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Contains A High Performance Creatine And N.O. Formula*

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adamek47's Rating

Just want to know why the pills are diffrent colours When we type in on Google animal pump official website it's shows that there are some yellows pills I bought this product's and instead of yellow there are white ones ??

757wakeboarder's Rating

This stuff is nice. I'm questioning that it has your "max daily value of creatine" in it because it appears to only have 3 grams and your typical creatine serving for a maintenance phase alone is 5 grams. Do your research on when to take creatine, the directions say to take it pre-workout however there is a lot of research that says it's better to take creatine post-workout and taking it with something that is high in carbs significantly increases your body's absorption of it. The pills are fine except for the three brown ones which are difficult to swallow but you get used to them after the first few times. They also taste and smell oddly of maple syrup.

joen63's Rating

I like the other products in the Univeral Animal line and was disappointed by Pump. The energy pill is great for a moderate, sustained energy release, but not really what you want for a pre workout stim. The fact that it contains so much creatine is a bit of a cop out to me as well, as creatine is such a cheap supplement to produce that it feels like a cheap cash in. For the price, I would definitely go with another pre workout that contains more pump inducing ingredients and less creatine.

zayed1221's Rating

Hello everyone,please becarful as I have found a hair inside one of the capsules when I wanted to to open the pack, I believe this is very dangerous, I dont know from where this hair came from or it belongs to what!! '

steveprice77's Rating

steveprice77 did not leave a written review for this product.

Powersmokin's Rating

Pretty **** good. Have compared to N.O.-Xplode and i like this better. Granted the pills aren't as easy to take as a shot, but I like the option to tone down the stim. Keeping the stimulants in the red pill allow me to either toss it out (save it for later), or open it up and shake some out. I work out at night, go home and go to bed afterwards. Taking the entire red pill would keep me up, but taking half gives me adequate energy during my workout and still lets me sleep. The pump from this is insane IMO. I only take the whole pack if I'm lifting, and on my days off, ill just supp with 3.5G of mono, but when I take this and lift, it feels like my skin is going to rip (sometimes I actually get nervous lol). Anyways, solid pack. Another good product from Universal.

XgiovaniX's Rating

My second time using this, first was maybe 4 years ago. At that time i remember it was strong as hell to me, crazy pumps, and red pill was to much so i had to take it out. Now i take the red one and all the others but the effect is not so cool as i remmber back in time. Anyway its still nice effet and it gave me strenght, endurance and overal energy. Pumps is sometimes good sometimes not so.. i guess it depends on the diet too. Also im from Europe and i heard that they had to change the ingredients due to the fact that some of them aren't allowed in europe or something so it might be weaker formula. Anyway i give it a 8, i have tried others pre-workout and this work the best for me.

johnkoliantris's Rating

johnkoliantris did not leave a written review for this product.

CQuade249's Rating

I have used animal pump on and off for two years now with this product I have experienced the best pump I have ever had during my workouts. One serving size is one pack with 9 pills it is a lot of pills but it works.it's has your daily serving of creatine which I like. The pumps during my workouts were extreme and no other pre workout suppliment I have tried has even come close. That's why I give animal pump a 10/10

trojannation's Rating

trojannation did not leave a written review for this product.

chaid's Rating

Favorite new pre workout love that it is in pill form and not a powder. Never upsets my stomach or gives me the caffeine jitters. Just does what it says great energy and a really solid pump as long as you are pushing yourself.

william.f.medina's Rating

william.f.medina did not leave a written review for this product.

Rhino71894's Rating

Took the first time with Gaspari Superdrive, and had an AMAZING pump on leg day. Then took it by itself on arm day, and my arms felt like they were going to explode. I love the pump, but as far as gains it is too early to tell. It does what it says it does, though. Great product, Universal does not disappoint.

HDLLC's Rating

HDLLC did not leave a written review for this product.

Rugbybrat04's Rating

Rugbybrat04 did not leave a written review for this product.

optimusgonzo's Rating

On its own or taken with Animal rageXL i got an ok pump. Nothing to brag about. When i take it with BPI pumpHD i get a really good pump. Veins standing out, forearms feeling like theyre about to burst. i take it with and without the red stim pill. I have a high caffeine tolerance so it doesnt really matter. If youre a noob you might want to set it aside for a rainy day.

JOBO410's Rating

JOBO410 did not leave a written review for this product.

jay311088's Rating

jay311088 did not leave a written review for this product.

spartan245's Rating

I have to say this has worked well. gives you a good pump without any jitters. although , if you use a lot of pre-workout powders you will need to take one along with this. I took a break from pre-workouts and I still have the energy to finish my workouts.

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