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zcoffey07's Rating

Amazing for an every day multivitamin!!!

Sbuxstephane's Rating

This may be the best multi vitamin out there! It has so much more than your normal store bought vitamin, your daily does of a ton of veggies and fruits that you wouldn't get otherwise. The pills are super smooth and easy to swallow. No bad side effects at all! My husband and I looove these!!

dahmejordon's Rating

I really do like all the ingredients in this vitamin. Taking 3 a day is pretty standard, these vitamins are rather large making it difficult to swallow, but none the less these vitamins supplement my diet perfectly.

ItsWillz's Rating

Got this on a bogo deal and i am pleased. Pills are a big but other than that you cant beat it.

confer123's Rating

This muti- vitamin is good. i have taken many brands and i can say these are easily in my top 5 of all time.

yynotnnh's Rating

I didn't find it did anything different than any other product out there. BTW count your pills because mine did not have the amount it had in container.

grizzlyca1976's Rating

I swapped from Muscletech to this brand and so far I'm very pleased. The only negative is the size of the pills. Turmeric being one of the ingredients is a major plus. So far my appetite is way down and energy level is up. Great product.

sanelkeepmoving's Rating

I was looking for a vitamin where I could tell a difference. I tested out others but wasn't seeing or noticing a difference. I tried biovites and I saw a change in my nails and energy. I like that they include ingredients in the blends that benefit women. The dosage may be small for those but its still a plus for me.



josienewton's Rating

This is a great multivitamin for both men and women! There's no after taste. The pills are pretty big so if you need to start with a small dose that's ok and just increase to the recommended amount when you can.

Tanya29's Rating

Athlete-specific multivitamins are a sorely empty niche that I'm glad to see filled by a few brands including this one. It's so much simpler to be able to take ONE thing I know takes care of me instead of 7 different additional pills with my multi because a regular multi doesn't take people who actually, you know, use their bodies into consideration!

jmattt's Rating

This a great vitamin to take with everything you need in a vitamin. I love the addition of red and green veggies in it also. Need to look for 2 or 3 bottles of something else to equal this.

WillPres's Rating

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WillLongo1's Rating

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Brandino1's Rating

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Biovite strengthens my amune system and keeps me healthy so I can continue to push hard everyday!

hectorcurly69's Rating

Amazing prices as expected from RSP. Pills may be slight large but I don't mind at all. The most important thing is value and quality. Can't beat it with the multivitamins. Will definitely keep taking these.

Redcloud5628's Rating

By far one of the best Multi's on the market. Good supp. profile.

spn65's Rating

Good and affordable multivitamin. Pills aren't too large and are easy to swallow. Noticed no difference in my body between taking these and more expensive vitamin paks.

MDMuscle2016's Rating

My "Go To" Multi. Excellent nutritional profile, easy to take, affordable, and made in the USA! Not to mention almost always is running a sale, which makes it an even better buy.

1-20 of 74 Reviews