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Vitol Russian Bear 5000 Weight Gainer Reviews

184 Grams Of Protein Per Serving Providing An Anabolic Formula For Rapid Weight Gain!*

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I was taking this during a period where I had long days at school and very little time to eat. This supplement helped me maintain weight when I could only eat one meal in the morning and this shake for lunch/dinner. I put on muscle as well and got cut at the same time. It tastes great and I would recommend this to anyone looking to put on mass and increase gains.

Dperrino's Rating

My favorite supplement. Tastes great and delivers. My Freshman year of college I used this product to put on weight for football. I went from 190 lbs to 215 in two months and experienced great gains in all my lifts. I just recently started using again for Rugby to put on weight after the season. In the last two months I went from 202 to 225 and have PRed in all my lifts. Highly recommend!

Keyleigh's Rating

I purchased this product after having some issues getting enough daily calories while bulking. On top of that I was hit by a moderately potent case of the flu which ended in me losing 7 pounds. (down to 160) After this unintentional weightloss I decided I needed a little extra something to help with my bulk. After 3 weeks of using 1 scoop (520 cal) twice a day plus the 1/2 gallon of milk (~1800 cal altogether) I mixed it with I quicky put back on the lost 7 pounds. Continuing with the russian bear my strength and weight has steadily increased since then at a faster rate prior to the Russian Bear and flu bug. The chocolate flavor is good and easily drinkable, almost too sweet. It does not have the quantity of sugar listed on the nutritional information which I find a little strange, it may be a large amount. This may be the cause of a little extra bodyfat then what I'm use to on a bulk. Although I'm not sure if this is due to the fact I'm at a higher caloric surplus then usual or if it's because of the "dirtiness" of this bulk/supplement.

NoahBradley88's Rating

This is a great weight gainer! No need to use a complete serving of 5 scoops! Divide a serving by 5 and see how potent each scoop is! I only used 2 scoops post workout and my strength levels and weight steadily went up each week! The vanilla ice cream was fantastic mixed with water and tasted like marshmallow cream! The chocolate was extremely rich in water and didn't have a good taste. I can only imaging how rich the chocolate would be in milk! Buy the vanilla ice cream flavor and you won't regret it! Fantastic price btw!

USAF2012's Rating

Best tasting gainer I've tried yet. ON's Serious Mass comes close, but this is like Nesquick. Easy to mix, sometimes have to add water or more milk to make sure you don't leave any excess powder behind. I like this product, put on about 2-4 pounds from when I started this, which was around 2 weeks ago. A lot of protein, a lot of carbs, and MCT's to boot. Probably the most basic way to go for a gainer, but it is effective. Good thing about it too is that I don't feel overly bloated when I drink this, which means it's easier to get the rest of my meals down for the day. Great product, good results so far. Only bad thing is that gas can be a big issue after drinking this. No other complaints though.

wiliam7040's Rating

wiliam7040 did not leave a written review for this product.

LSUAlum2001's Rating

Bought 3 tubs of this last week to take as a post workout recovery drink. The 5 scoops/1 gallon serving is a bit insane, so my mix is 1 scoop with 20oz of milk post-workout for approximately 850 calories and 57g of protein. It mixes very easy in simple shaker bottle and tastes like melted vanilla ice cream. It's a little on the sweet side, but nothing unbearable. No gastro-intestinal issues so far, but I rarely have issues with anything. I'll be going the 12lbs of this over a 4 week MaxOT regime, looking to add some size and strength for a power lifting meet in January. I'll post an update/review after finishing the 4 weeks.

ZacHHamam's Rating

My favorite protein I have ever had hands down the taste is unbeatable!!!! Mixes well and made my muscles dense. I would recommend this product!!!

bhirshblond's Rating

I have taken this product for 5 weeks, 2 scoops a day with a regular diet, one in the morning, one after I workout ( added 2000 calories per day with this). I am limited in how much weight I can lift and exercises I can do because of serious spine surgery (lower back) two years ago. Decided to stop feeling sorry for myself. I have already put on 8 pounds of muscle. I am 6' 190 now. I am a hard gainer, always have been. I LOVE the Vanilla Ice cream flavor with milk. I can down a serving no problem. I truly recommend it. I get it for $25 a tub. I may have to stop taking it if the gains continue because the more weight the more I carry on my spine. Keeping my core workouts intense so hopefully I won't have an issue. 10/10 100%

zackpalmisano's Rating

Have been using it since march. Been through 25 tubs just about. They recently changed the carb source or something because it went from a sugary maltodextrin taste to a bland, bad aftertaste non flavored protein flavored powder that doesn't mix nearly as well as it used to. Never buy vanilla, it won't mix and turns into a nasty *** foam.

Jackedguy92's Rating

This is by far one of the best weight gainers I have ever taken. I took the full gallon and full 5 scoops. Within in 2 weeks I gained 20lbs mostly muscle!!! But mixing it with water is horrible tasting. I advise you keep it mixed with milk. But my strength did go up bench went up from 325 too 405 squat from 575 too 645 dead lift from 595 too 605 but I also recommend eating small snacks to keep body function running normal Great product love it!! :)

Alexander7474's Rating

Great for anyone who has a high metabolism (I have been skinny my whole life) so this works great for me. I am seeing nothing but gains!

mikelosangeles's Rating

You're going to think I either work for Vitol or am a snake-oil salesman, but neither is the case. :) I saw visible results (muscle gains) using this product in less than 24-hours. A chick I was hanging out with at the time witnessed the visible gains and commented on them as well. (I was hanging out with her both before & after starting to take this product.) Granted, I'm a newbie... had only been hitting the gym for a month or so prior... so someone that's been lifting for years (like a friend of mine) might not see such drastic effects... so quickly. I did. That's my experience. Went down from trying to take recommended serving though; that's insane! I take 2 scoops on workout days only. About 1.5 - 1.75 scoops as a post, .5 before.

DamienJBerger's Rating

I gained four pounds in my first week taking it taste great and didn't mess my stomach up at all

malattar's Rating

malattar did not leave a written review for this product.

I have been taking this product for one week now. I suffer from IBD Crohn's Disease and cannot take many of the ingredients commonly included in calorie gainers, primarily High Fructose Corn Syrup, Soy Lecithin and other Soy product, Aritificial sweeteners, vegetable oils like Canola, Corn, etc. Gluten, and more. If any of these are present I would know within 6-24 hours. So far I have had no gastro intestinal side effects from taking this product and that means the most to me. I've seen some good weight gain in the past few days with high energy levels, I can't tell for sure if it's the product or not but thought I'd throw that out there. The claims of 2500 calories are a bit exaggerated when you look at the serving size and servings per bottle BUT taking it at a reasonable 1 scoop per day it's still about 500 cals dry, that's a decent chunk of solid food's worth in a small amount of powder. Tastes like pretty much every other chocolate protein shake I've tried.

tried this the other day tasted like nothing but PURE SUGAR funny how they dont list sugar as an ingredient because thats all i tasted as for the effects of this i didnt try this protien more than once the flavor was just horrid in water

mkuriger's Rating

This is my favorite protein powder. You need to mix it in a blender, but other than that it's great. Tastes delicious. I am easily able to drink a gallon a day.

mross65's Rating

mross65 did not leave a written review for this product.

philljes0's Rating

philljes0 did not leave a written review for this product.

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