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Universal Nutrition Animal Flex Reviews

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bigpat94's Rating

Totally complete joint health. Less aches and pain while using this. But when you stop, you ache more than in the first place

pge2755's Rating

This stuff works! Had arthroscopic surgery on my right knee for a torn miniscus not long ago, and just started a running program about a month ago. I started taking the pak several days before I started up running every morning. The initial pain and stiffness when I started has gone away and no swelling has occured. I have purposely not taken any ibuprofen or tylenol to see if this stuff works on its own. I truly believe this supplement has helped me get back on the road again. The other thing I have noticed is that after my weight training there is not as much stiffness (or any pain) involved with my shoulders, elbows, tendons, etc. Recovery day to day has been excellent.

qstick99's Rating

Probably the best joint supplement you can get.

newplant87's Rating

newplant87 did not leave a written review for this product.

Staphylin's Rating

This is THE ONE AND ONLY perfect product for your joints. I dont give that a 10/10 only because it's expensive. Ou are not forced to take one pack a day, one pack every 3 days works great too.

fahedhassan's Rating

its a good product took away the daily shoulder pain took away 50% of after training shoulder pain

alistairchern's Rating

Best joint support supplement in the market!

donovon123's Rating

donovon123 did not leave a written review for this product.

gtaaccord's Rating

Great product. Really saw a difference after my 20th out of 44 packs of daily use. Easiest way to explain the difference before and after is if i stretched my arms behind my back (handcuffing position) I always felt a rubbing on my elbow/joints. After using Animal Flex I don't feel that uncomfortable rubbing feeling anymore. Also, my ankles don't make a clicking sounds as much anymore when running up stairs too. Highly recommend this product. Got everyone at work using this stuff.

ebailey's Rating

After using general joint supplement, this has proven to assist in my knee and elbow pain greatly.

zaczoump's Rating

I have always had shoulder pain on most push exercises and I also have wrist pain from when I broke it back in high school. I decided to give Flex a shot since I have always been a fan of Universal and their foundation products. Within a week, any type of joint pain I had or discomfort was severely reduced. This stuff is definitely a staple for what you get. Flax, glucosamine, and much more for 44 day supply at the price is hard to be beat as well.

erndog25's Rating

I combo Flex and Omega together and couldn't be happier. My Body moves as if I was 16 again and this stuff is just so easy to grab and go. I have a very active lifestyle and I'm able to perform at my peak without worry of joint damage. I absolutely recommend Animal products in general if your serious about life.

dawnoftheshred's Rating

I felt an immediate difference when i went off of Animal Flex after the first tub, it is a staple in my supplement stack.

Steveaux's Rating

This is a great product so far (3 weeks in...). It's an 8 pill escaped but it's not that hard to get down, in fact, you can choose if you want to take 2,4,6 pills at once or the whole dang thing. A long list of quality ingredients has gone into the making of Flex and it is one of the better joint sups out there.

muxadil's Rating

muxadil did not leave a written review for this product.

AlC1's Rating

So far this is the only product I've found that takes the joint pain out of my bad right shoulder. Worked in less than 3 days.

klangland's Rating

I have used 2/3 of the supply and have just started to see a little improvement in my shoulder pain

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t12345's Rating

t12345 did not leave a written review for this product.

Diamondinc1's Rating

I noticed marked improvement within the first week! I am 48 years old and it has helped my workouts immensely. I am ordering more for my brother who has had knee pain for years. I know it is going to be great for him as well. 4/16/14 Update: My brother likes Animal Flex so well, he has now been using it on a consistent basis. Now I am buying it for my other brother as well. He is a carpenter and is having severe knee pain. Hoping it will help him out also. I'm sure he needs surgery, but until then, I'm sure it is going to help. :)

Mechta's Rating

everything that i need in general life .

1-20 of 428 Reviews
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