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Supports Testosterone Levels In Athletes Looking To Optimize Strength & Performance*

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nosferotica's Rating

Ok, so I'm gonna give this the best review I can, since I kind of goofed up the way you were supposed to stack it with test on training days (an hour prior to training, I was taking it 1/2 before 15 mins after test. You're supposed to take test 1/2 hour after stak before training) but I got the off-days correct (contrary to this page, the can says before bed. I took test in the AM with breakfast). I have been having a hard time breaking my 165 lb ceiling. I was taking this with test and I weighed myself recently and I gained about 10 lbs, 175. I have been stuck at 165 since forever, easily last year when I started training. I lost about 20 lbs doing insanity, then started p90x and gained it back, but my bodyfat stayed lower, 15 percent. I took Animal Mass, Universal RealGains, even the Arnold Iron Mass, I had a hell of a time gaining weight. This did it, though. And with M-Stak in my veins right now, I can't satiate my appetite. I've never been this hungry before.

ma2langron's Rating

Great product for building muscle and losing body fat. I have noticed I am able to preform my workout with ease now and very little soreness. I recommend this product.

Jhauck21's Rating

With stak I have had small, yet noticeable body fat loss as well as muscle gain. I have not noticed much change as far as strength goes.

iamFlopez's Rating

Loss of body fat, very noticeable muscular gains, and all new PRs set during a time when I was hitting the gym 6 out of 7 days. I would recommend this product.

ianpdonovan's Rating

Within 1 day of taking you start feeling that edge. Workouts that normally would leave me sore for days felt like warm-ups. Great for hard gainers, especially if stacked with M-Stak. A bulking must have!

petervankleeck's Rating

Animal Stak has been one of my staple supplements for many years. This product is one among the “old-school” supplements that have proven effective for muscular endurance and development over the long term.

Lodiggz's Rating

Its pretty good for gaining strength I've stacked this with mstak an got good results. Together they work to keep your body anabolic even on a cut. I recommend this product.

DustyC's Rating

I have been a big animal fan for year starting with the pack then the PM. I always had wondered about the stack. Gave me a nice boost if taken pre workout, otherwise I would take it before bed to help with recovery.

Fatman13x's Rating

Took the can 21 days in a row while eating and lifting heavy did not notice anything different. Better off spending money on meat and veggies.

staticparadox's Rating

staticparadox did not leave a written review for this product.

Dopelos187's Rating

I can feel the gains in my strength,more reps better work outs,recover quicker.Def buying again!

lyesdyhia's Rating

lyesdyhia did not leave a written review for this product.

sharkbr's Rating

Excellent product and a fair price. I have noticed strength gains and better energy!

chris22656's Rating

What can I say about Animal Stak. Honestly Did not meet expectations.. kind of upset I spent this much on these... honestly didnt help me out much if any at all. Could not tell any difference. Pretty upset about the product kind of feel as if i wasted my cash. But i did recieve it very very quickly and efficiently thanks bodybuilding.com you were the best part of this experience.

CG2 did not leave a written review for this product.

THEJOEL13's Rating

On my second 21 day stack now. I have noticed gains in strength and cuts. Very pleased with this product. Just an FYI it is 8 pills per pack. So if you don't like taking pills this isn't a product for you.

tompihejean's Rating

Good product, always seem to see good gains with the proper nutrition. Will say...a lot of pills if your not into that thing

agold01's Rating

I did a lot of research before taking this, but I'm pretty happy with the results so far. I'm 2 weeks into the stak (it comes with 3 weeks worth of packets) and when I'm in the gym I feel more energized as well as more pumped. I will say it made me noticeably more irritable and break out a little bit. Theres eight total pills per stak, and going down they leave a bit of a weird taste. I'm gonna finish the stak then give it a break for a bit before going back on. I'd recommend this to someone trying to up his weight training.

MacDaddyLuv's Rating

Yes, swallowing all those pills can be rough...But it is definitely worth it. I went harder and longer in my workouts while on the stak. Saw increase in muscle size as well as definition. For those of us that have trouble gaining weight and size, this products worked wonders. Will for sure use this product again and again.

glidden1's Rating

glidden1 did not leave a written review for this product.

1-20 of 450 Reviews