Designed To Support Natural Testosterone Levels, Muscular Strength And Stamina!

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MalXPit's Rating

Great supplement for muscle recovery. Definitely helps get a great night sleep. Can't wait to cycle back on it. One of my favorite EVL products

mminguela's Rating

I purchased EVL Test in hopes to provide me with some good gains and better recovery. This product definitely delivered in not only that but other areas too. I felt my libidio raise up, and within the first week which was impressive. The sleep I got with the product was great too, and had some very lucid dreams which I guess is a good thing. Recovery was great, and my training improved as a byproduct of that. Overall great product!

brefreeman's Rating

One of the best supplements I've taken to date. Helped with my sleep and recovery time between workouts. Will be buying again!

tristan.m's Rating

I have tried a few T-Boosters but this is my favorite. Pill size is good, not horse pills like some other ones out there, clean and boosted. Felt an increase in overall well-being, and went a little more HAM in the gym. EVLTEST is now my go-to booster. A+ would buy again!

RWolfejr94's Rating

Definitely saw a change in my sleep and recovery after using this product, slept much better and woke up more refreshed and less sore, two reasons I can't give it a ten: 1. Pill is pretty big and the serving size is 4, not a huge con but a con nonetheless. 2. Recommended to take on an empty stomach 30-60 min before bed, being a hard gainer I typically eat a decent sized snack about an hour bed and had to change up my routine a little

cbibbs7's Rating

Great value at the price. DAA is one of the best ingredients for size and strength, and it is in the required 3,120 mg dosage required for efficacy. The pills are on the larger size, but that's required given the amount that is packed into them. Results wise I was pleased. Was out of the gym for a while and this was my test booster of choice to get me back to my previous performance level, and it definitely helped.

brandonmuri's Rating

I bought this product for the simple reason that its ingredients are scientifically proven to increase testosterone and for its nutritional transparency (no "proprietary blends"). So, while I did not experience "roid"-like gains in a matter of weeks, as many products claim, I do plan to reorder this product.

Bcbartz's Rating

Decent change but had to do two months in a row to see a difference pills aren't very fun but worth in it the end!

liberater43's Rating

Got the product and started it along with my supplement regimen. I saw a big difference in my performance and I felt stronger and like I could work out harder and longer. Get your workout routines lined up. Get your diet in place and get after it. This products kicks butt. The rest is on you!

Beatrod96's Rating

It got here on time and everything but it doesn't do anything for me. I've done everything on the directions and have been taking it for a few weeks now but i have not noticed it doing anything it claims to do.

billjohnsonohio's Rating

Have just finished the first bottle. Biggest thing I have noticed is a more restful sleep. Hoping to start seeing more as I get in to the second bottle. Have seen enough to keep going with it.I am starting to see other benefits now that I'm further in to second bottle.

Daltonj1229's Rating

This is by far the best test support complex i have tried to date. Shortly after starting on this product i had more energy and overall felt stronger on a day to day basis. It also helps with sleep and recovery for after hard workouts. I definitely reccoment this product for anybody that is constantly working out!

vrock18's Rating

this is an amazing product and I recommend it to anyone hoping to make good gains

blakemckinney's Rating

Im a huge fan of DAA natural test boosters. EVL test comes with the whole package. Fully dosed with the extra sleep benefits provide a great nights sleep with a charge for the next day. About a week in and you can sense more vigor about yourself. Extra estro control with the DIM...great all around product. Highly recommended to anyone looking for an extra edge in their routine.

chrisantunez8's Rating

Been using this for about a month. Can notice it's help me increase strength and sleep better. Just wish pills would be smaller but still Recommend this stuff.

smackboicv's Rating

So first things first: my first week using this product had me ******* like crazy and waking up dehydrated. I personally drink a lot of water during the day because I work out twice from Monday through Friday so I'm still a bit confused as to why I'm still waking up dehydrated and with a headache sometimes too. Once I got used to this product it has helped me with my sleep. My workouts have gotten better and I can feel myself getting stronger every month. I did miss one day twice, but didn't overdose to make up for it. Its a great product, but is there a reason why I am still waking up dehydrated every morning?

jalopez48's Rating

to me it was weird that the servings had to come before bed however i would wake up feeling well rested with barely any sleep. i started noticing my muscles were getting a lot more solid and id get a really insane pump during workouts. Always been a huge fan of EVL Nutrition, EVLTEST doesnt disappoint. update: after a small break from the product I repurchased and notice an even bigger surge in production and improvement. Definitely top notch.

AzraelBat's Rating

This is a solid test booster. The ingredient profile is absolutely wonderful, especially because of the inclusion of fenugreek, which is known for its excellence as a booster. You can definitely count on getting some good sleep as well as some awesome recovery from your workouts with this product. EVL delivers yet again! Thanks a lot guys!

thepro97's Rating

Amazing! Great progress from this product. I HIGHLY suggest it. Better nights rest, more energy in the gym. Can't get any better than this. 10/10

joecrammer's Rating

This product is unbelievable! This is the second test booster that I have used before and this is definitely the better of the two. First, I had just taken DAA straight and it worked but it did nothing to decrease the estrogen so I had some bad sides. This product has DAA but with the added estrogen blockers so you really get the full package here. Sleep is much better on this product and you wake up feeling very rested and ready to lift. Price is great so give it a try!

1-20 of 428 Reviews