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Supports Rigorous Training for All Competitive Strength and Power Athletes*

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soonbecrossfit's Rating

This company is my go to for multivitamins and glutamine. This vitamin pak has all the essentials and doesn't overload on the cheaper vitamins like a lot of companies. I like that because I take other stuff which also has vitamins in it. Like (PM TEST stuff like that.) one pak is great for me stats: 6'2'' 258lbs. 19%bf.

alolayyanm1's Rating

Good product

bessemzarrouk's Rating

you all everything in a pack , i think that sometimes i get too much cause if you add to this omega3 capsule ( which is not included and sorry if im wrong ) and bcaa ( not included too ) you will end up with over 16 capsules/ day. Those who takes 2 packs a day are just aliens . 8/10 reason : pills are huge and not easy to swallow.

B0ssanova's Rating

your body cannot process all the nutrients of this product 11 pills is overkill .

vcapetil's Rating

Best of the best

herculou's Rating

for me this is still the best on the market

nsalerno33's Rating

For the money animal paks pack a punch. I definitely notice a difference when I take them. I'v found the work best. If I take one pack before the gym and the second pack before bed.

firasghantous's Rating

i don't know guys for me nothing speciall.and taking 11 pills is not very convenient,im not buying it again

jahowie1972's Rating

I did not notice any energy enhancement, but what I did notice was terrible constipation......I know, TMI right? I had to stop taking them, and a couple of days after I stopped everything returned to normal. I realize that everyone reacts differently to different vitamins, this is only my experience. I switched back to my regular multi-vitamin. It was a lot of pills, and a few of them were really big.

mikespgh1986's Rating

Love these animal vite paks ... alot of pills but def notice improvements

HazemJ93's Rating

Best multi on the market, although a bit pricy.

dmagoo147's Rating

The PAK has everything you need. period.

AlexEagle007's Rating

AlexEagle007 did not leave a written review for this product.

TimeToMakeGains's Rating

Just got done with my first tub! And this compared to the basic single vitamin caps is very huge! I feel like the effects of the paks sorta double and are stronger then the basic multivitamin i have taken before, and also another thing i love about these is that whenever i take them i look more vascular and my veins pop out and are more visible.

daviddulko's Rating

daviddulko did not leave a written review for this product.

julimelatini's Rating

I gotta say this is an excellent supp, absolutely complete. You don't have to worry about the 11 pills, most of them are small. One thing that I'd reccomend is not taking it (specially for begginers) 30 mins before training. I take it whit the breakfast and it gives me plenty of energy for the whole day.

rabinovichdj's Rating

rabinovichdj did not leave a written review for this product.

OralGordon's Rating

In my opinion one of the best multi out there! highly recommended, be ready to swallow huge pills!

kgruenwald's Rating

kgruenwald did not leave a written review for this product.

Rhino71894's Rating

I originally wrote a review after a month of using this product. I now have been a user for 9 months. THIS is a staple in my supplement regimen. I went one week where I ran out, and I could feel a major difference in my overall energy. This product is great, and there's a reason it has been around for so long, IT. WORKS.

1-20 of 1,578 Reviews