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sastocky's Rating

I gave this product a shot and I can't say that I have ever found a Test Booster that I am 100% excited about. I feel like recovery is better after taking the Grit Booster. Give it a try...

dvsRaveR's Rating

good product. definetly will buy again

Cingel08's Rating

Top grade test booster, I've used this product for awhile now and see serious improvement while on it. The pill is not hard to swallow and also doesn't have a horrible taste.

necrologic's Rating

One of the better test boosters I've had! I actually did noice a change in my strength after a full bottle. It's very well priced too! Not overly expensive like some can be and usually has a sale going on. It's only 2 pills at a time which I find easy to take. They do smell and taste a little funny. But this isn't kool-aid bros. The only side effect I noticed was it made my sweet smell worse. Almost like the pill itself. Now this is actually a good thing. After doing research I found out that if you sweet more and it stinks it actually is an indicator of high test. I did not have this before the product. That might tell you something. Seems to work well

balfour13's Rating

I'm almost through a full bottle (3wks in). No changes at all. No extra energy or drive. Feel as if I wasted my money

Bonez46's Rating

First time taking a test booster, but I tell you what, extreme focus in the gym, even set a personal best in the squat. Was able to feel the power from the first dose

Bigmikef4120's Rating

I must say I am skeptical about testosterone boosters but I'm gold I tried these. Within the last week of taking them I could definitely feel a difference in energy, sex drive, strength. I must say it has worked very well for me and I recommend anyone try this looking for a testosterone booster.

finckjm1965's Rating

My strength and endurance has increased during the time I have been utilizing True GRIT. In fact, I am impressed enough with this product that I have reordered already. Having taken test boosters in the past, I have yet to have as favorable a result as I have with True GRIT.

Slifergod's Rating

These pills stink! No joke, but my weights have increased by 100 pounds on the core three lifts in a month. I would recommend this product to anyone who wants to break through a lifting plateau.

timbo23man's Rating

This is a powerful testosterone booster that does what it says it will do. Namely, I have noticed since beginning to take the supplement into my workouts, I have gained extra energy, stamina, and the extra push to finish my set. I have also noticed added strength in each of my maxes. This is a great product that I am so far happy with the results.

MattyRayne's Rating

Finally a test booster I can notice a difference with. Amazing all around effects! I just feel better all around ;)

gferguson37's Rating

I haven't tried a Test booster in a long time and was a bit skeptical of how this would turn out. True Grit definitely has given me some added benefits on my daily training program with muscle fullness, a longer intensity, and larger volume workload. I'm glad I added this to my daily supplement regimen and with just two pills a day it is not a hassle to fit them in my pill container with the other vitamins/nutrients. I'll stick with this test booster and cycle it when necessary.

AtlasEndures's Rating

Seems to me that recovery is happening a bit faster since I started taking this. Other than that though, my maxes have not increased, but they definitely feel a lot better. Not saying they got easier haha, but just that my body feels more able to deal with the heavy weights and I am better able to focus in on the muscles that are contracting.

DazedCone100z's Rating

This was the first test booster that I've ever tried. I've been taking this supplement for almost a month. I have noticed a increase in my lifts. The feeling of this test booster was similar to that of pre workouts I've taken. My energy felt in high supply. I didn't get a upset stomach or a bad aftertaste from this supplement.

bijalord's Rating

Overall mood and feeling of well-being has improved while using this product. Not sure I am noticing any "huge gains" as others have commented, nor did I really expect that out of a test booster. Pills do have a pleasant taste.

jaydare1's Rating

I could tell a difference after a week of use. Gave me a great boost of T and saw improvements in strength throughout sets

gfranczek's Rating

I've noticed wonderful changes! Not saying you guys will but this product worked great for me! My bench went up a little but my previous max I can get for 4 now! Amazing will buy more

Cervantez101's Rating

I've noticed and my fiance has notice a change in moods (good change). I've noticed alot of strength and power increase in my legs on leg days (two times a week) I've always suffered from bad DOMs after a few weeks of taking True GRIT. I noticed the amount of soreness I was experiencing has been cut down dramatically. I would definitely recommend this to a friend and have. 10/10

ginter's Rating

I am 52 years old and I expected a little more out of this product. I did notice some more strength. I might need to take a little longer.

jparks1987's Rating

Recovery was easier when using this product and at this time I have no negative comments to leave. The product once again is on par or better than the rest out there.

1-20 of 396 Reviews