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Supports Rigorous Training for All Competitive Strength and Power Athletes*

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hockeyquinn25's Rating

Just got Animal Pak about a week ago. I usually don't have an issue taking pills, but I have some trouble sometimes with these. They are big and the texture makes them difficult to swallow. This is a great product other than the amount of pills you have to take and the size of them. If you're looking for good multivitamins that you can rely on, this is it.


RAGINGSILENCE did not leave a written review for this product.

TechnoAddict's Rating

When you train hard you need to supply your body with the proper micronutrients - Animal Pak is excellent for this. If you are an athlete or otherwise training hard then Animal Pak is for you. I wouldn't consider this a vitamin you can take year-round, but I definitely recommend it for those periods of the year when you are training harder than normal (before competitions, during training season, etc). Don't spend hours researching what nutrients to take for creating a Vitamin stack. Animal Pak has everything you need.

bl3114's Rating

This by far one of the best supplements on the market. I haves made so many gains with this product. I recommend this to anyone who wants to gain muscle and lose fat!

TheMatys's Rating

It's a good and comprehensive multivitamin product, but not the best value you can find. I will not buy again. There are similar products with better value for money. Also it is plenty caps to swallow and the box does not last for long if you dose high as I do.

matthewhoffman7's Rating

matthewhoffman7 did not leave a written review for this product.

Mhouliha's Rating

Great product to promote overall health! Only issue is some of the pills are huge and hard to swallow.

YohanLampard's Rating

Everything you need in one pack...thats it

ianvassar's Rating

The product works. It's as simple as that.

el_lucas1's Rating

This is by far the best multivitamin ive taken, I switched to animalpak midway through my bodybuilding prep i noticed the changes , i was less sore and more energized and had overall better days.

tonynzales's Rating

tonynzales did not leave a written review for this product.

Greater Deity's Rating

I don't even have the words. I took this with a big glass of water. 1 hour later, I feel like I can move the ****ing galaxy... O_o I'm losin it... I LOVE IT!!!! *roar* The ingredient label is something our bodies cry for; your company is serious about health and performance, and the quality of your product shows it. OUTSTANDING! Definitely a staple in my nutrition from now on; but keep this bangin' price!

smackinoff's Rating

I love this multivitamin! I have noticed hair thickness and more immunity to colds are the best they have even been. This will be my go to for a multi!

Vladdem's Rating

Vladdem did not leave a written review for this product.

barraktony's Rating

barraktony did not leave a written review for this product.

peterv240's Rating

As with any multi-vitamin complex - do not except magic. If you diet are balanced, this product will do very little for you. It does boost testosterone a little, though.

cometbrumby's Rating

cometbrumby did not leave a written review for this product.

stoddarddavid9's Rating

Gives you everything you need. It's a lot better than having 10 bottles lying around, trust me. There are quite a bit of pills to pop daily, but better to get it one and done - out of the way. Good to stack with ANIMAL's FLEX pack too for joints.

phillyjeff's Rating

I've been using Pak for about a month and I definitely feel better.

Kennysvgp08's Rating

Most multi vitamins you don't really "feel it." With Animal Pak, you feel it. It gives you everything you need. Don't be a wuss about the vitamins, you get used to it. Love Pak, definitely a staple in my supplement line.

1-20 of 1,622 Reviews