Designed To Support Natural Testosterone Levels, Muscular Strength And Stamina!

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adam62471's Rating

I have put off reviewing this product in the hopes I would see some results. I am currently half way through my second bottle (they were BOGO free) and have yet to notice anything. This is highly unusual for me, as these products typically work well for me and I notice a difference in the way that I feel within the first week. Not so with this product. To make matters worse, the pills are HUGE, dry/dusty, taste like crap, extremely hard to swallow, and you have to take 4 of the bastards in one dose. At 45 years old, I would expect to feel some difference by now, but sadly, I don't. I'm rating it a 5 so as not to skew the overall rating too badly, as many others seem to have experienced great results. Unfortunately, I have not.

gsxrtim's Rating

This stuff is amazing. Sleep and recovery are on point when I'm taking this. I sleep through the night and wake up feeling brand new. Without this I'm usually up 3-4 times during the night which I never realized had such an affect on my mood the next day. Strength has also increased and on a side note, my fiancee loves when I take this as well. Would definitely recommend.

Slimm21's Rating

These pills seem to help me with sleep, gains, while looking to turn my muscle into lean muscle & also my abs are more defined since I've been on them & stamina on point. Good pickup

Shaun465's Rating

This product will not disappoint you. Try it you will love it

chromedrummr's Rating

Anything I've used from EVL is too notch. Highly recommend this, AND any product from them!

JCowey's Rating

EVLTest is a great product! This product is noticeable right away with how great it helps you sleep. After a few days it helped out with endurance, and overall strength. Would highly recommend this to anyone looking to try a new test supplement.

enge0731's Rating

Great product which gives lots of extra energy and endurance to push through any workout or even just a long day at work. EVL has always worked well for me with their amazing product like and this one lives up to that reputation! If you're looking for a test supplement this is the high quality brand to use!

aggies5372's Rating

This product has been great to me! My lean muscle mass has increased in the first 4 weeks . My body is just feeling good and ready to keep killing the workouts . EvlTest is a sup that I would definitely recommend to you people trying to add a few pounds of solid mass .

tbatcho07's Rating

I have been a fan of EVL for a couple of years now. I have tried pretty much all of their products. Their test booster, and BCAA+Energy are two of my favorites on the market. I am still pretty young so my test levels are pretty much in sync most of the time, but when I start to wear down and feel sluggish, especially rest wise, this product steps in to clean up most of the mess I make. Solid product, solid company, trust is key with supplement companies and EVL has rightfully earned mine.

Teamgimbel's Rating

My husband lives by this test! He has noticed overall improvement in his performance and sleep. He hasn't had any negative effects. He definitely recommends this product!!

bighoss666's Rating

I decided to use a test booster to help with recovery and overall strength evl has one of the best test boosters on the market

rattlesree's Rating

Using this in replacement of my ZMA. Basically I pop a 5mg piperine/BioPerine together with the 4 pills as suggested about 30 mins before bed. I end up going into deep sleep which i have trouble trying to achieve. I do wake up abit groggy probably due to the fact that i go into REM faster and stay there longer (im not sure, just guessing). As for the test part, i do get a rock solid hard on every morning and my drive has definitely improved. After reading all the reviews, and with my experience, i would suggest popping the pills with a 5mg worth of piperine/bioperine. That would boost the update of the ingredients by the your body. Give this a try and see if it works for you guys. looking forward to the next buy 1 get 1 free promo.

tfalcao's Rating

I have never tried any test booster before but I have liked everything EVL makes, so I decided to give it a try. After the first week I could feel that I had a lot more strength, and I started putting more muscle than before. I can't compare with any other test booster since this is my first time trying, but I sure can feel a difference! Good stuff!!

shawn7302's Rating

Love the EVL supplements... this product contains alot of D3 which is especially good in the winter months. Wish there was more estrogen blockers included! Not sure if the nightly claims are merited but I can look past that. Would like to see this product used all day instead of just at night (4 pills)... On the positive side alot of good ingredients for the production of testosterone. Think this product is a great foundation!

Tjl3893's Rating

Loved this product!! Thought it would be difficult taking 4 pills nightly, but its really not. Sleeping much better at night and feeling stronger in the gym!!

rundmar8's Rating

This product was great. It is a natural hormone booster and seemed to have done a nice job. The product had no after taste and no adverse side effects. Just take the recommended dosage each night before bed. This product allowed me to gain some muscle density and lose some fat tissue. I would recommend this product and will get it again!

Toarii27's Rating

I've been taking this for about 2 months now, I never taken any test booster before, but I noticed a little improvement in my overall physical activity, well being, a little increase in strength and better recovery. If you're looking for a natural and affordable test booster, I highly recommend this awesome product!!!

Unejueve's Rating

Great product, good results! Highly recommended!

Tre71989's Rating

EVLTest is amazing! 1. Energy Levels feel like all time highs 2. I leaned out quick! Felt Rock hard! 3. Strength increases! Whent from hitting 225 2-3 reps to 10-12 Definitely recommend this to all the guys out there for that extra boost!

SomeLifter's Rating

A great test booster by EVL. Helps with energy during the weeks that Work/Gym start to run me down.

1-20 of 408 Reviews