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Xtreme Formulations Ultra Peptide Reviews

Professional Caliber Sustained Release Micellar Casein For Lean Tissue Acquisition!*

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rwclay's Rating

Only reason I gave it a 9 is the protein is so low.. However I did switch over from Trutein which is suppose to be the best tasting but this blows that theory right out the water.. As a tip for those trying it for the first time or doubting it a little, follow the label instructions and crush some ice in it when blended.. best tasting protein ever!

altair11's Rating

altair11 did not leave a written review for this product.

bogui94's Rating

Overall, XF UP 2.0 surpassed my expectations for a MRP. I got the LCP flavour and it was delicious, to say the least. Literally tasted like lemon cream pie. Some people may see it as a poor choice because of the high cost and addition fats/carbs; however, the ingredients used to provide those macro nutrients aren't fillers. Quality Omega-3s and a plethora of ingredients make XF UP 2.0 a great meal replacement that tastes amazing. If I had to give it a critique, it would be the cost; however, quality ingredients don't come cheap. Great job, Xtreme formulations!

vanwisaa's Rating

vanwisaa did not leave a written review for this product.

thegymrat734's Rating

The cinnamon roll flavor actually tastes like a cinnamon roll. Definitely one of the best tasting protein powders on the market and perfect for nighttime use. Highly recommended

Misctake7's Rating

This is easily the best tasting protein on the market. Lemon Cream Pie and Cinnamon Roll are untouchable imo. Mixed with either milk or water, tastes great. Higher in calories because it's a meal replacement and it really is a filling shake. Quality ingredients. I would highly recommend and will be purchasing more in the future.

DLBurnell's Rating

GOOD GREIF – I had no idea that it was legal for a Micellar Casein product to taste this **** good. The profile could stand to be a tad more protein intensive, BUT if it ain’t broke… don’t fix it. The Chocolate is by far and away the best straight chocolate flavor I have from any manufacture. It is deep, rich and full of all the things that make people completely stupid for chocolate. I have to hold myself back from drinking this 24/7… but I have come close. To increase the protein count before bedtime, I generally will mix up two of these, much to the manufacture’s delight. ON that note, if you mix this flavor with ice-cold water, you will be hard pressed to tell the difference from this product and flavor and a chocolate shake at an old fashion soda fountain. Really – no BS here. The same goes for the Strawberry. Ice-cold water and you will swear that you’ve been handed everything you are not supposed to have. To change it up a bit, you may try what I did by mixing the chocolate and the strawberry together if you’d think you would like that and you will suddenly find yourself rolling around the floor in ecstasy. When I originally purchased this product, I went with two tubs and got the strawberry and then I followed the reviews and purchased the other tub in the lemon cream pie flavor… but found I did not care for that flavor as much, as it struck me as too much of a “girl” flavor for my tastes… I thought why all the great reviews on this flavor? So I went back and looked at the reviews and noticed that the great majority of those reviews were from members with bust lines, which explained a lot for me… So I gave the remaining tub of that flavor to a friend of mine’s wife (who has a GREAT bust line) and she just loves it. I did discover that Extreme Formulations also has a flavor in this product called “Mint Chocolate” but BB.com does not offer it as an option, those communists. So, because I love that flavor as well in other products (BSN’s Syntha-6 comes to mind) I ordered it from that “other” house and eagerly await its delivery. If BB.com knows something I don’t, then I strongly suggest they consider keeping my business for that product and adding that flavor to the lineup. I grant everyone who has been reading my missive up to this point that this review was very long on the flavor aspect… and if you try this product, you will clearly understand why. I understand that the protein to fats to carbs ration is not “optimum” and I have tried “optimum” before and it tasted like a nasty kick in the face, so there is a trade off with these issues… and this product will actually make your mouth water in anticipation of having your next shake.

charliecohat's Rating

Great Tasting! Not thick like other powders, still receive the protein required for the night or inbetween meal windows!

Rob1882's Rating

This is easily some of the greatest protein powder on the market. The flavoring on the majority of flavors is very spot on it mixes quickly/easily, also easy to cook/bake with. My favorite flavor is Cinnamon roll in heated almond milk 2nd to banana cream and triple chocolate. This is must have imo for any flavor.

Rebar58's Rating

Best!!!!Casein!!! Ever!!!! Truly the best tasting and great with milk before bed. I always do I can't get enough of this stuff. It satisfies my sweet teeth overall great stuff creatine is a good mix with it to.

jessicagordon's Rating

The lemon cream pie flavor is absolutely amazing! It's very creamy and doesn't have an overpowering lemon flavor. So yummy!! Mixes very well too.

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meliT's Rating

I'm giving this a 5 right now because i've only taken it once so it remains to be seen what i think about it. I spent a while looking around online for something great tasting and effective for my needs. I went for ON strawberry for post workout shakes and got this casein protein for before bed. It came yesterday and i was so excited to try it! I actually took some right before a nap (i was wiped). it was delicious. like eating a lemon sugar cookie. But i think i mixed it with too much milk. The rub says 6-8oz but that much liquid fills me up. usually with protein shakes i only do 4oz. but i went for 6 like it says on the bottle. towards the end i was like blugh. too much. it filled me up all the way. so i took a nap. an hour into this glorious and much needed nap i get the worst stomach cramps from hell. i mean, i've had NATURAL childbirth before and this was right up there. i was praying to the porcelain god to save me while i **** out my stomach. not fun. NOT FUN. so now i'm scared as **** to take this again. don't know if anyone else had this reaction. not sure if its because i had had another protein shake (diff brand) already that day and it was too much for my body or if its this protein specifically. i will try again with just this protein, 4oz of milk, a holy book by my side and pray..... if this happens again thats $$ down the drain because i can't handle that.

alyssakacprzyk's Rating

loved this product, not as thick as your usually casein which I didn't mind either way, i like think shakes, but the banana cream flavor was amazing! I mixed it with a little bit of water until it had a fluff consistency, mixed in a little almond extract, put it on a whole wheat 100 cal roll with Peanut butter, a drop of sugar-free maple syrup and some cinnamon! it was a PB and banana fluff sandwich before bed! I'm hooked! :)

jennum's Rating

Cinnamon Roll is great with milk. I usually mix in banana and peanut butter, but with the Cinnamon Roll flavor, it didn't taste great, so I just used it by itself with milk. The Chocolate Peanut Butter, which is typically a flavor combination I love, wasn't good at all. I don't know why it was so bad.. Hopefully the Banana Cream is in stock soon... Like most said, I wish it had around 25g of protein instead of 18g.

hermillerj's Rating

I love this casein. My dad gave me a scoop of the Banana Cream at his house and I was instantly hooked! It tastes amazing and definitely curbs my appetite. The French Vanilla flavor wasn't listed to review, but it also tastes great and mixes well with just about anything!

JohnJeg's Rating

Regretted ordering this. 18g protein and 9g fat ... 2-1 is a horrible ratio. Not enough protein and too much fat. If the LCP tasted as good as everyone said I might have sucked it up but I found it wayyyy too sweet (and im someone who always had a sweet tooth), so very disappointed in the flavor as well. Halfway thru im giving it away to a friend. Going back to the ON Casein (30g protein/1.5g fat). Should never have switched.

disavow's Rating

Just received this in the mail and have to say LCP is my fave so far!

jeffmusial's Rating

Lemon Cream Pie might just be the best protein flavor I've ever tasted.. its almost amazing it tastes this good. I've tried a few other Casein's and this is right there with them. Taste puts it over the top for me though.

damarc6's Rating

by far the best tasting casein ive tasted, no better dessert before bed than this!!

1-20 of 186 Reviews
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