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Supports Rigorous Training for All Competitive Strength and Power Athletes*

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ZlatkoH's Rating

ZlatkoH did not leave a written review for this product.

mtbrown90's Rating

Amazing vitamins! Not only health, but joints feel better as well! I'm hooked!

MCooper305's Rating

The multi-vitamin pak that has everything you need. Go nowhere else!

Muddline's Rating

A lot of pills and I prefer liquid gels bUT I know I'm getting a good product - would be cool to blend them with a shake. I like how it got a little extra in the vitamin bcaa anti oxidants. Got to drink tons of water to prevent neon urine lol

censored's Rating

Okay, so it really bugs me that this product has a lesser rating then the Freak version considering the freak version is an almost 100% replica at 25% higher cost and 50% of the measurements. Buy this multi-vit, you won't regret it. It's honestly the best out there and should be a part of any serious athlete's supp stash.

TheBeastWCBB's Rating

This is one of my favorite products over the years! I actually took it in prep for many of my Wheelchair Bodybuilding competitions around the world and I have achieved great results from this product. I take with food with Meal 1 but everybody is different. Highly Recommend it

SilentBob890's Rating

Though I admit at first I was put off by the 11 pills and the size of a couple, the benefits far outweigh any problems/concerns about that. After a week of taking them, you start feeling much more energetic/happy. My digestive system took a bit to get used to them, but again, after a week it was all good. As a matter of fact, better than ever. These also help curve my appetite a little bit (probably because taking these pills make me want to drink an entire ocean of water - drink about 1 gall of water a day now), and I definitely saw performance improvements in my workouts after the first week/two weeks. Now that I've taken it for two months straight, I can say I this should be the staple supplement for any individual trying to improve their physical shape. A MUST!

KittyWeiss's Rating

Also they are quite big but I didn't have problems to eat them I think it's not a problem for people who train hard to eat a few large pills :) Piece of cake and definitely worth it !

ajej4780's Rating

I am nearly finished with my first can. I can honestly say that this is the best daily vitamin pack I have ever had. It has high doses of everything you need and then some. I am extremely satisfied with this product and plan to refill very soon. If you havent tried this out yet you need to. The only caution I would give is that if you have trouble swallowing large pills you might have trouble with this. There are 11 pills total and about 7 of them are fairly large.

PaulGYMy's Rating

I've been using the product for a month and besides the huge number of pills you have to put inside you and besides the terrible smell caused by the B complex it was a very good product. After taking it for one week i started to feel more energic in day by day life , i noticed improved strength and also some gains.Taking a multi complex it's very important for your health ,but as a bodybuilder it helps the proteins to synthesize into the muscle.As a conclusion awesome product awesome results

Bigcountry1213's Rating

Just started using Animal vita packs, I feel a lot more energy! Great recovery vita, but it is a lot of pills! :( and I must warn you, if you just started using these don't be freaked out when you go to take a leak and you turn into a highlighter.

soonbecrossfit's Rating

This company is my go to for multivitamins and glutamine. This vitamin pak has all the essentials and doesn't overload on the cheaper vitamins like a lot of companies. I like that because I take other stuff which also has vitamins in it. Like (PM TEST stuff like that.) one pak is great for me stats: 6'2'' 258lbs. 19%bf.

alolayyanm1's Rating

Good product

bessemzarrouk's Rating

you all everything in a pack , i think that sometimes i get too much cause if you add to this omega3 capsule ( which is not included and sorry if im wrong ) and bcaa ( not included too ) you will end up with over 16 capsules/ day. Those who takes 2 packs a day are just aliens . 8/10 reason : pills are huge and not easy to swallow.

B0ssanova's Rating

your body cannot process all the nutrients of this product 11 pills is overkill .

vcapetil's Rating

Best of the best

herculou's Rating

for me this is still the best on the market

nsalerno33's Rating

For the money animal paks pack a punch. I definitely notice a difference when I take them. I'v found the work best. If I take one pack before the gym and the second pack before bed.

firasghantous's Rating

i don't know guys for me nothing speciall.and taking 11 pills is not very convenient,im not buying it again

jahowie1972's Rating

I did not notice any energy enhancement, but what I did notice was terrible constipation......I know, TMI right? I had to stop taking them, and a couple of days after I stopped everything returned to normal. I realize that everyone reacts differently to different vitamins, this is only my experience. I switched back to my regular multi-vitamin. It was a lot of pills, and a few of them were really big.

1-20 of 1,587 Reviews