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I want to back This product

This one my first experience with the wrist straps. In all honesty, I purchased them namely for price and convenience when I was buying protein powder. I had looked at other pairs as well. I highly recommend these. My wrist feel amazing and stronger. I have been asked a lot about them pertaining to functionality and color. Hope they keep them for when I need a new pair. Unsure about cleaning them though.

I wish was not discontinuing these because I could definitely see myself buying more of their wraps. Anyway, the wraps are phenomenal. They wrap tight and hold steady during heavy pressing-the thumb loop definitely helps the wraps from slipping down which doesn't seem to be a problem in the first place. I love these wraps!

Love these Wrist Wraps! They provide excellent support during my lifting session. Major upgrade over my last Wrist Wraps. And im not even mentioning how great the BB Logo look on it.

I've had a pair of these straps for 1 year and 3 months...I use a lot of weight and i must say, they haven't faltered once (they stink a little since i dont wash em) but...High quality product right here

My first pair of wraps. They feel great and provide excellent support. Would recommend.

1-6 of 6 Reviews