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Tested this product against 212 Fat Incinerator to compare. Hydroycut gave me energy without the jitters and didn't feel hungry throughout the day. I was also able to stack a preworkout ( posted in another review) when hitting the gym. After I cycled off I tried the 212 to compare results. The 212 works good also but for me I have to watch my caffeine intake ( and I love my coffee) or the jitters will start. It is also hard to take a preworkout with the 212 which sometimes you need for that extra boost in the gym. Overall I really like the hyrodycut because you get the energy and the weight loss without the jitters. I give it a 9 on a scale of 1-10 ....the 212 right behind it with an 8

Not a huge fan of hydroxcut Next Gen, gave me crazy jitters.

MattyRayne's Rating

I took this for the first time last week, and really liked it! I think I'm in love with yohimbeeeeee!

azurabetony's Rating

Not sure if my last review showed up, but I highly recommend this fat loss product. Gave me terrific energy!

RoyTheIII's Rating

Wife loves it, she takes one about an hour before she eats and it helps her to control how much she eats so she can meet her weight loss goals without making her uncomfortable throughout the day.

I love this fat burner. Sometimes use this as a pre-workout as well. Definitely high stim so make sure you're drinking A LOT of water. Helps with energy levels as well as making it between meals without snacking

pcrawfordxx's Rating

This is my favorite fat burner hands down. With this, I don't even need a preworkout and it keeps me engergized and focused the whole day. Literally, the whole day. I wouldn't recommend to take it at minimum 5-6 hours before you go to sleep though cause you'll definitely be too energized to sleep, but this stuff will be my go to from now on. Fair warning, you will sweat!!

I've been looking for a nice fat burner and this product really gets the job done, pills are easy to take with anything and you don't have to choke them down. I've gotten pretty good results so far with my cutting phase while taking this. I rate it an 8 instead of a 10 because the caffeine content is a bit high and leaves you a little jittery, above that this product is great!

jkulp100872's Rating

Really liked. Not for the Caffeine sensative

earlbarbs's Rating

MuscleTech's Hydroxycut Hardcore Next Gen straight up kicks my butt. I've definitely seen results and I am certainly happy with it. At first I was nervous with the amount of caffeine in each individual pill but as long as you pace yourself and build up your tolerance you should be fine. There are printed guidelines and suggestions on the bottle that help out with just that. Long story short, I'll be using this product again.

I can def see a difference using this product. I have never used anything like this before and can say for sure that for me they are working good and as described. Read your labels carefully and be sure that you are after the desired effects, and of course use as directed :) I would recommend this product.

JRomance's Rating

Considering my main goals are muscle building and weight gain, I did not take this product. I did in fact have this product for my wife to use as she has a desk job and is unable to stay as active as she would like. She is 5'3 and weighed 140 (muscular) at the time of starting this supplement, she is now down to 130lbs and looks great. This supplement gave her great energy throughout the day and actually helped to lose weight even with a very sedentary lifestyle other than going to the gym for 1 hour throughout the day. She had no side effects, did not feel as if it was causing any other problems, and simply took it with her multivitamins before breakfast and right before eating lunch. No stomach upsets, simply energy and weight loss.

I've have always use this fat burner since the 90's, its never let me down as far as losing weight and keeping control of my diet plan. I shows result very well, with the property diet.

amoneylee's Rating

I have used this for a little over a month now and I believe it has helped me quite a bit. I take it in the morning and within 30 minutes I am alert and ready to go. I can definitely feel the boost of energy it gives me in the morning and is way more than the usual cup of coffee would give me. I am just starting a cut and so far this has helped me to lose 6 pounds this month, Will definitely use again.

ochiddanz's Rating

I've been using the original hydroxicut for a few cycles. I didn't expect much of a difference between the original and the Hardcore Next Gen, but boy was I wrong! Less than a half hour after taking the first dose in the morning, I am full of energy and ready to go. It's not at all jittery, but I become very aware and alert. I tend to sweat quite a bit the first 2 hours after taking a dose, but I like that I can feel it working. A few warnings, however: this product is very strong. Even if you have taken a thermogenic in the past, I would recommend only 1 pill on your first dose. Also, don't take a full dose after 4pm, unless you have plans to stay up late. This product does everything it claims to do, and I highly recommend it.

Chrissydee123's Rating

Love this stuff. I’ve taken other thermogenics in the past that made me feel way too jittery and others that I couldn’t feel working at all. Hydroxycut Hadrcore Next Gen has found the sweet spot in between. I take two in the morning and feel it kicking in about a half hour later – I feel more energized like I’ve had a cup of coffee or two, but it’s a comfortable energy. I also find that I’m not staring at the clocking counting down the time until I can eat lunch. I’m a huge snacker and this supplement definitely curbs my appetite perfectly. I take another dose around 4PM or so and it doesn’t interfere with my sleep at all. Totally recommend.

kingsucio's Rating

Great improvement from previous Hydroxycut product. I have been using for a month now and I have to say, I don't feel jittery, I have increased amounts of energy, and I am more focused during my workouts. I highly recommend!

I liked this version of the product. I feel like it had the effects similar to the original Hydroxycut products from back in the day. Will try another round in the future is

This gave me more than i expected. It defiantly increased mental focus and bust throughout my workout. It was great to use before a long run. My recommendations are to drink plently of water with this.

Jamesog2008's Rating

Gives you that little extra kick to get through a workout which is nice, i noticed when i took it it did suppress my appetite a bit. Word to the wise, DO NOT FORGET TO DRINK WATER, i found if i didn't drink at least a liter of water with it, it just destroyed my stomach. But good product none the less, has helped with a little cut down on weight! Would buy again!*

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