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ShaunS47's Rating

Increased energy, no jitters, no stomach pains, just simple, easy and productive weight loss.

jljohns53's Rating

A definite boost in energy with this product so im very happy. No jitters which is a big thumbs up.

It gave great energy boost with no jitters. Take it before your workouts. Watch out you will have a awesome workout. I was pretty happy with the results.

Taz56058's Rating

I take this product after my workouts as to keep all the stimulants in my pre-work out and these pills spread out. I enjoy the energy boost that I receive from these an they seem to keep my appetite in check.

LaurenRye's Rating

This really helped me power through my workouts and lose a couple pounds. Time to get the hubby to try it out as well as we prep for our trip

Felt a little boost in energy. Good for appetite control. Feel a little leaner as well.

brianknisley's Rating

I don't normally take products like this, but I decided to give it a try. I workout 6 days a week and it has given me that extra energy boost I need to get through my workouts. I have also noticed a decrease in the hard to lose lower stomach fat i have. I do recommend drinking plenty of water while taking this product. And remember that you have to exercise, because it wont help if you sit around all day.

Whitneyx11's Rating

This has to be one of my favorite hydroxcut product. It's not a magic pill though, you have to workout and get healthy. I recommend following the instructions on the bottle though for the best results. Also drink plenty of work though the day to keep you hydrated and regular. Definitely a product for anyone trying to lose weight or need that extra boost of energy and metabolism boost.

An excellent all around fat burning product with natural ingredients. The caffeine was a bit much when combined with a pre-workout containing caffeine. other than that, this has given me great focus in the gym and has helped be drop body fat. don't forget though, this only works if you exercise. Please don't think you can just take a pill and sit at a work desk all day losing weight.

JJohnson912's Rating

Whoa! What a product. If you're looking to drop some weight and maintain focus while lowering carbs,this is the way to go. No joke this fat burner does exactly what the label says. Don't listen to the naysayers just follow directions and you'll be fine.

trap832001's Rating

The best first fat burners I've ever used. I use this to help get rid of the lower back fat that I couldn't get to drop. Not only did it help with the fat but the caffeine also gave me a nice boost. Great product.

Jennazz02's Rating

This stuff is awesome. One of my favorite hydroxy products. I've only been able to use one pill two times per day. It gives me the energy in the morning to get through my day and then I take another one mid-day and it gets my through my workout and into the evening, no severe perspiration or rapid heart beats. Love it!

great product to torch the fat off!

hughesbrandon14's Rating

Very good supplement. I take one in the morning with breakfast and it works much better than a cup of coffee. It gives me a great boost of energy for much of the day. On days I work out I take one with my pre workout too and it helps me power through after a long day. Since i started taking it three weeks I have lost a couple of pounds too but that wasn't my goal. So I'm sure if it was coupled with a diet it would work wonders.

Last Nov I lost about 8lbs using Hydroxycut SX-7. Figured this time around I may as well try out the "hardcore next gen". Oh man, this stuff means business. Will report back in 4weeks with my results - very excited

GussBarret's Rating

I don't think I've ever sweat that much in my life! Be prepared to soak your tshirt !

AdrianMacs's Rating

January 2016 I used a different version of Hydroxycut and it helped me lose 15+lbs. Now that I'm done my bulk, I've moved on to this version. I've only been using it for 2 weeks but it gives me amazing energy to destroy my workouts even though I'm eating less calories!

Intense at first, but you get used to it. Definitely get pumped and will lose weight, but you need to eat a proper diet.

Awesome fat burner. With a clean diet and the right training, this is an awesome addition to help push further. I feel that it had just the right amount of caffeine for me to help me keep focus. I followed the instructions and had no complaints.

busybehr's Rating

Superior for controlling your appetite and giving you extra energy to push through workouts. I have had no side effects, only great results!

1-20 of 467 Reviews