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Universal Nutrition Animal Pak Reviews

Supports Rigorous Training for All Competitive Strength and Power Athletes*

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ray gigantino's Rating

You know when a company sticks around sense 70 s ,they are doing something right,you can feel the the power in all the ,animal products,

kaptsov's Rating

Huge serving pack, works great - No sleepy feeling in the mornings. Usualy I'm ill on Springs, but with Animal pack it went nice and smooth.

thefaceroller's Rating

Animal Pak has been part of my supplement list for a long time. Tried others from time to time, but always end up back to Animal Pak. I dont care much for papers or ads, but I care for what logics and raw biology knowledge gives. I know Animal Pak can deliver cuz I live in the edge. I bodybuild, I travel to all over the world, and a strong immune system, vitamins and minerals are essential to my diet. No other supplement even with my strict nutrition plan can give me ease than animal pak. If you ask me, everyone should take it.

BAIRES68's Rating

BAIRES68 did not leave a written review for this product.

turtlej44's Rating

I love the components in this mix and I like that it is in two packets. I like taking one packet in the morning and one at night. I definitely recommend this as your vitamin suport.

Shreddingtime's Rating

Foundational pilar on any stack. Go to product for all levels - good and effective multivitamin, best choice if you are unsure of what to purchase.

kennycasado12's Rating

Great Source of Vitamins and Aminos!. Noticed slight boost of energy on my first pack. Just started cycling it with Arnold series "Iron Cut" and Iron Dream". Works great, I love the digestive power. The only draw back is the fact it contains 11 pills per pack.

dlraro's Rating

I dont think you can get a better multivitamins supplement than this. well unless you are looking for something easier to take, because this pills are very big pills

housecutz's Rating

Nothing gets it all in there like an Animal - a must for your daily regime

Gabe454's Rating

I felt great while taking these vitamins. The only draw back is trying to swallow one right after the other. Some may not mind that, however at times I could stomach it :-P (would like to find this product in a powder form to drink).

BenjaminT's Rating

I love this! Gives me all that I need, no doubt I am covered on the vitamin and mineral side.

DoTheClipsCount's Rating

Highly recommend this product. I've cycled and experimented with a bunch of supplements seeing what works and what I like and with every order I've ordered at least one of these. Yes, warning you now, there is a **** load of pills in one pak including 3 or 4 horse pills but trust me it's worth it. You'll look and feel a whole lot better.

JMWB's Rating

Like running on premium instead of regular unleaded.

Legs09's Rating

It's hard to really say if a multi is doing something. It won't give you any pump, rush or build muscle. But I've noticed I don't get sick when I'm taking Animal Pak. My belief goes if your diet is absolutely Zeus you don't need a multi. But for most people a multi will act as insurance to meet required nutrient goals. Like for students eating ramen and KD. (also don't flush fluorescent pee and tell roomate/spouse you got hit with Gamma Rays at work for the lols)

mbennesby's Rating

well, I don't think that you should take 2 packs/day. I used 1 pack on post workout to let my body absorb every vitamin. on the first day i took it before my workout and it made me pee green. but when i took it with my post-workout i felt like it was being better absorbed. it also gave me a better vascularity throughout the days

Jeissonp's Rating

Very hard drink all this caps but later you see the results.

Bacardinan's Rating

Bacardinan did not leave a written review for this product.

Palos81's Rating

I really love these vitamins. Like for real, they work and are essential and if you're serious about health and fitness these are it. I've been using these for a couple weeks. They've helped me with sustained energy throughout the day and help me fight fatigue seeing I have super active lifestyle with a wife and one year old, hectic work schedule and 5-6 day 2-2 1/2 hour workout routine.Today was a true test seeing that i took these before a 35 mile bike ride with a intense pace and serious climbs. After the ride though rightfully tired, there was no burn out and I was even to run a couple errands the second half of my day while spend time with my family without feeling sl****ish and out of it. Skip the pwo this month. Get you some of this!

steveneedsmoney's Rating

Very good, clean feeling vitamins, most certainly feel better taking them with high intensity workouts, and multiple work outs per day. Only issue lots of pillls and size on a few are HUGE!!!. But overall, very good product. I will continue to use this product.

cardeziac's Rating

Prob my favorite Multi. Personally, I supplement it with one of those generic cheap 500 pills for $5 just to save money to stretch it out to 44 days worth but highly recommend buy if your looking for a great product.

1-20 of 1,501 Reviews
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