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Supports Rigorous Training for All Competitive Strength and Power Athletes*

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mattandprevail's Rating

I feel like Animal Pak has given me better overall health. I feel more alert, energy and daily endurance since starting the cycle. It has a nice mix of general multivitamins and ingredients more geared towards athletes.

goybh's Rating

the best! never more flu again! tks Animal Pack for exist!

KingVXXI's Rating

Best vitamin pak in terms of quality & effectiveness in my opinion. If you're serious about lifting this should be a staple in your stack. Would be 10/10 if it had fish oils

MaxPerform's Rating

One of the only products I have ever felt working when I take it, i just feel better within myself when using these, i think they're the best multivitamin in the world.

OrionStang's Rating

Tried and true. After trying several different multivitamin supp's, I always return to old faithful. Animal Pak gives me an overall better feeling of well-being. Not that the others make me feel "bad", they just don't do what the Pak does. There is a reason its been rated No.1 for so long. Definitely recommend, not for just athletes, but anybody looking to supplement quality nutrients into their lives.

aereo41's Rating

My BF loves these. I don't take them myself, but he has tried tons, and this is his go-to vitamin pack

scamarato's Rating

REAL REVIEW: I just finished my 3 week cycle. I ordered this pak from another site since it was cheaper there. To sum everything up, this did absolutely nothing for me and I don't recommend this. I took two paks a day, with small meals. On slight occasions, I would feel a bit hotter in the stomach region, but that was rare. I had no boost in energy, no reduced appetite, and my urination was normal for the amount of water I drank. Overall, this had no bad side effects or good ones. I just felt like I was forcing down pills to have pills in my body. 7 Pills was a lot to chug down, but having no effect is beyond disappointing.

albuquerquenerd's Rating

These vitamins always give me a pump. You know the vitamins are the real deal when you have to take two bags of them to constitute one service. And they have a measurable amount of protein to track lol.

Zachpajtasz's Rating

I've been using this since day 1 and I've never switched multi-vitamins as I feel these are a staple. Animal multi-vitamins are top of the line and I highly recommend them.

omar.tall's Rating

This is the only multi that has ever worked for me. I take it in the morning after a hearty breakfast. Great energy throughout the work day. 1-2 hour workout sessions 4-5 days a week. Creatine, whey protein and casein are the only other supplements I take. All lifts have improved. Recovery is lightning fast.

DatWolf's Rating

A lot of pills but it's more than worth it. A staple in my supplements.

sandro1986's Rating

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KB3221's Rating

This product is great the only reason I didnt rate it a 10 no fish oil included. Days I dont take it I totally feel the difference. The digestive enzymes work amazing.

RIPPEDK20's Rating

Honestly, getting mixed results from it, got it because my norm was out of stock, and you dont get much for the similar price. I have been using it for about a week now and I know thats not long, but since then this product has made me feel nauseous, and made my stomach upset. ( i chock that up to the "adjustment" period.) however other results from it, i do see some but not sure if thats just the product removing water. thats why i gave this a 5. without long term use, cant definitively say its a great product.

Dorian1Adrian's Rating

Animal Pak it's my excellent multivitamin #pak. It keep my immune system at high levels.

Abradnaseer's Rating

On my second container now.. this this is the best. all you can get in 1 go.. only con is that you have to take 2 pack To get what you see on the label..

kwalk93's Rating

Great multi providing everything you need and more

brogers57's Rating

I have been taking Animal Pak for about half a year now and it definitely is a great blend of vitamins. The most discernible effect I have experienced as a result of taking the product is better recovery. I tend to only use one packet a day just so I can stretch it out over 44 days instead of 22 and that has worked fine for me.

elduro's Rating

My second favorite multi, i still hate the fact that you have to take 11 pill at once, bbut still a good product, i live in Colombia and the price for the 44 pak is like 40 bucks whick in my opinion still very expensive.

1-20 of 1,662 Reviews