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One of the most comfortable workout shirts I've ever worn. It absorbs sweat well, has a nice fit to my body, and I don't second guess how I look in it. Sometimes the right clothing will make you push through an extra set!

cudapaul68's Rating

Great quality and very comfortable. I'm 5'9" 167 lbs and a medium fit me perfectly.

Great design! Very comfortable! Very happy with it ..looking to get another color!

RiskySniper123's Rating

Wore the shirt to the gym and it feels comfortable while working out! Definitely love the color scheme; it stands out!

dstock03's Rating

I love all of the core series men's shirts. I have like 15+ of them and that's all I can workout in. I am a HUGE fan of Nike (maybe a bad thing to admit..haha) but I can't wear nike shirts to workout in. Next to try is shorts and so on.

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jjmielke's Rating

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Gustav1998's Rating

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omarmartinez1's Rating

Fit nice and snug around the shoulders, chest and arms but not tight. It's also very stretchy so it will stretch after you pump but still fits snug after the pump swelling is gone.

arturocerda's Rating

I love these shirts! Really soft and comfortable. They fit really nice and they look good. So far I haven't had any problems with them. I really recommend them! I wear mine at the gym or just to go out.

MorganMuscle's Rating

This is a slick shirt. Fits great. Nice and light weight. No complaints. Wear it to the gym all the time!!

Seanob8688's Rating

Awesome shirt! Love the fit

Delrio749's Rating

Great tee, great quality and very comfortable! Good for going to the gym or just casual wear!

emkornau's Rating

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1-14 of 14 Reviews