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josemac's Rating

Great mass gainer. Mixes very well. Taste excellent. Makes you very gassy, but pretty common with that much protein. I would recommend this to anyone like me who has a hard time getting the calories needed in a day.

joelweber979's Rating

Just look at the nutrition profile. Whole food carb source instead of maltodextrin. Whey concentrate/isolates as the protein source. MCTs as the fat source. What more could you ask for in a mass gainer? On a side note.... the dump I just took looked remarkably like the chocolate protein shake I drank a few hours ago. Coincidence?

Ironoutlaw360's Rating

Another great product from a great company!

JBiddy20's Rating

A little bit too sweet for my liking. If your stomach is sensitive to maltodextrin(aka you get the hershey squirts after drinking a mass gainer with a lot of that in it), this is the perfect replacement. Only thing I was disappointed by was a COMPLETE LACK OF SCOOPER in the bag. Seriously frustrating for me. Maybe up the quality control a little IFN?

ODUengineer's Rating

Profile of this gainer shake is spot on. very clean and well sourced macros.. however, I had heard good things about the brown sugar maple oatmeal cookie and I was not at all pleased by the flavor.. It tasted like fake butter and a horrible attempt at maple... sorry IFN- not a winner for me.. now ive got two tubs of something nasty taking up space.

serdrakov's Rating

I wanted to like this more than I ended up liking it. Didnt make me feel bloated but wow, the amount of stinky far-ting this powder generates deserves a medal. I found another weight gainer with more calories for less bucks and no far-ting. Flavour is decent but, for me if the weight gainer bloats or makes me fa-rt, is a no no no.

thrillersean's Rating

Finally found a great tasting protein that has some high calories,good amount of protein and only need 2 scoops, Most gainers require 4 scoops. I'm on my 12 tub and need to order more Friday

danielmoo's Rating

First off, I just wanted to comment that this weight gainer has the best profile out of any all competition currently. The whole food carb sources (oats, quinoa) are a very cool addition and beats out the maltodextrin that you'll commonly find in other gainer powders. With that being said, I really enjoyed this product from iForce. The Chocolate Truffle flavor is spot on, and is kind of light and fluffy tasting to me unlike some darker chocolate powders. The mixability was a little rough, but that is to be completely expected with a shake that has oats, etc. inside of it.. so not that big of a problem. As I said before, you just can't beat the whole carb sources. If you need the extra calories or just want a MRP shake.. pick this up!

stad0203's Rating

Normally not a big mass gainer purchaser but won a tub on a promo and actually really impressed with the way I force but this together. High quality protein and carbs sourced from whole foods (not crushed up pop tarts guys). Only tasted the vanilla cup cake, but flavor is on point: smooth and creamy and mixed really well in cashew milk. Of the few gainers I've tried this one is well on top! I see myself grabbing a tub in the oatmeal cookie next!

Vinny82's Rating

This protein is great, its very versatile in that you can use it as an MRP or a Mass gainer like advertised. 1 scoop of protein still yields 20 grams of protein, which is much more than your average gainer. The carbs come from Quinoa and oats which I find awesome in a world full of sugar laden mass gainers, this one only has 5 grams sugar per scoop. All in all a really great product, I got the vanilla cupcake batter and it tastes like just that.

cyrillehs's Rating

Great products, easy to gain weight with this

ianwe11's Rating

Finally a product with minimal useless **** in it. I have tried most gainers on the market. This one is the best. I have put on 10 lbs in 2 months. Don't judge a gainer by how it tastes. Read the ingredients.

hthoma's Rating

This product contains no frills, no exotic ingredients, which explains how they kept the price down. It's an excellent value. Also, the macros are good: 75g carbs and 40g protein per serving. Most other brands have 4-5 times as much carbs as they do protein. But the best thing about this product is that most of its carbs are complex (from oats and quinoa), so they won't spike your blood sugar. This is important if you plan on drinking it before bed or anytime that isn't near a workout. I also like how it doesn't contain tons of vitamins and minerals. If you're bulking up, you're already eating a lot of food in addition to protein shakes. So there's no need for a shake to contain 100% of your vitamin and mineral needs. Especially when some vitamins and minerals can be bad for you at high doses. My only complaints are as follows: First, the texture of this shake is kind of greasy, oily, and thick. I wonder if that's because there aren't any gums listed in the ingredients. Gums improve texture and help stuff mix together. Secondly, I wish this product had some casein or egg protein to smooth out protein absorption throughout the day. Right now it only contains whey protein, which is fast-digesting. And finally, I would prefer not having any Acesulfame K, because from what I've read, it appears to be very controversial safety-wise. In all fairness though, tons of products contain that stuff. I'm not sure why they can't use Stevia instead. But, all in all, you can't beat the bang for the buck that this product offers.

Frozenarcticguy's Rating

I got four pounds from the trader section and loved this gainer so I bought a bag myself. Mixes good with no stomach issues later.

RoleModelSaint's Rating

so for the price per pound per serving you can't go wrong. a lot of protein for not a lot of cash. However, fairly sugary, not the greatest of carbs. I put on about 7 pounds with this in my corner. taste is ok but nothing to special. for the price it aint bad.

yeux's Rating

yeux did not leave a written review for this product.

superhuman67's Rating

I was lucky enough to get the opp to log this mass gainer aka weight gainer and this is the link. http://forum.bodybuilding.com/showthread.php?t=160269381 This is hands down the best gainer out there because the ingredient profile is what really put's this supplement in a class by itself. It only has 6 ingredients and it is not loaded with useless calories and the ingredients help you put on quality weight and this is probably the only gainer that you can actually cook and bake quality protein meals. The van flavor is sweet, delicious, and it is very versatile if you wanted to add other ingredients to it. If you are looking for a QUALITY sup to help boost your wt I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS ONE!!!!!

brokedown24's Rating

Very good gainer. Quality ingrediants,Tastes very good with milk.

1-18 of 18 Reviews