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Support Muscle Gains With More Energy And Vitality*

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Honlulu's Rating

Honlulu did not leave a written review for this product.

whunter1's Rating

Great T boost. I got more vainy and pop more in the mirror. Stacking this with Gut Cut too and energy the Cracked Energy one. Real easy to get in the gym feel like I have way way better energy.

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machoc's Rating

Helped my MMA training good product, saw in several fight mags. Not so sure about bodybuilding but worth it in my humble opinion.

heroyuki's Rating

i felt nothing. no enegy changes, wont buy this again. NOW Food's Maca is better.

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C7A2's Rating

C7A2 did not leave a written review for this product.

punahelemoku's Rating

punahelemoku did not leave a written review for this product.

ArcherOfNor's Rating

This is good stuff. Noticed a big increase in libido. My muscles feel fuller and tighter. Pretty good for the price. I take it as soon as I wake up. On the downside, I do seem to be more aggro. Overall tho, I think this is worth buying again.

vegasnites's Rating

I can see a marked increase in my energy levels and positive effects in my workouts. Can't beat the price, or the boost!

cooljoebay's Rating

Took the recommended dosage. I didn't notice any difference for a couple of days. On the third day, my libido went up and stayed up for about a week. It was great. But then I noticed it was going down. After a couple more days, it not only went down, but hit rock bottom. It was worse than before. Don't know what that was about. But the effect it gave me didn't justify the cost. Next time I will be trying to supplement using ingredients bought separately.

theslimdavylp's Rating

theslimdavylp did not leave a written review for this product.

655Days's Rating

I have used another supplement with Tribulus before and liked the results. So I came across Wrecking Balls and saw that it had a good combination of Tribulus and Zinc with a great price. I'm very happy with the results and how it makes me feel. I can feel increased testosterone without "shrinkage" that you might get from other things. One bottle is a month's supply which means that this is a GREAT value play - you just can't beat that price for the results - I will definitely be ordering again.

corngogger's Rating

Bought this stuff after doing all the new stuff, a50,ahd, pink magic, solid , etc etc To be honest this s__t rocks. I started taking 2 a day but had to cut back because I was just too **** aggressive!I know , hard to believe but if you look at whats in it u can see that its a smart formula, and I can say that this is what I will be reordering!I take this with either jack3d or 1mr and I look as good or better than I did when I was taking all the other s--t,It has made me a *****- dog in the bedroom , wood all the time and I have killer workout and get comments all the time from friends who know me and they ask me what Im taking, that I look good and they cant believe it when I tell "wrecking Balls"! may be their promotion of their product is a little strange but this is s good test booster and i recommend it.

emoretech's Rating

Well at age 46 I would have thought this product would of gave me some extra boost. I must say it did not effect my energy level at all.

Gooch21's Rating

Really good use it pre-game and feel like a beast. Cheap price also good for a pre-workout alternative to nitric oxide.

VitaMin33's Rating

VitaMin33 did not leave a written review for this product.

gatwick's Rating

This definetly worked for me. Makes you ready at all times

veinbreaker's Rating

this product works it increases testosterone how do i know? tried it for about 2.5 months, made me constantly ***** and increased my hair loss rate quite noticably the hair loss rate reduced and went back to normal several months after I stopped taking the product. if you are NOT prone to hairloss, this is a highly recommended well priced product which actually works... i envy those who CAN take it

drewstein's Rating

ok-Don't forget to look at the Niacin content before stacking w/other Vigor Lab stuff. Holy freaking flush!Altogether very happy w/ball refill-chainsaw-wrecking balls stack. I use it for fun, and it delivers. Make sure you take it PRIOR as per instructions.

iamananimal80's Rating

awesome test boost. I stack it with Ball Refill. Gained 15 pounds on the bench in first two months.

--Apollo10--'s Rating

Noticed good gains while including wrecking balls in my stack. Would buy it again

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