Full Spectrum Vitamin, Mineral, Antioxidant And Micronutrient Complex to Support Performance And Well Being*

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gator6010's Rating

Its a multi vitamin. Not a lot to review but doesn't tear up my stomach as other did so that is a plus.

guitarist0481's Rating

I love EVL products! This is a great multivitamin!

cdubester22's Rating

Great overall multi-vitamin! Easy to take, loaded with all the essential ingredients and very cost effective. Keep it up EVL!

beastmode910's Rating

I have been using Vitamode for last 9 months I started take because the winter season didn't want to sick and I didn't. Great product and a great price also.

blokpost's Rating

Great multi. Caps are not too big, so it's easy to take. Supplement facts look solid to me - all those multis, plus some extra goodies, like phyto nutrients, ALA, PABA and so forth. For me, the best thing is price. Very budget friendly to me.

mattyice198's Rating

I try to really dial down on my diet and get al my nutrients, but sometimes it's hard. With VitaMode, I don't have to worry, because I know it's giving me all the vitamins and minerals I need.

pyakurelawaj's Rating

complete multivitamin

EricFlem35's Rating

This is truly a complete multivitamin, toss a couple back and I'm set! My diet has never been the greatest, but with Vitamode I know I'm getting all the vitamins and minerals I need to keep me pushing forward, whether it be work, lifting and home work..etc. Vitamode by Evl, good stuff! Time to stock up!

rtm001's Rating

I'm not regularly a "pill/tablet" kind of guy, but EVL converted me over with VitaMode! 10/10 would recommend. Very essential to my morning routine.

jondogg2011's Rating

Very important product in an overlooked category! Not all vitamins are created equally! Evl hits it out of the park again!

LevinsonKevin's Rating

My favorite thing about vita mode is it gives me all my daily nutrients and vitamins that I need day in and day our. I never miss a day of taking my vitamins. Getting the proper vitamines helps me push myself to extreme limits. Try this product. You will love it. Read the nutritional facts and see why it is the best vitamin to take.

chevyguy69's Rating

Great quality multi vitamin. You can expect nothing but the best from evl. A must have staple in any stack. Defiantly recommend vitamode and evl!

Daltonj1229's Rating

This to date is still my vitamin of choice, i have been taking this vitamin for a few months now. I had been getting sick alot despite always working out and was always tired. So i figured i would give this a try which has seemed to help my immune system and i always have energy while using this lroduct. Definitely would recommend to anyone looking for a good multi vitamin, also this vitamin contains green tea extraxt which helps boost metabalism, so anyone trying to use weight this product would help some! Great product.

killah556's Rating

I've started using vitamins ever since I jumped on the fitness bandwagon about a year and a half ago. I started out with all the usual store brand stuff that really isn't catered for the fitness minded people like us. I didn't feel any benefit from vitamins until I started using stuff for legitimate fitness junkies and I started out with Orange Triad. I'm not gonna lie, that vitamin was great and the serving size of 6 pills took me just a few days to get over, but unfortunately for me, I always felt dehydrated and sometimes my sleep pattern was thrown off by it. Then I started reading about EVL and these guys tend to have a knack for using all the right ingredients and the right dosages for alot of their stuff like their fat burners and BCAAs. So I started up on their vitamins back when they were still coating them in white. I haven't looked back since. I have the right amount of energy to keep up with a full time job and a full time family, also my sleep isn't thrown off of it like I was with Triad. The ingredient list itself is just right and not over the top. I also love that the B12 is Methyl derived and not Cyano derived. (Google that and you'll see why I find that important.) Lastly EVL is almost ALWAYS on sale!!! You can't beat that with a stick! Supplements are expensive as it is but EVL loves to be on sale. And I love that it's a great brand so far. The only thing I would wish they add would be a better version of K vitamin and joint support but I get Schiff at my local store for like 12$ and it's the best rated On Labdoor...ill be fine without it. Thanks guys and gals, and I hope my review wasn't too long winded.

Bryceg78's Rating

EVL products are the best!!!! Easy to take and don't upset your stomach like most do. 100% recommend

alexmg1996's Rating

My physician recommended me to take vitamins. My body was lacking certain vitamins. I tried a few other brands for a few months, but still felt weak and empty. I started working out and my friend recommended I troy vitamins. I bought two months worth and feel great and feel like I am getting my nutrients that I miss with my meals. Great product, I will continue using Vitamode!

erandall86's Rating

I have tried multiple vitamins over the year(s) to support my nutrition needs while trying to balance the complexities of work, 3 kids, and regular weightlifting. At first I was skeptical about this product as most people are about switching supplements, but after I tried it for the first few weeks I realized this was the REAL DEAL! I began having healthier skin, nails, and felt overall better afterwards. Best part is that there is no horrible taste/odor that comes with it as most other companies have! I strongly recommend this product for EVERYONE despite your level of experience as it provides the core foundations your body needs to stay healthy, and strong.

Patman572's Rating

Great product! Gets me everything I need that I can't get with my diet!!!

diamondnguyen's Rating

I read the reviews it seemed to work for most people so I decided to try..I used it over 1 & a half month ....didn't work for me at all...I worked out regularly and diet was good...I felt bloated and weights didn't go away...very disappointing!

MedicCheeto67's Rating

This product is great! I take it for the hair, shin and nail benefits alone! Incredible EVL product as always!

1-20 of 239 Reviews