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48g Dose of Protein & a Blend of BCAAs, Creatine, and L-Glutamine

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Ghadyawwad's Rating

Well i have used many products on bodybuilding.com since more than 5 years and i consider this type of whey is good taste is fine

Jdmgen8's Rating

I just received my 5lb container of 4DN Whey protein, I've been taking it for a couple of days now and I have to say I don't know why so many people are complaining about the flavor I don't find it to be that bad I've definitely had much worse. It mixes well, doesn't clump up or have that gritty texture like alot of other protein powders. My stomach is pretty sensitive and I've had no issues at all with this stuff. My only complaint or concern rather is that 4DN claims there is creatine in this protein but nowhere on the container does it even mention creatine at all (someone correct me if I'm wrong). This is why I've given it 9 instead of 10 stars. Since I've only been taking it 3 days I'm basing my review on price, taste, and the fact that it has a great blend of different proteins plus BCAA's and glutamine which are clearly labeled on the container unlike the creatine that is supposedly mixed in (which I am still skeptical of). I workout in the morning so I am currently taking 1 scoop post workout and 1 scoop right before bed. I hope this was helpful, and of course Bodybuilding.com was great as always.

dmock96's Rating

This stuff is great. Inexpensive, good quality, and tasted decent. I wish they still sold the 10 lb. bag!!!

adamfestraets's Rating

adamfestraets did not leave a written review for this product.

VinnyTatum's Rating

sorry for my bad english : this protein is so amazing , really nice price , the taste so awesome i was afraid in first but when i've tried it's so dope !!

matteo7814's Rating

matteo7814 did not leave a written review for this product.

akashvaz's Rating

akashvaz did not leave a written review for this product.

bradleyfest's Rating

bradleyfest did not leave a written review for this product.

Sephiroth83's Rating

Sephiroth83 did not leave a written review for this product.

HIJIKATA83's Rating

I buy it for my husband He mix it with fruits and making milkshake He enjoy having it and now he buy it again and he said he will continue on it It's work great for his body 💪🏻 Also he said the price is chap for this great product He like all the flavor ( if you mix it good with some fruits it will be super delicious)

nassarelio's Rating

I took Whey gold standard,combat protein, nitro tech and this time whey phase. Its a huge downfall regarding the taste and mix-ability. It says to add 4-6 oz of water. I add 10 oz and still rocks of powder would stay in the bottom and it is soooooo thick which makes it disgusting. And for its ingredients, its all milk concentrate, the cheapest thing you could have in a whey protein. I was out of funds so I bought this one but never again. Chocolate flavor no way near the combat.

alielkashef35's Rating

alielkashef35 did not leave a written review for this product.

TimeToMakeGains's Rating

Really good protein for the price the profile/ingredients are great cause it has added creatine and bcaa onto it making it great for post workout. The mixability is perfect no clumps or leftovers in a shaker with just water. The consistency is nice and thick if when mixing it with milk. The chocolate flavor is really good! very similar to nesquick. it give it a 9/10 definitely getting some more.

Bruins10's Rating

used the vanilla flavour because I love vanilla. I feel as if chocolate is a hit or miss in protein powder so i go with vanilla because it is a lot harder to mess up. 4DN got it right. Very flavourful, not artificial aftertaste and creamy. used water to mix and it still tasted very silky. one of my go-to proteins for sure!!

bluedog1337's Rating

so cheap for how effective it is at only 55 cents a serving

abidrex's Rating

i bought a 10lbs packet today. prior to that i read every single review of that product on this site. people said they were having mixing, taste and various issues regarding that product. and i found that vanilla and strawberry flavours are disgusting to most of them then i determined to buy the chocolate flavour, because it has the positive rating according to the users. thus i went to a store and asked for it but unfortunately only vanilla one was available. and i was having financial issues so i bought the vanilla one. minutes ago i just prepared my first shake with it and i didn`t face any of the mentioned issues i read. the mixture was smooth and tasty like vanilla milkshake. i used skim milk and yoghurt with it. that was fantastic and enjoyed it very much. note that previously i used ON`s Gold Standard 100% whey isolate (double rich chocolate and delicious strawberry). comparing to those that protein powder is really good and fit for your low budget. besides the ingredients are pretty awesome. i recommend you should try that product. happy lifting mates.

PHall4251's Rating

This product is lesser expensive then some of the higher end. But works just as well and taste better.

IDefineMyself's Rating

So I bought the 5lbs because its cheapest on the market at the moment. I ordered chocolate and the taste is pretty **** good I would give it a 9 as it is pretty close to Combat powder's quality of taste. No lumps or anything and mixes very well in my shaker cup with water or milk(I use skim milk) I will order another tub of this stuff.

tlema1's Rating

tlema1 did not leave a written review for this product.

omar20111's Rating

I did buy the big 4.5 kg and i did cry after i taste the first scoop it mix so hard and don't even mix completely i needed to shake for like 10 min to drink it i just bought it because it was cheap but i won't do that again worst protein i have ever take in my life

1-20 of 69 Reviews