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Designed To Burn Fat While Simultaneously Providing All-Natural, Clean Energy*

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KennyT77's Rating

After my first week I was hooked. I can feel it working as I am not as hungry. I feel great energy and I can't go to work without it.

boriblake's Rating

Can really feel the thermo working as soon as hits. Sweating more than usual and that proves that it works better than ever!

Drewfitster33's Rating

This feels amazing and the focus is unreal. Crazy how much more productive I am and I can feel the thermo working minutes after taking it. Love the results so far!

lucasm1111's Rating

This is a top notch product for assisting in weight loss. The product offers thermogenic properties with Cayenne Pepper. I really enjoy the Alpha-GPC for the mental focus it provides. While in a deficit it's often difficult to get focused early in am or while at work. The enchanced cognitive function Alpha-GPC is awesome. Love your product

mdennis06103's Rating

A really awesome product for assisting in weight loss. The product offers a full weight loss profile the Carnitine to CLA. Additionally it offers thermogenic properties with Cayenne Peppr. I most enjoy the Alpha-GPC for the mental focus it provides. While in a deficit it's often difficult to get focused early in the morning or mid- afternoon. The enchanced cognitive function Alpha-GPC is awesome.

konagold1's Rating

This is THE thermo I take now. The go to on my days off and eating healthy, Lets start with Citrus Aurantium and the Natural Caffeine (from Green Tea). Together I completely focused and not stimmed out Helps me focus on tasked and getting them done on the off days Im not in the gym. Well the additions to the energy blend that bring it to the next level is the Choline Bitartrate and Alpha GPC. Gotta love those two ingredients. Now we have the two opposite thermos that work great together. Yohimbe Extract and Cayenne Pepper Fruit Extract (Capsimax) jump starting the thermo process for the non stim fat burners Conjugated Linoleic Acid and L-Carnitine. We all know what those two do. Work wonders on fat loss while eating right and killing it at the gym. You know you dont want to waste your time with inferior products and you definitely want something that is altered to help with your weight goals. Thats QUADRALEAN!! On my workout days to not completely stim my brain Ill use the QUADRALEAN STIM FREE. I love this product and I dont use anything else. I would definitely, no doubt recommend QUADRALEAN to my friends or anyone that wants to be lead in the right direction when it come to what thermo to use. Thanks RSP you have another great product.

TreadStone701's Rating

Have been in the gym for awhile but this past 4 months have really been serious about it. Tried many sups but so far RSP quadra lean has really helped me step my gym game up, helping keep my body moving the right way and balancing out my core goal. Will continue to cycle this product and very happy with it

kduggan12's Rating

I've been taking these in the morning before my workouts and they give me that extra push to get through my workout. Great fat burner!


Wanna' lose fat? Get this product. This product is definitely worth it! Energy levels soar as well, do not take in the evening or you won't get any sleep!

AudreyGilli399i's Rating

Thermogenic Quadra Lean is absolutely amazing! I admit I am highly tolerant to stimulants so this in the morning is perfect to give that extra kick in the butt and zone me in whether at work or morning gym session. I wouldn't go full dose on a pre workout with this stuff but if you need too maybe just take half a scoop.

Pedrosquin18's Rating

Who doesn't like burning fat and getting leaner?.. if that's what you want GET THIS PRODUCT!! I love it.. i like to take it before my workouts because it gaves me the energy that i need to kill the gym because of the caffeine at the same time I'm burning fat! Try it.. thank me later.

mchristian919's Rating

I love to use this to help me break my plateaus, especially when in preparation for my body building competition. Highly Recommend!!!

MrsFitFoster's Rating

This is the BEST fat burner I have ever. I used to be hooked on BSN products, but in January this year I tried a stacked from RSP! I'm a fan!

RobbHulkSmash's Rating

I like to cycle these in when I'm really trying to lose fat. I take them in the morning about 30 to 45 minutes before my first meal. They provide you with the energy you need because of the balance of caffeine in them (I don't drink coffee.) If I'm taking them in the morning then I usually take the regular Quadralean before my last meal. The balance between them keeps your body burning fat for most of the day.

scrat2008's Rating

I love to take this one in the morning for energy since I don't drink coffee. It gets me ready for my work day and once I am at work I am GETTING so MUCH done!!!! I also take it before I workout and I gets ne through my workout and I sweat out all my water weight!!! I highly recommend it especially while on a low calorie diet. It will give you that push to get through your workouts and day!

4monique's Rating

Effective Product that works WELL> Absolutely recommend to anyone.

jimmyfuego's Rating

I love this stuff! I feel so right and on point!

TraceyMorgani95's Rating

I certainly got the energy I need every morning and day. I could really feel it working throughout my body. I was also very focused at work and didn't need coffee. I started at a full serving but some might start with 2 pills and work your way up.

alexmcnab89's Rating

RSP has done it again. A must add to your stack if you're trying to lose those last few pounds for the summer. I'm almost down to my goal weight and i've been taking it for a month and getting that much closer with healthy eating and the QuadraLean as an extra bonus to help me out.

ryanrulz2all's Rating

The QuadraLean Thermogenic formula it hits your body right away if you follow the directions. It gives you that energy and also that extra kick to shed the pounds away. It won't make you jittery and jumpy like other burners I have used in the past. Give it a shot you won't regret it.

1-20 of 342 Reviews