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Universal Nutrition Animal Pak Reviews

Supports Rigorous Training for All Competitive Strength and Power Athletes*

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Shaun330's Rating

I like this multi though I don't use it anymore. It's solid

bigpat94's Rating

Best vitamin ever. Why sell your self short and buy a vitamin that contains only 2 pills. The difference obvious.

DropkickMurphys's Rating

LOT of pills, and several are too large for me to swallow. I literally choked on a couple of them... I wouldn't recommend this product unless you have ZERO trouble swallowing pills.

pge2755's Rating

If you are looking for a great multi with everything there is, then Animal Pak is it. I take the pak first thing in the morning with my whey protein. There is no stomach upset. If you have a problem with a lot of tablets, be prepared, but I think its worth it for all this product can do for you.

qstick99's Rating

One of the best multis you can get, complex profile.

harveler's Rating

I was taking 20+ pills to get all my micronutrients. This has literally everything I need. It absorbs well, you feel the effects instantly so I am assuming it is very soluble, and for the price you can't beat it. I was taking all these stupid hyped up products but all I really need is Animal Pak, protein powder, and creatine.

JacobCrim88's Rating

For years I wanted to try Animal Pak but I never purchased it for whatever reason. Now that i'm on it I doubt there is any looking back. You can not beat a 44 day supply for 29 dollars. I tried taking two a day just to see if there was a difference, and I could not tell if there was or wasnt. Such is the case with multi vitamins though. I also have no problem swallowing the larger pills. How can we as weight lifters pride ourselves on lifting but we can not manage to swallow a vitamin? Its not that hard. The pak is worth every penny.

m.castro's Rating

m.castro did not leave a written review for this product.

newplant87's Rating

newplant87 did not leave a written review for this product.

magik418's Rating

magik418 did not leave a written review for this product.

Tater20's Rating

I purchased this while waiting for Jim Stoppani's Vita Jym. 11 pills a day is way too much. And the recommended 22 pills is ridiculous. There are three monstrous pills in each pack that make the each time dreadful. The instructions say to take with a meal. For me, this meal had to be very large. If the meal was light then the pills would turn my stomach inside out. I would recommend this for serous competitive bodybuilders and strongmen. Their meal plan and body requirements might be suited better than those who exercise for general health purposes.

fahedhassan's Rating

its a good product, it will help you a lot, especially when you take it at the morning with breakfast

ed_12's Rating

ed_12 did not leave a written review for this product.

MlivicA's Rating

Love this product helped me get back to normal life it has all the basic multivitamins and chemicals needed for daily life, has 100% of all the daily needs, MG, G, Kilo, micro grams, Kilograms, short, Medium, Fast absorbing, boosts metabolism 100 fold and makes you look shredded, kills enzymes and promotes digestion, Makes me want to ride my bike, buts its cool imam make it like lil wayne, facebook, Hotmail, password, bmo, banks, worlds, stores, clothes, grass, parks, weather

meisterpump's Rating

Excellent multi vitamin, BEWARE ANIMAL PAK IS STRONG, I definitely had to get used to the half dosage of the s****ested 2 paks a day. Formulated with all the vitamins that you need to get, stay and look stronger. Serious athletes take this multivitamin. MUST EAT NICE BFAST OR MEAL PRIOR TO TAKING. You will however, feel stronger and full of energy if your lacking motivation or drive to get into the gym. Drink a gallon of water with this pak and more if your stacking this. I will order the 42 pack again! Get animal style!

Ritchie129's Rating

I love this product it is a go to for my mutli/ daily vitamin. I take it every morning with my fish oils and breakfast.

omar20111's Rating

i just have 1 problem with this it have too many pills and some of them was so big to swallow

Thatbeastnarek's Rating

Pretty good multi+, the amount of pills takes getting used to. DONT TAKE ON EMPTY STOMACH

damontsar's Rating

Hard to swallow 11 pills, but still a good vitamin.

1-20 of 1,539 Reviews
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