Full Spectrum Vitamin, Mineral, Antioxidant And Micronutrient Complex to Support Performance And Well Being*

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ddkmeyers's Rating

Switched from Opti-Men to Vitamode - and would have given the old formulation a 9/10 - but the new formulation pills are terrible so giving a 4/10. Why dd they mess with a good thing? The new pills have NO coating! They break in the bottle, start dissolving in your mouth, and are really hard to swallow. Bad thing is I still have 3 bottles to choke down - literally. Going back to Opti-Men.

Mikr00111's Rating

The ultimate replenishment supplement for people like me that are always on the go! Sometimes it's hard to meet a certain intake that's why I always take this stuff with my work outs accordingly!

tvo096's Rating

EVL VitaMode gave my body the opportunity to stay at the top of my fitness game with muscle performance, bone health, immune health and refueling my vitamins and minerals. All these functions are vital for my body's optimal performance as an active fitness enthusiast! I do recommend this product as I have seen personal results using it.

jojugoba's Rating

EVL VitaMode is the best multivitamin in the market because it has all the essential vitamin and minerals that the body needs.

gaucindafiend's Rating

Vitamode really helps me regulate my immune system and also boost the metabolism in many ways. I feel better when taking these precision vitamins on a daily basis. Top notch nutrients by far!! Highly recommend this product!!

nickelet11's Rating

I really love this multi-vitamin! It not only has vitamins and minerals but other natural supplements as well, such as fruit/veggie concentrated powders, green tea extract and an enzyme blend that helps with digestion (feeding the good stomach bacteria) for an added boost. There is no after-taste and I feel confident that this product is helping me with my nutrition deficiencies and I would highly recommend it to any age, any fitness level, and any gender.

getfitlife101's Rating

I do not see the greatness in these. They are pretty big to begin with and can't really feel anything. My daily energy or mood isn't any different and I still require some caffeine to wake up energized.

Dbigtree's Rating

Vitamins and minerals are essential for maintaining a healthy immune system and overall health. Vitamode helps your body get those essential vitamins you may be missing in your diet!

jwpjones's Rating

This is another great product from the EVL line. I have tried many of the EVL products and none so far have disappointed and VitaMode is no different. This is a nice multi vitamin that my body seems to like as I have had no stomach problems or any other side effects with this. This gives me the essentials my body needs. I have been feeling better and my body also seems to be keeping it in good as well because my urine hasn't been the bright color that you get with a lot of other multi vitamins on the market. Tablets are easy to swallow and they stay down with no nasty after taste or nasty pill burps. I recommend this multi vitamin.

jltdade's Rating

I love vitamode ! I love everything it provides and the results that it came with . I highly recommend it to anyone , you won't be disappointed!!

VasilGj's Rating

Great multi, with many features, easy to take, digests well. I usually get stomach aches with most multivitamins, this one has been great.

CherokeeCherie's Rating

Overall a great multivitamin !! Vitamins are a decent size..makes them easy to swallow and I noticed that my energy levels have risen.....

Hazardmaniac's Rating

Another great product from EVL. Simply a good balance between the right dosages, micronutrients and price. Cant go wrong with this one!

DVanidestine's Rating

I appreciate the vitamin profile of this product! I know that my body is getting it needs. While taking this product I noticed a big difference in my energy levels and mental alertness within weeks. I would highly recommend this supplement!

tommyboy187's Rating

Great product at a great price. Can't go wrong with EVL Nutrition

RobertsonSam's Rating

It's a decent multivitamin but nothing great. Good deals on it but not the easiest to swallow.

jlavanwa's Rating

Reasonably priced, doesn't smell and easy to swallow, get along with the stomach well... can't ask much more for a multivitamin!

mrandall1's Rating

This vitamin is great. It only requires takeing 2 pills a day which it a lot less than many brands. This is a huge deal to me. I hate takeing 6 pills just to get my vitamins in. This is a must product. Thanks EVL.

Whtboyy65's Rating

Great product. Have been taking a pricey sport multivitamin from GNC for years and decided to switch it up to this product and felt this multivitamin is not only cheaper but I feel it actually works. I take 1 with breakfast and 1 with dinner and feel energized throughout the day and don't feel all sluggish in the morning when I wake up. And I know its not a BS product because I don't have neon urine like I did with the other multivitamin. 10/10

cwconrad's Rating

Great product and have continue to use over years. Very happy with the product and dosage.

1-20 of 194 Reviews