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Universal Nutrition Animal Flex Reviews

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NoStart11's Rating

All i could say is WOW no more shoulder pain while lifting, Definitely recommend this product to everyone who has joint pain! Just give it a chance to work (it takes about two weeks). Overall great price and great results.

michmike99's Rating

joints did seem to feel better with this product.

bcd181072's Rating

Real works!

thundercats69's Rating

Works great!

Bacardinan's Rating

Hey, I've been using the product for about 10 days now and I have to admit that the pain in my showlders begins to get down already. Maybe in a couple of months I'll be able to bench press again, cause I did not bench for the last 14 months because of pain.

Charleshern's Rating

This was a free trail for buying another animal multi vitamin. Highly noticeable very early. These freebies sure open your eyes to a bigger and better world. Thanks bodybuilding.com!

rey023's Rating

Have been taking it for years. I think it is on of th best joint supps on the market and has been for long time. Don't mind the amonut of pills at all. Obviously the one thing I would add, as pointed out by many others is Cissus. Also what I would lik to see is open label to see exact amount of very ingredient. Strongly recommend it.

AMeyer9's Rating

Probably the best joint supplement on the market today. It's quite a few pills but if you don't mind that it's well worth the purchase. Joint supports can be an underrated supplement sometimes it seems but it really should be an essential part of your stack. Would love to see Cissus added also.

Mighty Kev's Rating

This product is great. I keep a can at my desk at work so I can get my joint support in during lunch. Then I can hit the company gym, and keep working to get some gains. My elbow has been feeling much better since I started taking this product. I love that it comes in little packets so I can grab a pak and bring it with me if I need to be on the go.

1morerep1mr's Rating

I start Flex on July 8. I was full of expectations on day one and Flex fulfill all those expectations on week two. I did a powerlifting meet aprox on week 4 without any unusual joint pain. Before Flex I was using all kind of unguents, liniments and 1 prescribe cream. Nothing work by then. I'm been able to stay almost 100% pain free since I start Flex. I was full of expectations on day one and Flex fulfill all those expectations on week two. I also used L-glutamine, fish oil and some more but nothing is compare to Flex. I'm an Animal Cuts & Animal Pak fan and now I'm an Animal Flex fan. Flex does works and you need it in your supplement arsenal for healthy joints. You have 44 packages with exactly what you putting into your body.

snake1988's Rating

snake1988 did not leave a written review for this product.

vietduckboi's Rating

vietduckboi did not leave a written review for this product.

Moodman890's Rating

I had a torn back ligament a few months back, during the recovery period it was more annoying than pain because it limit movements involving my back. I was looking for supplements to help me get back on my feet sooner, then i found Animal Flex. I did about 2 weeks of research on it before deciding to get it. It worked really well for me after almost a month of usage, the nagging pain in my back is gone. Anyone who have joint injuries or anything related, do look into this product.

robichri's Rating

I will now and forever swear by animal products. I am only 19 years old and I already suffer from bad joints. My shoulders, elbows, and knees were always giving me problems. After about 8 or 9 days of taking 1 pack per day I have seen tremendous results. I will purchase this before I purchase any other supplement because I feel like I don't have to hold back or be timid while training because nothing hurts!

cmdavis3's Rating

As I get a little older things like elbows, knees, shoulders tend to be a tad sore from lifting after some research I decided to try the Animal Flex and holy crap. I've only been taking it for a bout a week and already I can feel a huge difference. This stuff is ridiculously badass

MamaBall's Rating

Best joint supplement I have taken to date. I have nagging pain in several joints - to the point that I often have to modify a workout because of pain. Since taking Animal Flex, I have been able to finish each workout without even thinking about my joints. I noticed positive results nearly immediately - by the second day. Only negative about this product is that it is quite a number of pills to swallow each day, but I have not noticed it upsetting my stomach in any way. I can take them on an empty or full stomach with no negative results. LOVE this product.

hortonguy's Rating

My knees were so bad I thought I was going to need cortizone shots. So I tried this product and wow it worked great. Not only my knees but my elbows also felt great I was able to workout again without any pain and gained full range of motion back in my knees. One thing I do stack this with 2000 mg. of fish oil.

Kevin559's Rating

Amazing product in every way. Two months ago I started to get major hip pain again. It was hard for me to do my cardio and bend at the waist. I have had two major hip reconstructive surgeries in my past due to perthes disease. Most people with my condition cannot walk, most have hip replacements in their early 20's. I am 26 and it seems that I have been very lucky to live a normal and active life for the last 15 years since receiving the surgeries. However, I know my time is coming where my hip starts to break down again. The pain started to comeback so I took this product since I have tried other Animal related products before. This product took 100 percent of the pain away in my hip. It may not heal my condition but it mask the pain.

jvc01's Rating

Currently, I have reached 45 years of age. I have had shoulder and knee pain from both heavy lifting and mountain bike accidents. I began using Flex for about a year now. The joint pains are practically gone. I have used Animal vitamins for years. But this product will be in my stack for years to come.

bigpat94's Rating

Totally complete joint health. Less aches and pain while using this. But when you stop, you ache more than in the first place

1-20 of 446 Reviews
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