 Pack Bag Reviews

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I don't know how I would make it through prep without this. It's light, portable, and keeps things refrigerated for those times you need to travel and have your meals with you. I would definitely recommend this, or any of the 6 Pack products to anyone wanting a portable food storage system.

alanier08's Rating

This bag is perfect for traveling. Fits all my meals and keeps them cold until I find a microwave lol!

My husband uses the bigger one that fits 6 meals. I recently got this one as it's much more practical for daily use. I use it everyday to take my meals to work. Very solid build.

ChassidyNichole's Rating

I had the original bag and it was too bulky for me to carry around, but this mini is perfect. It still holds everything I need without the large bag.

1-4 of 4 Reviews