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184 Grams Of Protein Per Serving Providing An Anabolic Formula For Rapid Weight Gain!*

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Pretty strange stuff. Vanilla tastes awful, and has the consistency of sand. Helped gain a few pounds, but not very lean.

CraigMcPounder's Rating

Russian Bear 5000 Weight Gainer wants you to suffer for your gains. This product has the foulest taste of any comestible I have ever ingested. Though I ordered ice cream chocolate, the flavor seemed more to be that of sugar into which someone dropped a teaspoon of melted poor-quality milk chocolate ice cream and—for some reason—bitter strawberries. In addition to the cloying and nauseating flavor, the texture from my preparing it in a shaker bottle was a stench-ridden froth on the top and crunchy residue on the bottom (resistant to any further shaking). Though I felt sick drinking this product, it digested well, and the package was absolutely boss. I finished the tub just to prove to myself that I could. It was the nadir of suffering.

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This product is bizarre. The label hasn't changed once in the 20+ years I've seen it. Even their website ( looks like it's stuck in the 90's. That's not very confidence-inspiring. But my main complaint is that it makes disingenuous claims. Like, 5000 calories? Sure, if you mix one third of the jug with 1 gallon of whole milk. Who is going to do that? Then they say it's the only gainer with no fat, just MCT's. First of all, MCT's ARE fat, and secondly, tons of other shakes use MCT's as their fat source. It's like they wrote this 20 years ago and haven't fact-checked it since. Oh, and then they say it contains "anabolics" like Sikadeer Antler powder. LOL, talk about abuse of the word anabolic. And even if that stuff is beneficial, do you really think they'd add enough of it to make a difference? It reminds me of bottled ice teas saying they contain ginkgo biloba or pomegranate, but the amount is so miniscule it ain't gonna accomplish anything. My other beef with this company is that they conceal important info. For example, they don't tell you the source of carbs, they just say "3-Stage Carbohydrates (Glucose Polymers)". Is that from corn, oats, rice, or what? Unless they tell me, I'm gonna assume it's mostly maltodextrin and other cheap carbs. No thanks. And then they say it contains "milk solids" for protein.....Is that whey or casein? And if it's whey, what KIND of whey? Isolate, concentrate, or what? And finally, who manufactures this stuff, and where?? They just say "distributed by Vital Products LLC". Why should I trust this stuff if I don't know who made it?? The only good things I can say about this product are that it tastes like ice cream and doesn't contain artificial sweeteners. But there are MUCH better products out there. For approx. the same price per pound, you could get Iso Mass Xtreme Gainer, which has MUCH better ingredients. Overall, this product is massive fail. The only people who still buy it are those who bought it for the "Russian" allure, like as if it contains some super-secret Russian steroids or something, lol. In reality it's outdated junk that you shouldn't trust.

mohammed123456's Rating

It is the best wieght gainer that i have ever used. I consume 4 scoobs and i mix them with milk. 2 scoops in any time i want. And two scoops after my workout (post workout). It is really powerful for gaining muscle mass. Make sure to order 3 or 2 container because you will be out of it so fast.

Marccjacobs's Rating

After mixing it with milk, is it supposed to be refrigerated?

nickburtrum8's Rating

Good weight gainer, I've put on size and I'm almost done with my first tub, kind of thick and makes you feel bloated

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Can not say enough about the flavor of this stuff... it truly does taste amazing. I mix one scoop with milk and a serving of Udo's Oil to add some healthy fats and a slightly nutty kick. It is almost literally like drinking melted chocolate ice cream and the powder mixes perfectly every time. Problem is, and maybe someone else can chime in on this, is the sugar content. When mixed with milk, this stuff is 104g of sugar per serving (one scoop), which is basically two and a half cans of soda. I'm not sure how healthy this is long term to consume this much sugar, but Vitol at least claim these are not artificial sweeteners and that the sugar contained is "naturally occurring". I'm taking two scoops a day right now covering about 2,000 of the 5,000 calories in my diet. I'm a Fedex driver with very little time during the day to stop and eat big meals. Another point of mention is I've been through two tubs of this stuff so far and I've experienced no bloating or rancid protein ***** that I've had with other weight gainers, most recently the GNC Amplified Mass. Bottom line is it tastes amazing and does its job, I'm just worried about the sugar content long term.

Djskief's Rating

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I've never had a protein taste or mix this good. The chocolate is spectacular. On the important side of things, it also helped with size. A lot. When I started I was around 164 and had been stuck there for a while (I'm 5'9''). Within about a month and a half of taking this I got up to 171, mostly all lean muscle. I only took 2 or 3 scoops post workout though, which may have helped keep me lean (8%) instead of just putting on calories (it calls for 5 scoops). The only other product I took during this period was Superdrive pre-workout, also highly recommended. Great combo to build muscle mass and increase weight.

brendanbann's Rating

Ice Cream Chocolate is amazing, anybody differently isn't properly blending the powder. This weight gainer works fantastic, gave me lean, clean weight and strength gains.

NoSurrender1988's Rating

Extremely sweet. Like the sweetest chocolate milk you ever had x2. It is actually good at first then over time gets overpowering. I only seen barely any difference in my weight. I'd prolly s****est ON Serious Mass) or even the ( Arnold Mass ).

Clancey53's Rating

You are not supposed to drink the whole gallon in one day! Its a 21 day program! You drink 6oz glass 3 times a day when you mix 5 scoops with a gallon of milk! That's why there's only 3 servings! 1 gallon should last you a week! Read the back of the bottle!

I have had a ton of success building muscle and gaining lean mass with Russian Bear. I only stopped using Russian Bear because it was back ordered everywhere. I've tried other gainers like BSN and Arnold, I couldn't figure out why I was gaining so much fat. I figured all the gainers were the same but I was wrong. After going back and realizing I only started getting a gut after using other gainers I switched back to Russian Bear. Hopefully I can lose this gut quick and continue to add lean muscle. I love this product tho.

TheEricDidier's Rating

By far the best protein I have ever tried. Went and shopped around for other mass gainers while this wasnt available, tried N-Large, ON Pro Mass, Inner Armor Mass, etc. but none come close to this. This has easily the best mix-ability of any protein you will ever have, mass gainer or not. It mixes well and tastes great with water or milk. And I know that it is hard to replicate a Vanilla flavor, and this product comes close to the 'Ice Cream' feel and tastes better than anything Ive had before. I always tell people to find a protein they like the taste of and never let it go, this is that protein to me. As other people say you do NOT need to do all 5 scoops in a day, I will do one scoop with 12 oz of milk or water a day and still noticed 5 pounds gained in a little over a week. So glad this is back, best protein I have ever had.

I was taking this during a period where I had long days at school and very little time to eat. This supplement helped me maintain weight when I could only eat one meal in the morning and this shake for lunch/dinner. I put on muscle as well and got cut at the same time. It tastes great and I would recommend this to anyone looking to put on mass and increase gains.

Dperrino's Rating

My favorite supplement. Tastes great and delivers. My Freshman year of college I used this product to put on weight for football. I went from 190 lbs to 215 in two months and experienced great gains in all my lifts. I just recently started using again for Rugby to put on weight after the season. In the last two months I went from 202 to 225 and have PRed in all my lifts. Highly recommend!

Keyleigh's Rating

I purchased this product after having some issues getting enough daily calories while bulking. On top of that I was hit by a moderately potent case of the flu which ended in me losing 7 pounds. (down to 160) After this unintentional weightloss I decided I needed a little extra something to help with my bulk. After 3 weeks of using 1 scoop (520 cal) twice a day plus the 1/2 gallon of milk (~1800 cal altogether) I mixed it with I quicky put back on the lost 7 pounds. Continuing with the russian bear my strength and weight has steadily increased since then at a faster rate prior to the Russian Bear and flu bug. The chocolate flavor is good and easily drinkable, almost too sweet. It does not have the quantity of sugar listed on the nutritional information which I find a little strange, it may be a large amount. This may be the cause of a little extra bodyfat then what I'm use to on a bulk. Although I'm not sure if this is due to the fact I'm at a higher caloric surplus then usual or if it's because of the "dirtiness" of this bulk/supplement.

NoahBradley88's Rating

This is a great weight gainer! No need to use a complete serving of 5 scoops! Divide a serving by 5 and see how potent each scoop is! I only used 2 scoops post workout and my strength levels and weight steadily went up each week! The vanilla ice cream was fantastic mixed with water and tasted like marshmallow cream! The chocolate was extremely rich in water and didn't have a good taste. I can only imaging how rich the chocolate would be in milk! Buy the vanilla ice cream flavor and you won't regret it! Fantastic price btw!

USAF2012's Rating

Best tasting gainer I've tried yet. ON's Serious Mass comes close, but this is like Nesquick. Easy to mix, sometimes have to add water or more milk to make sure you don't leave any excess powder behind. I like this product, put on about 2-4 pounds from when I started this, which was around 2 weeks ago. A lot of protein, a lot of carbs, and MCT's to boot. Probably the most basic way to go for a gainer, but it is effective. Good thing about it too is that I don't feel overly bloated when I drink this, which means it's easier to get the rest of my meals down for the day. Great product, good results so far. Only bad thing is that gas can be a big issue after drinking this. No other complaints though.

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