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t12345's Rating

t12345 did not leave a written review for this product.

Diamondinc1's Rating

I noticed marked improvement within the first week! I am 48 years old and it has helped my workouts immensely. I am ordering more for my brother who has had knee pain for years. I know it is going to be great for him as well. 4/16/14 Update: My brother likes Animal Flex so well, he has now been using it on a consistent basis. Now I am buying it for my other brother as well. He is a carpenter and is having severe knee pain. Hoping it will help him out also. I'm sure he needs surgery, but until then, I'm sure it is going to help. :)

Mechta's Rating

everything that i need in general life .

CLK1's Rating

Only used this for about 30 days. I have a lot of shoulder / long bicep tendon pain (had for years). I think its helping so far, I feel some improvements but its important to try and rebuild and stretch as you use the supplement. I already ordered my 2nd pack and have told friends to try it. More to come on its ROI as I will continue with it.

dlraro's Rating

Its great, specially when i go for long runs you can tell the difference specially in half marathons.

gernaviest's Rating

I've used this product as a staple in my workout stack for years. Along with Animal Pak for vitamin support. It works excellent to keep my joints and ligaments flexible and repaired. I work commercial construction as well. So, this product supports me in a constant body beating, day in and day out.

lstufkosky's Rating

this product WORKS! Having used this product for sometime now I can say my joints do not hurt anymore! For a while my joints and body was really sore. Read about this product and have used it and my joints do not hurt no more.

Legs09's Rating

After increasing the weight in the lifts I was preforming at the gym to beast mode levels I started to get pain in the joints of my hands. After taking FLEX for about 2 weeks the pain completely disappeared. I recommend this product.

albiz's Rating

i'm just about finished w/my second container (in a row). so that is 88 days i will have used this product. i've got issues w/my knees and my ac joints. i cant say this product has helped at all. i still have the same issues/pain and new ones (it did not prevent as advertised). i will not be purchasing this item a third time.

sab73253's Rating

I play basketball about 5-6 days a week. At 43, my knees began to hurt about 4 mos ago. I wasn't sure what to do or if I was going to have to cut way back on my playing time. A friend at my gym suggested this as he uses it to help his joint strength in the weight room. After about 3 days of use I could start to feel some noticeable relief. Since then it has helped me to stay on the court at the same weekly rate. I feel it is a great product especially for the price. It is not a miracle cure but it certainly helps keep you in the game. Whether it be in the gym or on the court. We'll see if it continues to help when softball season rolls around as well.

Hausser11's Rating

I had some mild, acute pain in my shoulder joints, and decided to give Flex a go after a bit of research. Overall, it works as advertised - just not overnight, of course. I began to have noticeable results after about two weeks. That said, my shoulders have been pain free since. Good product all around.

jmurphy2029's Rating

I have been taking Animal Flex now for over a month. I'm 47 and I push it pretty good in my gym. Before my joints would ache and I would sometimes be in pain for days after certain workouts. I have found since I started using Animal Flex my joints do not hurt as much and when they do they recover much more quickly. Great product that works great for me!

mccyjcb's Rating

I was beginning to get pain in my left shoulder and my right knee, so I knew it was time to buy a joint supplement. I ended up going with this one because it is a good deal. I have been extremely happy with the results, as I am still able to train at the same pace without pain. I also ended up buying a fish oil supplement because I know that is helpful with joints too. I would definitely recommend this product. Unfortunately, it doesn't include fish oil but that isn't very expensive.

PartTimeLift3r's Rating

PartTimeLift3r did not leave a written review for this product.

cthieme's Rating

I have had problems with my shoulder for about 6 months after having it x rayed the doctor told me I had no server damage and every thing looked normal. So before seeing a physical therapist a wanted to give a joint supplement a try, after reading reviews I decided on animal flex. I could not be any more happy with the results I got from this product. I have been through a can and am on my second, with the pain in my shoulder completely gone. Would strongly recommended this product.

M0Ex's Rating

Amazing. This joint supplement is top-notch. I felt the affects immediately after the first dose. I can take a serving after a serious lifting session and the next day i'll feel great. Definitely recommend this pack to anyone that may have some slight to intermediate joint pain and aches. When I started to implement very heavy compounds into my routine these pills were a lifesaver.

DrakeCalhoun's Rating

was taking other joint pills switched to this in 2012 could tell a big difference animal flex worked a lot better for my knees

Turbunio's Rating

Turbunio did not leave a written review for this product.

Fallujahmarine's Rating

One of the most comprehensive profiles for a joint product. Universal has always made outstanding products. Can't say I've ever had a problem with my joints on this, but then again, my joints have always been fine, even when I go super heavy. I'll give it an 8 just because I'm not sure if the product is actually doing much for me because like I said, I've never had issues with my joints in my life. Before, during or after taking and stopping this.

bibimij's Rating

bibimij did not leave a written review for this product.

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