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Designed To Burn Fat While Simultaneously Providing All-Natural, Clean Energy*

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jfordwilson's Rating

I have tried several fat burners and none of them have worked quite like Quadra Lean. Take it in the morning and it will work on burning fat and give you energy to get through the day. I would recommend to anyone that wants a stimulant fat burner that will keep you energized and focused!

JanBrown81's Rating

Finally had the chance to stack this with the stim free QuadraLean and it works wonders. Love that i can resort to the Thermogenic in the day to get that crazy boost of energy anf focus.

pipegamestrong's Rating

I was very much impressed by the way my body reacted to Quadralean thermo. I lost 5% body fat and I'm not a big guy. It's a must try if you're trying to lose fat and feel great energy at the same time. I felt no crash and focus was real.

theresa23's Rating

The focus is unreal! I love love QuadraLean thermogenic! I don;t get crazy jitters yet I feel tons of energy. If you need to tone it down just eat a meal and it works. I recommended it to my friend and she will be buying some ASAP.

bowdowd's Rating

I feel amazing in the mornings. Great before work and I take another 3 caps about 6 hours later. It's a great steady pick me up thru the day and lasts long enough to get me through workouts without pre workout.

themailman818's Rating

Since working out over the last couple years I've decided to try this thermo after gaining tolerance from pre workouts. I have to say I have seen some decent results taking this. After a couple weeks I went from one serving a day to 2 for better results.

Kreative83's Rating

I've been using this product for about 3 months, it has become instinct for me to take them now. At first I didn't want to take 3 pills. I stopped drinking coffee after taking these. (A goal I was trying to reach) it has enough caffeine in the serving for me to get rid of coffee. I don't feel any jitters after taking this product. I always feel alert and focused throughout the day especially when I get all 3 pills in. I do see more vascularity in places I didn't see before. I've also been putting in harder work in the gym and really dialing down on my nutrition. I've been faithfully taking these pills also so I think it's helping for me. I know I feel good when taking them and ready for my day. I would highly recommend this product!

soulsergeant's Rating

I am 50 years old, And I eat less than when I was 30 And train just as hard and just as long. I am Not As Lean as I was at 30 So quadralean on an empty stomach with fasted cardio is my secret weapon to unlock my hidden abs! The new

jmattt's Rating

RSP Nutriton has it out of the park with this. Not 30 min after taking this you can feel the thermogenic start to kick in and it does its thing. Any kind of cravings for snacky kind of foods is gone. This is a legit fat burner.

jcordero1015's Rating

I've tested many different weight management products in my time in fitness. QuadraLean thermogenic is the perfect blend of supplements that will help you with your weight loss goals. The caffeine is not excessive and there are no jitters at the end which is huge for me as I hate to take supplements that give me a horrible jittery feeling at the end. I highly recommend this product if your looking for a weight management supplement that will help you reach your goals.

jgrommersch's Rating

Really good at helping curb your appetite. I have had a lot of success with thermogenics and this one is definitely up at the top. It goes well with other RSP items in a stack

Msjazzi23's Rating

Great product. It Gave me that extra boost in the gym, curved my appetite and I didn't get any jitters with this product. Also, be prepared to see some weight loss.

kisensharp's Rating

This is the best fat burner I've ever tried! No harsh aftertaste, and no jitters. I definitely recommend it to anyone in the market for an amazing product to try!

mini1nm's Rating

I enjoyed this product. Not overly crazy and works well. I take it during the day and it isn't hard on the stomach. I would definately buy again. I love RSP!!

Brigner1979's Rating

When I first started using this it worked very well, however my body adapted VERY quickly and within a week it no longer had any effect at all. Thats not to say that everyone will have the same reaction. Based on the first week I had on this product I would definitely recommend trying this out.

chrismichels's Rating

Holy crap - this stuff makes you feel AMAZING! From the first dose, a general sense of well-being and stable energy. Very appetite suppressive without jitteriness. Definitely a potent product.

tvit182's Rating

So when running this product I felt that my cardio sessions would have me covered in more sweat even when intensity was remaining consistent. I prefer thermogenics with caffeine which there is 200 mg per serving which is plenty to help me hit the stairmaster! My length of use was only a couple weeks at most which I did feel great. I didn't use it long enough to see its full effect. Would try again for a longer duration.

rvcastillo's Rating

been using this product for about 1 year now! awesome results went from 186lbs now at 158lbs with proper diet and exercise no jitters great energy!!

jm0rales's Rating

Bye bye hunger! This is a great appetite suppressant and gives great energy with no jitters

jesseotero93's Rating

Another great product from Rsp! Love the energy I get from this product, and no side effects like other fat burners I have tried.

1-20 of 289 Reviews