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sjc2's Rating

Strong and sturdy mixer, and dishwasher safe! Does not suffer from leaks even after many washes!

cliffffy's Rating

Cool bottle guys

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ShaqR28's Rating

This is a great looking bottle that is more sturdy than the original blender bottles. It blends my shakes as the whisk is amazing as well. My order came in a couple of days, definitely a good buy.

andouglas821's Rating

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Honor26's Rating

The 360 cut blender bottle is great for on the go protein drinkers or just so you don't have to get the blender out. It mixes shakes just like a regular blender would. I've used pretty much every type of supplement in this bottle and it never seems to fail me. I'm so glad that I discovered this bottle!

caralinemaher's Rating

I've had a few shakers in my day and I LOVE this one by 360cut! It's sleek and fits my hand and my cup holder in my car perfectly. Definitely recommend it.

lokiofasgard's Rating

I never thought that I'd be able to write a review about a shaker bottle, but I have to say that this is my favorite shaker bottle. Some shaker bottles I've owned have broken, or the lid closes on my face after some time. This shaker bottle has been through some accidental abuse and hasn't broken (thankfully). The lid is air tight and it never closes on my face when downing my BCAA after a hard set.

KShatila's Rating

good shaker.

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1-11 of 11 Reviews